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Not your average knitter a Metalhead and a Ag show entrant

Friday, March 06, 2015

Well yes time has flown while I have tried to settle to being able to try and catch up on orders and also have a few side items to do. I had a few Trips to Bowral and actually got to the Tulip festival before doing a Brass Band weekend with a great group of Caravaners. So Mary Poppins may have been up in the ai but my life had me down in the wool. 

Tea consumption has raised and I remember one of these at a Russian Afternoon tea on a Cruise many years ago now. I can say I live on caffeine with plenty consumed. I have been also swamped with trying to keep up on making tea cosys. It seems they are rather popular again.  

So like any Top Gun I have been flying through items and well hope to clear more off the deck over the next few weeks. Lovely cool day here to actually do some bigger items too.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Opps where did time go

It appears I haven't been well truth is that I thought the iPad was uploading but it never went through.

Oh well now I know stick to the laptop and buy internet for both. I do not have ADSL,Cable or NBN at my address so I have prepaid wireless instead. It does get costly but the best I can get for now.
I have recently met Ian "Macca"Mcnamara of the ABC Sunday morning show Australia All Over. He was in Wollongong signing his newest CD so I went in to grab one and get it signed for my father for fathers Day.

I also have my 1st Tulip out just before the start of the big Southern Highlands Tulip festival. I went to the dig up last year and got a few hundred bulbs. Now I have been madly knitting and crocheting stock for the Handmade in The Highlands table at the Mittagong tourist information centre. This time of year brings a lot of visitors there as the gateway to the Southern Highlands. So it could be a rough ride ahead depending upon sales of items.
Since the last post I have halved the bootees to 60 to go from the original 120 and well it is hopefully going to drop from here on as I move to the Frost and Cream pairs. Now I work less hours in the call centre and have a month and a bit break from band duties I can move forward to work more and hopefully also keep my garden up to scratch. I had fallen behind on everything and now the only other outstanding pile to look at are letters to various penpals.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday lazy Sunday

Well it's been rather crazy on the working front. Catching up on overdue orders and also cross stitching a few tractors for a friend. So I am nearly ready to deliver once the finishing is done. I managed to get one list completely done. Next is the 77/120 pairs of bootees. 

So a wild weather week that gave me time to try and get more market stock done. I need to get more done for the bi monthly markets as now I have lost hours at work I must knit more to balance out the figures. So stressful times ahead when my hands are frozen and I try to keep working. 

I have even had to consider how far I go and when I can afford to go to groups. So until I can balance out my finances I am keeping to my chair working. Car Rego sure made a very tight time even if I did save for it but I had to cut corners for this now. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

The long road must end

Well the past few months have been a winding road and not always allowing me to carry on my regular life. I have gone from the shock of redundancy from a job I have done for the past 13 years to applying for a different contract at my same worksite. So as I was able to gain a position but have needed to put life as I normally know it on hold for 2 months while I train. A lot of things are banking up and stock selling at a rate we didn't anticipate in January. Now I am doing what I can and counting down the weeks to getting off the days and back to nights.

So even my letter writing and blogging has been affected. 3 weeks to go then I will be indeed thankful to have normal return and hopefully a big catch up knitting time.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

PKC stack the day she came down

 This morning the moments left as a navigational marker, some say icon or asset but the ugly thing in the horizon was going down so the area can be better used than a  disused sight. It had concrete cancer from the salt water eating away at it from 1965 till now. So the big moment drew near a streaker mooned the tv live broadcast, a residence was not evacuated and then well off schedule it was the sirens.
 So camera came out and yes you need to grab a few hundred pictures for good measure as it cannot be repeated.
 A quick little bit of sound like thunder then we saw the start of 20 exciting seconds of laying her down to a wet dusty rubble.

 Tipping her head of like a champagne cork popping as she went to bed.
Leaving only a quick puff of dust to say farewell.

But on non history moments there are also new items to start knitting and some other life changes happening here. I hope to have more knitting news soon.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

100 and not out

 What a lovely pink rose is this named 100 and not out. Just one of many lovely entries this year at Kiama Show.
 Ok so last week this got a 2nd at Dapto Show and this week well 1st and the Isabel Rutledge Memorial sash.
 2nd for a coat hanger and well plenty of great entries.
 For the Potter Fans the University of Wollongong Potter society had a Harry Potter themed section. How much knitting in this box.
But The Rugrats knitted by a man shone out too.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Raindrops on Roses.....

 Dapto show time yet again and some lovely entries in the flowers, cakes, fruit and veg but down the other end in crafts where I was lucky to get 2 1st places and 3 2nds. Grand sum of $19 towards the ipad fund.
 The Fish Tail pattern from Nancy Bush's Knitted Lace in Estonia became my scarf entry in some Flinders Island Fleece black 4 ply I brought at a camp way back in about 2005. This was purchased at the 2nd Guild Camp and it was at the Stanwell Tops Centre. The judge had about 5 scarves to judge and each time she was getting drawn back to the black one. Was it really knitted yes can prove that but by hand umm yes it seems to be well I got a 1st place for it. Now I think I should pick another pattern out of the back section of the book.

 My beanie got a 2nd and both the scarf and the beanie classes I sponsor a $10 1st prize. I did hope it would draw more entries but alas there was 2.
Much more excitement happened this week in a Sleepy town called Port Kembla where in 1939 on the 11th January Bob Menzies was labeled "Pig Iron Bob" and 75 years on they are doing a documentary on the Dalfram Dispute. I was busy that day doing some music work so didn't get to go and be one of the extras or families that stood up for the Wharfies of the day. 8 weeks before they refused to load Pig Iron bound for Japan.

Now to wait for the Kiama Show results sometime today or tomorrow.