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Friday, October 27, 2006

Soaring like an eagle

for some heavy duty knitting there has been some serious consumption of the new product I found while getting supplies. Sarg and Mike have cast their eye over this and even kept me under control to keep going on knitting. I must admit I will do a bitmore effort for dark chocolate, Good real Tea in a tea pot or scotch. I think Sarg helped keep the Platoon in order with the teapot and the chocolate rations.

2nd beanie done yet again from the Stitch and Bitch book and the same pattern. This time it is using the yarn double and resembles more like the correct yarn weight according to the pattern. We now have 2 down and thrid nearly done also.

My Parents have just returned from a quick trip to Melbourne as my Uncle Mick had passed away Sunday night and his service was on Thursday. This meant a 10 hour each way trip for a large contingent of family and fishing friends from up her on a mini bus and some in cars. Uncle had been fighting cancer for a number of years and it all has come to a peaceful end.

As a fitting poem to put in his memorial they have one for fishing just sight for Uncle Mick who loved fishing and diving and the annual trip to Bendalong with his brothers and other fishing mates. His love of the water helped in his Naval service as well.

Gone fishing to get the big one.

As for me its get back to the knitting as the program has returned to normal and I dont have to worry about looking after the animals and work. Work has been a bit of a juggle and this should calm back down as well soon. Back to the scheduled program I go.


  • At 10:18 am, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Sorry to hear about your Uncle. I thought he was Navy from the photo and he was!! My dad was too!!
    I saw the new chocolate in the supermarket yesterday and fondled it, and had to pass it by as it makes me feel boogelly, but it looked delicious, especially the cherry one!!
    I love your beanie!!!
    Thank you for our lovely present!! I am about to have tea and biscuits!!!


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