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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

3 Giant Tomatoes

Ok if you havent guessed the 12 days of Aussie or my style Christmas have started. Today our feature Item is the Huge tomato that one of the Ladies from work grew and gave to another to enjoy. We have started an guess the weight as a bit of fun. There have been some unusal guesses for it but most are sure it is over a pound or 500grams plus. and itis sitting on a piece of A4 paper which is in the landscape position to help you image the size. I just hope my Toms can get this big the herbs are getting better with our current snap of cold wet and rain.

As it has taken a drop to cold wet and windy weather so far up until Christmas Day I have needed to finish the collar on the bluestone jumper a bit quicker than expected. I might actually need to have new jumper for Christmas instead of summer clothes. The best bit of the weather if it continues the christmas cooking will be comfortable as the heater was needed tonight.

I have even come to the conclusion if I do my ufos real soon there will be more space in my room and I can see my way through some of the yarn that I have on hand for the alpaca farm. My mind is on it now to stay focused and I might get there by some of the shows.


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