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Friday, December 22, 2006

7 Shoppers Shopping

My diversion as to why I do silly things like online shopping is to add to my hat. I have been slowly overtime collecting pins for it and have some that I have either served for or been presented. I have my grandfathers RSL badge and my outstanding service for the Christmas Bushfires. I have all my Student Representive Council Badges. Other assorted ones include old SA Officers 'S's', Sydney Swans 25 yrs, and some service badges for commemorations that I was given from a friend as a special honarary gift who was a founding member of the Injured Service Persons Association.
On the other side of the coin the shopping well as much as presents are done and some have been distributed to those I wont see until after the day. I do want to try and deliver one more early and well my nieces and nephews are across the weekend around the christmas carols tomorrow and the silly idea I got of geting the ginger bread man baking kit to make some as I just love them.


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