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Friday, December 15, 2006

The week that was......

I completed my first ever pieces of Fair Isle thanks to the Bully Woollies kit that Marti sent me. I did it quite well and have sewn the pieces just have to felt and sew the zipper in. I was going to felt it this weekend but a drab wet weekend it seems to be so not the best for the drying. See what happens there are other things needing my attention too.

The building I work in gives us a small gift each year for Christmas and this year it was some nice things like soaps or candles or what I got of a plastic star shape filled with bath pearls. Previous years have been awful and not that nice but this year they were not to bad. The men got either a bottle opener keyring or a calculator.

As I said it was a drab day, wet cold wet and sometimes drowning you as you move outside like i got caught twice. I had my mail awaiting for me when I got home and some nice little pieces of cheer arrived. I had a few nice cards to read and a handmade letter and envelope from my PRGE pal Rachael plus I got a sewing needle holder and card from Jae it is awesome in the right shades for me even.

Must get back to the knitting as I have a few things that need minor finishing touches from this weeks work time knitting devoted for charity and then the baby cardigan needs some attention as the left front is completed.


  • At 5:32 pm, Blogger Katt said…

    I am jealous you have rain! We had a tiny bit the other day but far from enough.

    Fair Isle looks great..

    Oooh bath pearls! Sounds lovely (I hope you have a bath).



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