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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Slight Interruption

Ok I'm supposed to be in Boot camp or as my friend AJ said it is to be renamed as Bootee Camp but I got a spoil package in the post I must share. I got spoilt by Lisa and gee is it good.

I have tea, slippers, chocolate, scratchie ticket, divine wool and schmackos for Boss. So we have some happy campers here and warm and toasty toes. For those not warned I have rather small childs size feet.

Here is the main reason I am behind on my knitting orders I spend 9 hours a day doing this and it is the callers fault they should space themselves out more. I need 3 row between calls please.

Ok back t Bootee Camp I go must get stuff done.

Off Into Boot Camp

I am signing myself into my own knitting Boot Camp. I have a snowball fights worth of work piled up and must get stuck into it. I am needing to get things out by the end of July and must act now.

The list goes as follow in order of must do's

1. Baby Sets and Baby blanket
2. Alpaca Orders due for 13th August
3. 2 remaining scarves for the ladies at work
4. Finish some of the piled up WIPs that have be come the invasion of UFO's

It is out in public so I must do it. Hopefully I can knock alot over by reduceing my internet time and spending more time working and watching DVD's.

On the Mosaic socks front I am awaiting the correction to the pattern so they are at a grinding halt.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ok I confess yes it's my birthday

Ok I admit it today is my 29th Birthday and it was in knitting style.

We start with birthday Lunch at Collies in Wollongong where Leeanne, Annie and Irene joined me for what we found was a good lunch and as Irene( front right) and Annie (behind Irene) found that paying half each for my meal as my Birthday treat was a funny one. We all chose the $3 specials.

So after the cheap lunch we had Afternoon Tea at Stitch and Bitch where we had Baked Ricotta Cheesecake that had yummy figs and orange in it and Hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Last night I had a package from Donna awaiting me containing Opal sock wool and a cute card.

Leeanne gave me some 4 ply baby yarn and the cute twisted whiskers card which has a badge that says "SMILE"

Ailsa wrapped in the lovely background fabric some lovely port wine coloured yarn and some patterns and card with a painting titled "Birthday Flowers".

Sharon gave me yummy Lindt chocolate and a cute sheep notepad with a Singapore Orchid card.

I was quite overwelmed with it all I had no idea about anything except we were having lunch together and then going to stitch and bitch. Now all I have to do is get some of the knitting done so I can knit a seamans scarf with the yarn from Ailsa and bed socks with the yarn from Leeanne.

I did splurge and get some patontyle this moring to knit the Mosaic Socks from the latest Yarn magazine but it seems the mosaic pattern has a mistake and I am stopped at round 3 of the mosiac pattern. In mosaic knitting a slipped stitch cannot go more than 2 rounds and if you have a slipped CC you can slip a MC in the same place. I just need for Yarn magazine to correct it so i can go back to them.

For all my friends who helped celebrate my day today a HUGE thank you it was all so lovely and so much thought was put into it all im over the moon with happiness.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Its Grey, Its Grey .....

Well the song Black Is Black by Los Bravos has been on my mind for a few days as this was 7 am today from my front door. It seems that as a certain someone has left the state it has been Grey and wet and I even woke to a storm on Tuesday morning. Sorry no storm pics and as I tend to refer to being a knitter and take a keen interest in the weather I am not a Storm Chaser or Severe weather nut.

But Progress is slowly making its way on the 3 scarves for some nice young Ladies at work. Here is the first one at the half way point and it wont take long to speed the other 2 along as well. The only problem I have is which one gets the first scarf. There may be a hat draw to make it even so I dont have any fuss or try to churn out 2 scarves real quick.

The first baby blanket is here lovely Estonian Lullaby blanket. More of a pram cover really. I have the set to complete and then the 2nd set and blanket. I do hope the families who receive these will like and treasure the time and thoughts I have put into them. I know that one will and I have been putting all I can into it as Junior as I have dubbed him is certainly going to be the one I have the most contact with.

Well time for more knitting and I will hopefully move along well as I am fully qualified for another 3 years to be a work recognised First Aider. Gee those questions wasted alot of time that could have been used knitting.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Oh I have mangaged to get it all together

Well you have all heard about the Boss of our house now after a few bad runs I get to show you his manly pose and trial my new camera for the first time. I introduce Boss the 4 yr old Jack Russell who like to keep his eye over the comings and goings in our house.

Also here is yesterdays purchases at the craft fair. I have yet to photograph some of the other items. This week I have my Senior First Aid refresher at work and there is the theory book to complete with 240 questions to answer. Not much knitting has been done today as this rotton workbook has consumed a good chunk of time.

I also have 3 pairs of Bed Socks ordered for the Lady from Kiama and she was very pleased with the pair she received and now for the next order I can show you them. As this lot is a bit different a pair ofpink, a pair of blue both with navy soles and another pair of Khaki. So I will order the wool later this week.

So its back to the baby set. There is good news after having baby turned back to where he should be he has now so far stayed put. He is still a good large size and going well. Thank you junior for behaving we wopuld like you to come when your supposed to.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Oh what a day

Today our Knitters Guild group travelled up to the Craft and Quilt Show at Darling Harbour. Sorry no pics here but go over to Ruby Girl to check them out. I gtried not to doo too much damage but Bendigo Woollen Mills had me hook, line and sinker. As we were providing the support,information and watch over the Guild display people would ask where was there a good wool seller in the fair. All of us kept saying "Bendigo on stand D19". Most of us were either knitting with their lovely budget affordable yarn or had purchased more to help keep our fix. I do have to admit despite the fact I really was on the look out for sock yarn I came home with none as I can get it at least $3 cheaper down here.

I was pretty well behaved with the purchases as I only got a ball a friend wanted and then a few of Bendigo's patters as they are $2.50 each compared to others it is a steal. I also got some wool for bed socks and 2 balls of cranberry that may turn into a childs jumper instead of the intened vest for me. I really like the family pattern for the jumper and cardigan I got from them.

So today was spent wandering looking at Quilts and Wearable Art, checking out what wool stands had wool that called out to me in the budget. (I only spent $63.50 on the Bendigo Stand) and sitting on the Guild stand knitting and catching up with a fellow knitter that I only get to see at larger get togethers. It is nice to have someone who can totally inspire you that has a vison to create a Fair Isle Jumper to show His postcard of Scotland as he sees it. Yes even passers by would stop look and think "thats a man sitting there knitting". We were tucked up in the corner chatting about knitting, blogs and yarn stores.

Well as I did behave myself on the budget I will see If the pocket money is enough for a Digital Camera tomorrow. Also to end with a little meme.

Please leave a one word comment that you think best describes me. Only ONE word though possums. Then copy and paste this into your blog and leave me a message so I can return the favour.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Bantam Weight Revenge

Quite a hiccup has occured one of the expected babies for some odd reason would like to arrive at just 5 and a half months. His Mother is having great fun trying to tell him to steady back were not ready yet. This has caused a bit of a panic attack for me as the knitter and I thought I had a good plan going on well we have to put pause to the other things and try to churn out a baby jacket, bootees and beanie asap. It seems despite us all telling the little boy he is not allowed to arrive yet he does not want to listen. We are sure he already has selective hearing.

So I am madly taking up the steam to get these knitted before the end of next week so normality can return. I do have a few orders to do other than that and well the craft fair on the weekend ill knit the baby stuff on the bus but use the scarves for the stand. I hope to be through the baby jacket over the weekend and if possible by Monday just be tidying up the ends ect to hand over by the end of the week.

Good luck to my plans I say there maybe a mad run to the corner to throw in the towel.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Never Ending Story .....

Well the bed socks are done and will be delivered on Sunday Morning to the Lady who has requested them. With the left over yarn a small beanie was promptly cast on while still at work yesterday. I have even made progress on the second front of the baby set number one. I have made a good plan of attack and well maybe can stick to this as it seems to work fairly well. You have easy pick up put down piece for work and a more challenging thing while you read blogs. See then the next blanket can be started and get it under way. It is the massive cast on I hate doing so Ill soon settle quietly to do that with its 176 stitches to be put on. Best thing is that now I have a grasp on the orders I may soon have enough saved for a digital camera.

There is also the matter of a few skeins of wool that are hanging in my bedroom that need to be wound into balls so I will think about doing those on another rainy cold day when it is too nasty to leave the front door. I dont think it will be this weekend as I am at the craft fair on Saturday and then order delivery on Sunday and well have a few other things to fit in as well. I might get one of the 3 scarves finished as the nice bright wool arrived today and well the girls will be happy with them once they are finished. Our work place is very cold of an evening inside with the air conditoning set to what we find freezing even in mid summer.

Well I might have to knit up a storm to get some more of the wool down from my bed and someday I'll organise the room a bit better. It is getting harder all the time as someone comes and says can you take this order please and it all gets setback again. I only got behind as last year I got a nonstop order for a particular beaded scarf and well as soon as I finished 1 a few more were ordered and it was for a good 4 months this occurred. So soon I may actually catch up and turn some of the wool I have for my garments can turn into my wardrobe.

So back to the knitting and reading as the new Yarn magazine has arrived.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

English weather for Queens weekend

Well Long weekend for some normal for me and how do you spend what could be classed as a freezing wet weekend? Knitting the miles of orders you need to do well in real truth I have been bogged on the bed socks in Khaki 8ply. It is a dread to knit the colour is getting boring as there are 80 rows of rib before I knit the foot. I am using the Patons bed sock pattern and the request was for the longer leg version. I have finally got on to the 2nd sock but am still wading through the rib of it after knitting fairly solid all day. Well I did have to have a nap as it is so cold grey and the best place was back there. So total accomplishement for the first weekend free in ages just 1 pair of bed socks. I guess it wanted to accomplish more and it didnt happen as the socks too far too much more time than I expected.
I have a quite a list still as I want to try and get more orders out of the way and get back to normal again. 3 of the ladies from work have all ordered the same scarf in bendigo wool in cyclamen which is a deep hot pink. The wool should arrive this week so I will take them to the Craft fair at Darling Harbour next weekend. I will try to restrain myself from making too many purchases so there is money back in the kitty to get a digital camera sooner that later. That is if I get my latest plan in the right action.
Well it is back to the bed socks as they must get done. It is a paying order so I must do so.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Escape - I'm Crying in my Beer

What a week. We have had a new system added to Directory Assistance with a new possible connection at our offer added on the dreaded 6th of June at 6.30.31 pm and despite the fact only about half of the total seats in our centre are used then someone had to go around and test then each one. Muggins got the job of logging in to a computer, take a call test the neccesary bits then log off and move to next vacant computer in the centre. Our centre has about 120 seats so Isat in quite a few places to do this. That was just the beginning to the hassle of the week.

In our centre we have also recently had some new employees start who are quite a challenge they require some extra assistance beyond a resonable level. It is hard being a Service Coordinator when you seem to run all over the floor for what sometimes is a simple problem that a resonable person would be able to think of. I think I' turning into some sort of screw from Prisoner as I am so over having to tell people that if the customer is irate trying to get the simple number deal with it.

We also have a resident creep ormaybe he is some sort of freak escaped from the show. I cannot stand him but he keeps coming around near me trying to make conversation or grabing my shoulder to tell me its ok from a horrible call. I really want to knock his block off but restrain somehow so I dont loose my job. Now he just comes and stand near to me trying to get my attention. I am close to doing a Franky Doyle and going off the severe way and something may get broken.

Well now the calm and serene Knitting front. We have managed to finish and have ready to wear our Christmas 2005 present of the Cardigan my Mother has been knitting so now I must finish the vest back and knit the bands for her to complete that which was my other present request.
I have finished 2 pairs of larger socks and when I say larger when you have childs 2 1/2 E size feet you find that the sizes 6 and up are large. Now Im doing the readed 80 rows of rib for a pair of the old patons woolcraft bed socks with the longer leg option. These are an order and to be done in army green. I also have completed the 1st estonian lullaby blanket and will work on the 2nd as soon as I have completed the jacket and set ect. As I have to work on monday and not have a long weekend I have the normal weekend and hope it snows so I may get a bit of snow time on the southern highlands if it can be possible.

So as I feel that this week has caged me in I will again join the girls in Cell Block H and the adventures of prisoner and take the words of Alice Coopers song as a sanity break. I would rather be sitting quietly knitting than to have gone through the week at work. If only I could have a nice income from somewhere to support my habit.

Escape- Alice Cooper
Paint on my cruel or happy face and hide me behind it
It takes me inside another place where no one can find it
Escape I get out when I can I escape anytime I can
It's all escape I'm crying in my beer come on let's escape just get me out of here
Don't get me wrong don't get me right I'm not like you are
When I get home from work at night I'm blacker and bluer
So I escape I get out when I can escape anytime I can
It's all escape I'm crying in my beer escape just get me out of here
But where am I running to there's no place to go
Just put on my make up and get me to the show yeah escape
Yeah what are you waitin' for
My doctor said just come around you'll be taken care of
And in while he ran my problems down I stole his mascara
That's how I escape I get out when I can I escape anytime I can
I escape I'm crying in my beer it's escape just get me out of here
Escape let's get out while we can it's escape anywhere we can
Come on it's escape nobody wants to surround here anyway
Escape what are you waitin' for escape escape I escape
Come on darling let's escape escape escape escape escape
I gotta get out of here I gotta get out of here I gotta get out of here

ps. the fact I used those characters from prisoner is purely they both pose the threats I feel like inflicting at work not the fact they are both gay characters

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Until it sleeps

Well I had a interesting night after a relaxing day of knitting. Friday saw the rarest ever thing a night shift in our centre. It gave me time to knit and then have dinner at Hogs Breath with other work friends before joining the Winter in Wollongong Pj's and slippers day at work. No I didnt wear my pjs but had my slippers and a tracksuit with my flanno shirt underneath. Mind you I did buy new pj's they have sheep knitting and hilding skeins of wool and wearing scarves. But I couldnt wear my pjs as I really didnt feel comfortable to wear them at work with people I dont really know.

So after a lovely day knitting the bands of my christmas present cardi from last year that my mother has been knitting it was time for a hearty dinner with friends and then work. I was able to knit a good large chunk of the back of a vest I cast on before all the orders got so thick it is a jungle. I only have to finish the back and then cast on the fronts for mum to knit. Not to bad considering I was getting paid to knit as was at work between calls.

It was a cruisy night and well I watched football and Big Brother uplate as well as Rage. Rage at 3am was cool it was my music but then at 4am it was some other garbage. At 6 am it was nice to look out the windows and see the building slowly appear in the dawn of the new day and what a beautiful day it was even if I slept till lunch but I have the proof of a great weather day from my mate. Thanks again Steve.

Well it is late and I'm finally caught up on 2 nights worth of net time so I guess as it is some odd hour as normal I should go off to bed before someone kicks me off there to sleep in the new pj's. But this song greeted me in the car at 7am leaving work.

Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

So close, no matter how far

Couldn't be much more from the heart

Forever trusting who we are and nothing else matters

Never opened myself this way

Life is ours, we live it our way

All these words I don't just say

and nothing else matters

Trust I seek and I find in you

Every day for us something new

Open mind for a different view

and nothing else matters

never cared for what they do

never cared for what they know

but I know