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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Another weekend upon us

Time for another installemnt of Australias winter Saturday Sky. Not overly cold but nice and a quick snap out the car window before lunch with some friends before a huge turn out for Stitch and Bitch.

What does Boss think of today mmm.....not much another lazy day and the tv to himself.
There has been work done and despite the fact I forgot the beanie in the photo as it was to be sewn. The crochet set now tomorrow beanies and bootees. Need to have these in the post this week.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Shake down the thunder from the sky

Ok we go get the normal things for lunch and we go to the supermarket to stock up for supplies to make it through the afternoon shift at work. As we have discount shop-a-dockets you tend to see whats on offer normally if there is discount movie tickets or a nice holiday offer for another time. Now we find this one.

Oh dear not a discount docket for this it was the last thing that you want to put aside to keep for the might use later pile. Come one what will it be next...

Back to the bears the final 2 for now till I get a new one that is. We have Storm Bear with his raincoat,hat and toy duck ready for all types of weather and the Mighty "Syd Swannie Skilton" the mascot of the Sydney Swans

I have not just my own progress to report but a milestone has been reached. Yes I have finished the crochet set and will photograph tomorrow but my friend Linda has only 6 rows to finish the DH's jumper. I had my imput today and did a purl row on the sleeve. We have this tendancy that we do at least a row on Lindas things to help progress them along.

More stuff tomorrow off to find a new bear. Go the Swans tomorrow lead us home for another flag.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The devil to pay

Just a small lot of the pile of work I have on the go and need to have done fairly soon. Despite the fact that some need to be done before some of the others you need easy stuff to take to work.

The baby jacket is basically done so the finishings and then the beanie and bootees need to be crochet. I have then to do some bootee and beanie sets as well. All going well they will be delivered the first weekend in August. Then thankfully the baby for the second set is behaving giving me a few weeks comfort zone and need to have the knitted set and crochet blanket done for soon after.

This new fella arrived yesterday to help accompany Digger Bear in the Military Collection. Jack Tar is the Naval bear in full summer ceremonial dress. Next we have Digger Bear Vietnam who will come next month. Hopefully the bring out a Air Force bear to help my collection.

My ebay bargains I got them for $7 each so we had to have them to add to the sock stash. Ok the minute pile of sock yarn really there is only a few pairs worth.

All going well there will be FO's to show soon. I should have had the crochet jacket done but made the sleeve the wrong way around and had to frog pure alpaca 2 ply to fix it.

Usually shortened to "The devil to pay", this means "difficult times are imminent", and so "trouble is brewing". Caulking and paying the side of a wooden vessel from devil to waterline was a very difficult and arduous job; unless the supply of pitch was really hot it was made all the more arduous

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

High ho! High ho! its off to work we go

OK we have a pile of work to do there is a baby set to crochet, a set to knit, a blanket to crochet,a scarf to do and well we have bed socks to add to it as well yes I must get some beanie and bootee sets done heck some of these are due next week. There is s picture of these but blogger dont want to play nice.

I also got 2 more balls of Opal sock wool from ebay at a steal $7 each ball. I just need some orders to be done by the magic fairies so I can do some more socks. I need to have the fairy come help me real soon. I have it all going but there is that box of music in the boot as well.

How to combat

Crochet set and beanies and bootees
then must knit set and crochet blanket
Bed socks and scarves.

Thank goodness its SnB week.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hey hey its Saturday

Here we go again its the weekend and I have to say a busy one again. We have a grey old day with a bit of rain in between but good when you have a pile of work to do and a pile of music to put into folders for the whole band. Boss tried to help me with this as you can see.

So a few hours were spent doing the music before we got to go back to the other work. So we have a sleeve to go on the crochet jacket then the beanie and bootees which are rather quick. I hope to get the next blanket going well and the baby set well on its way tomorrow. That is after I have been and played in the band and dropped the music back off.

As work away on all the stuff I have to do Mr leisure time finds it all a little tiring and well drops off to sleep yet again. I will sit crochet and read yet again.

Lets top it off


More music in the boot of my car to be put into folders again. Again my day gets muddles and I had to frog a whole crochet sleeve it was the wrong way. Give me a break.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Is this bearable

Ok I guess you could say I collect these. Collector bears and for the life of me I dont know why I started but William Bear was the start follewed by Equestrian Bear was the beginging. Then we fell in love with Digger bear who is about to get a new friend in his collection. Mind you I cant resist getting the military bears as they are cure and in true replica uniforms. Digger allso has the battalion patch of the same battalion as a great great uncle who was killed in WW1. He is noted in the Menin Gate memorial in Ypres Belgium.

Equestrian bear she has no name as such and wears proudly the Carlton Clydesdales badge.

Stan the stockman, Rusty the Surf Rescue Dog and William Bear the Salvation Army bear,

Ralphy bear the Sydney Swans supporter bear.He has a mate as well Syd Swan but he is to have a photo yet as well as storm bear. But wait there is a new bear in the mail.

As for knitting well we nearly have some FO's to show but tomorrow may be the day to complete them so sometime over the weekend I'll have to fix them. It has to be a knuckle down or else weekend on a few things. If I dont it could be a bad week ahead. Boss has the look to get me going along and stay on track. Stay tuned for more.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Tea For Sunday

Well we cant have a Sunday afternoons work on the knitting and crochet orders with out a spot of Tea in my favorite Ashdene mug and well this weeks biscuits are Mcvities Jaffa Cakes that a friend so lovingly brought back from England on her recent return home. Mind you as I happened to be alone I just had to eat the whole packet. But I can say the crochet set is coming along very well and as there is a need for me to have another jumper replaced and my mother is currently awaiting more wool to finish her jumper I have cast on and done the rib of a jumper for me in 12ply. Well It is now on attempt 2 as I somehow cast on 76 stitches and not the 86 required so had to frog it and start over.

I have finally got around to using my Brittany Birch needles and have to say I really hate them I am not liking it them one bit. I like their cable needles but the straight ones are not my style. I hate bamboo as well and these are destined for the naughty box where the other wooden ones are and only see life if I have run out of the others.

This is a funny UFO story. You see my mate Mad Linda started her husband a jumper way back when we first got on to Bendigo wool and we were still in YPC. Now after years of stop starting and a number of sheep and rabbits in between she is getting to the last sleeve about 3 and a half years later. This is quite and achievement as it took nearly 21 years for her daughters blanket and now we have to make 2 more of those in a bit of a short deadline of about 2 years. So never feel you have a few ufo's too old I think there are more hiding in her cupboard yet to see light again.

Ok heres the Boss of the heater and I guess you could say the ruler of it. We had a bit of a funy one on the weekend over the heater. Dad turned it off and Boss growled jumped on him went infront of the heater and carried on barking until he got his heater back. I guess it is hard to not use the heating when you have that happening. Unfortuantley he wont wear a jumper he scratches it off. Come bedtime he has his doona to cover him and keep him warm.

Time for the knitting and reading to begin again. Boss is nudging me to tell me time to move along.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Its Saturday again

Its a grey cold wet old day here today and well needed to take the pic in the car and used Kiama's famous lighthouse as the blow hole didn't want to be part of saturday sky.

It is the Knitters Guild week sowe ventured down to Kiama all rugged and hoping there was a warm dry place for some nice lunch. There was Yummy seafood chowder at one of the fish cafes so that made nice filling warm lunch that was so filling I could not finish it. It surprisingly conquered me.

Of course we needed to stock a few sweets to hide into the knitting bag from the lolly shop. just a small lot of mixed sweets and my favorite Army Navy sweets to help me thru as well as 2 fancy chocolates.

So Knitters Guild it was we have 2 babies from the winter section of the exhibition back to keep us company as sort of mascots. There outfits we knitted by 2 of our ladies. I even have a bookmark as a momento of the little beanie for a 2-4 yr set which had mittens, scarf and jumper to match. If we get our set back togther I will have to get some photos then.

We had a workshop on how to make dorset buttons and I made one but Im not sure I will again it is a bit fiddly and after the first few bits it is hard to handle being so small and a bit on the fiddly side. It took too much knitting time away so I guess I didnt like that.

On the knitting front plodding along must get into focus tonight and go for it. I will concentrate more tomorrow after I drop the Guardian Angel stuff from the knitters guild ladies. Time to sit back relax read and work on.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Progress is made

We have one set finished and commenced the second one but as at the unearthly hour this morning I felt it was right to change my plans and not do both sets the same. I guess it is the fact that when you knit somethin for someone you put alot of time and thought into choosing the pattern for that task. Something told me this time to change pattern and create a unique set from the jacket pattern as there is no bootee or bonnet pattern to go with it so I'll create the pattern as I go along and alter my basic beanie pattern to take the diamond pattern as well.

So we will knit this Jacket and despite the fact it is an old pattern book from the Op Shop I love doing it and it will compliment the blanket as well.

Off we go for the first front. and hopefully it shall knock over a bit faster than before as the clock is slowly moving too close for the likings. Must also speed the crochet hook out this week to start the crochet set in alpaca. To be honest Bootee Camp is the way to go. I guess by the end of the month all going well I should be getting better ahead than I was behind.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Another fine weekend

Well it is the weekend time to knit, wander and eat new yummy treats. Consumption is the key to good quantites of knitting being completed and well we start with a Viking receipe for Caramilk Squares and it is so yummy ther was only this small amount left to take a photo of and as for the Rhubarb Pudding mmm no time for pics it just disappeared.

Now this caught my eye while I was driving and imagine the looks I got when I was taking the pic at the traffic lights but had to have it.

Some Saturday sky for you.

A view over Lake Illawarra today looking across from Oak Flats to Mt Warrigal and beyond to the Warrawong and Berlekey areas.

Over to Hill 60 from Shellharbour City centre/Flinders area.

It was funny I took the pics while out and about gathering supplies as I like to call them and the song on the cd I had playing was Metallica -Wherever I May Roam and Lord -Footsteps in the Sand.

I was gifted this yarn from Lisa and well had to quickly play and knitted a long scarf which it was hard to show without looking totally dorky I have to keep tabs on it as my mother really want to "borrow"it and even ben offered money if it was for sale.

Considering it is the Flu season here it is funny that I tend to purchase this product to drink causing quite a few jokes. Would you drink a can of SARS? It is nice as it really is Sarsparella and it was just shortened in the name and well gives a good laugh to us all.

On the Bootee Camp front, I have completed one set and now about to start the other and will start crocheting the alpaca set as a in between to have it done by 5the August. More knitting update later.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Update on Bootee Camp

Ok quick update. I have done the jacket and started the beanie but will have bootees to do yet and set 1 is done. I have been told that the blanket has already been given and the mother of the bub loves it.

So we will steam away for a bit longer yet try to get a baby set crocheted for august and get cracking on the other orders for the other farm and well maybe see thru the 3 pairs of bed socks.

Back on track and the CO is doing a good job keeping the pace set.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Commanding Officer seems to have gone AWOL

Well I guess you can say I'm not so good in my own Bootee Camp. The Commanding Officer has been needed in other areas and got slightly distracted. I really didnt get off to a good start. Something inside me told me I was needed online to help out a certain person. This is not the only time this has happened it seems for some reason I know when I seem to be needed for the friend I can be for this person. Now I have to await some further outcomes with this but am trying to get on with the knitting.

So progress so far:

Baby sets and remaining blanket - Getting back to it on 1st set
Mosiac Socks - Have corrections now and well did 8 rounds didnt like the way the contrast blended in the main so frogged. Will use a different contrast when I start again.
Alpaca Orders- HMMM not even off the ground

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Tonight it is Lord who provide some calming inspiration. Lord Tim certainly has the gift to settle me tonight. Check them out here it is some great Aussie metal that is sometimes not known about.

So with my mind wandering Ill try to refocus listen more and get back to the Bootee Camp. Maybe the Military Police can help stop this CO going AWOL (Absent With Out Leave)

P.S. Knitting is going well and last look nearly thru baby jacket. I didnt loose the mojo just knew I was needed by a friend and it can sometimes be time consuming when it happens. Been a good knitting day since.