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Saturday, December 30, 2006

final random madness

Total Bargain Maddness from Ebay I have now got a Swans Guernsey, 3 caps and a scarf for a total steal. As you can see the Guernsey fits and well one cap is absent it was on my head.

I again took one of the rosebuds on my camera.

I am going round in circles making the beanie for Dapto show and the scarf is screaming to be cast on as do some fetching mitts and the baby gear.

The final sky for 2006

Thefinal curtain for 2006 in the Saturday Skies and well it looks like it was ready to appear but several hours later still not a drop or neg CG in sight of this location. I hope we get some later so once again I can enjoy the view of the whole scene being played before me.

Late last night I finished the Rainy Dayz socks so in just under a week I have made them. I did only use 100g for my Pixie feet as they have called them at work. It is just a plain and basic pattern that I have used and this was an enjoyable knit with wonderful yarn now I need the cold snap to test them out fully.

Hang on it is on sale January 1 st and its like 3 months in advance oppps the Royal show knitting needs to be in the express lane as well. Im confused what is going on can we fit Australia day and maybe valentines day and a possible chance at shrove Tuesday in before the hot cross buns mmm I wonder what happenes next.

I also cot a cute magnet and card from Rox this week despite the fact the time has been spent wisely gettin on with my knitting for the shows.

So in case I do go and wander elsewhere or get too involved with my knitting tomorrow night I say Happy New Year and hope 2007 is a good year and many projects get completed.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Post christmas Mail Call

There was this largish white box for me when I got home from work today. On opening it was filled with foam peanuts and these things appeared upon the fishing trip that occurred.
There were nice soaps for me to try and a little face cream. Even good socks to go with my boots. AN oh deer pooper keyring. I look at these each christmas and think with the amount of venison (deer meat) I consume I should get one but never get around to it. 2 skeins of cotton in a nice deep red. Dont know what ot make with it yet maybe something for the shows. A packet of yarn Bras to keep my skeins under control and a CD of a band from over there which I am yet to hear from the band Valient Thorr. But has just been put on to hear. Thank you Rachel it is all great and I guess I found a theme for you fishing for goodies.

Today at work while knitting and answering the questions of those around me about different matters we figured what to do when you only have one sock "Free Dobbie". so no more second sock syndrome you are to free Dobbie first.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Holiday knitting

Yes I did knit on Christmas day and here is the work knitting time attempts. Above we have the Spiral sock from the Knitters Guild pattern Book. Today it saw more work as it does not need heel shaping it is just a mindles k3, p3 knit in the round with every 3rd row you move it across one stitch to get the spiral effect.

Katts hand dyed yarn in 8ply of Rainy Dayz. It is awesome to knit with and everyone at work loved to see this both yesterday I got to the heel and then today turned and picked up the Gussett and knit from there to the toe and grafted all before 3pm. I started on the instep decrease at 1.15pm and had it done by my first break. Below todays finished sock. I will cast the other one
Finished sock one just need to sit down quietly to cast on sock 2 hopefully tonight after I get settled and finishe a few little things on another garment so it is back to the knitting for now.

Monday, December 25, 2006

12 calls an hour

It is Christmas and despite the fact I have ate and ate and did enjoy the time at work knitting as the calls were as slow as a snails pace. I was more happy knitting. Last night as I was not at work we viewed some of the lights around the are for more ideas towards next year. The Nativity was only down the road from our house and I thought it was a nice one to capture on photo.

A portion of my presents I guess you could say my Santa ones and other gifts of A great book from England and a Calender of Jack Russells from my penfriend Lucy and her husband Pete and her Son Toby who even helped pick Boss a toy.

Boss and his new snowman that he cuddles along with his bone from Harki and Peri as he sleeps on my chair.

The Christmas Jumper that still needs one side to be seamed. It is a 12ply knit using Bendigo Rustic in Bluestone. I will seam the other side was just to lazy to get it done today. Todays work knitting was socks we have a few that I have to turn the heel on and now we have the Spiral socks from the Ku-ring-gai Branch of the Knitters Guild Friendship Crochet and knitting book. I have also started some of the lovely wool from Katt and the 8 ply rainy dayz is on the needles there will be pictures to follow another day I'm enjoying the reading and knitting too much for now.

As for my finger well it will take time it is still touchy and sore. My worst problem is the fact I have to drive to and from work in a manual car. Driving not only makes the leg a bit more behind than infront but changing gears I seem to knock the finger yet again. soon I will update the car to an auto.

For now I hope you all had a great Christmas Day and the presents haul was good as well.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

11 joints are aching

No it is not a new dog. My nephew took this tonight at dinner with their dog Milo who is cross Jack Russell and Chiuahua. I have been a busy girl today I put up 2 garden arches and got some last minute food items that had to wait till then.

Joints aching yep it is my joints from yesterdays effort carolling. I have very sore left pinky from holding my instrument to play so long and a rather ginger leg on the left side. I had to take a short walk with my gear up some steep and long stairs to get from point one to point 2. In this process I had my instrument, music stand, breif case and handbag. It was the overload of far too much over the weight restriction of 5kgs I have put a real strain on me and I'm paying for it.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

10 Gingerbread Baking

The box actually days it makes 14 I have 2 boxes as I love it so much and brought some other icing gels with other colours to make then more than just white. I hope they last til monday to take some for work.
After a hard and humid morning playing Carols for 2 hours in 2 different locations withing walking distance apart. I have had a BBQ under the new pergola at my younger sisters with her Husband and 3 girls and my parents. I must admidt I had a melt in the mouth T bone steak but we did put the new outdoor furniture together before we ate. I was in the pool area when I took this and the fence was in the way.

So back to the cooking to bake the gingerbread men and the cookies and cream cheesecake for tomorrow. till then I have not got to the jumper for Monday but there is tomorrow night after dinner at my older sisters place.

9 chocolates eaten

A Sticky but wet Saturday Sky. It was rather warm then it came down like mad for the rest of the afternoon of intermitent heavy showers.

I have a Boss proof tree now and have since hung my new decorations on it as well.

The lovely Annie has tagged me for a meme
Here are THE RULES:
Each player of this game starts with the weird things about you.People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.
1. I am very fussy about my tea. I prefer to have leaf tea in a teapot and have it in a bone china mug. Dont add the sugar to the milk it is milk first then strong brewed tea then the sugar.
2. I only eat good chocolate if it says compound forget it its in the bin. I will not even cook with compound.
3. I always wear a wife beater regardless of the heat. A plain white chesty bonds is always on under my shirt. I never wear them as just a shirt except some hot nights to bed and alway confined behind my bedroom door.
4. If I have to use a tea bag the tea must be brewed strong first then the bag removed before adding milk or sugar.
5. I always wear socks to bed and must always sleep under the covers.
6. If it is Hot and humid Ill be found crashed out asleep. For some unknown reason it is when I sleep the best. I start by laying down to read a book and hardly ever get to the last page.
Ok now we have some tags to have a turn. Katt, Suzi, Fifi, Rachael, Karen, and Natt.

Friday, December 22, 2006

8 grumblers complaining

No complaints with what I beleive to be the last mail delivery before Christmas. The ever wonderful Jade sent a great card and lovely ornament. This makes me see to need to get to the shops sometime to buy a tree that will fit out of Boss's reach and put my 3 new ornaments on it.

I am normally ok at work and well it just seems that some nights all the horrible callers come out with their grumbles. Today was one of those. I even started my day nice with my friends handing out chocs and biscuits to attempt to have some joy and celebration. In my effort to obtain a few things in Aldi I yet again remembered why I dont shop there. The staff on the registers sit and just scan you pack but today I got the most un joyful person it made me feel like I was wasting their time. I stand there and smile and they cannot say more than a huff as they scan each item. I dont shop there often as they dont sell what im after but the few times Ive been in service was non existant. I wasnt rude but it is nice to be acknowledged in a polite way.

7 Shoppers Shopping

My diversion as to why I do silly things like online shopping is to add to my hat. I have been slowly overtime collecting pins for it and have some that I have either served for or been presented. I have my grandfathers RSL badge and my outstanding service for the Christmas Bushfires. I have all my Student Representive Council Badges. Other assorted ones include old SA Officers 'S's', Sydney Swans 25 yrs, and some service badges for commemorations that I was given from a friend as a special honarary gift who was a founding member of the Injured Service Persons Association.
On the other side of the coin the shopping well as much as presents are done and some have been distributed to those I wont see until after the day. I do want to try and deliver one more early and well my nieces and nephews are across the weekend around the christmas carols tomorrow and the silly idea I got of geting the ginger bread man baking kit to make some as I just love them.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

6 lorikeets squwarking

Our vocally loud Rainbow Lorikeet Squwark. He has a job to do by learning to sing Deck the Halls. So far he knows more other words than we have taught him by hearing the TV.

We also get large flocks of Corellas come each day for a feed. The drought has sent them closer to us than we have had in years. We also have regular Magpies and Kookaburras and even a few families of Pink Galahs. If I see or hear the Black Cockatoos it is bad weather ahead.

5 rusty utes

Ok yes there is frantic knitting here the weather is on both sides of the coin but Im going to try and complete a Jumper real soon this weekend in between carols and trying to get the regular things I forgot today. Pics will come.....

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

4 Baby Lambs

I have just seen the link on Fitknits blog about the farm whoare offering people to adopt a sheep to help keep them hand fed during the drought here in the outback of Australia. The farm is a wool producer and a little amount can make a huge difference in getting the best quality merino availiable. It is not a huge pricce but worth it. You even get to select and name your adpoted family member.

I was going to buy a nice spoil for myself but now ill have a sheep for christmas. Its a tougher time for them.

3 Giant Tomatoes

Ok if you havent guessed the 12 days of Aussie or my style Christmas have started. Today our feature Item is the Huge tomato that one of the Ladies from work grew and gave to another to enjoy. We have started an guess the weight as a bit of fun. There have been some unusal guesses for it but most are sure it is over a pound or 500grams plus. and itis sitting on a piece of A4 paper which is in the landscape position to help you image the size. I just hope my Toms can get this big the herbs are getting better with our current snap of cold wet and rain.

As it has taken a drop to cold wet and windy weather so far up until Christmas Day I have needed to finish the collar on the bluestone jumper a bit quicker than expected. I might actually need to have new jumper for Christmas instead of summer clothes. The best bit of the weather if it continues the christmas cooking will be comfortable as the heater was needed tonight.

I have even come to the conclusion if I do my ufos real soon there will be more space in my room and I can see my way through some of the yarn that I have on hand for the alpaca farm. My mind is on it now to stay focused and I might get there by some of the shows.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

2 pink galahs and an emu up a gum tree

I think it is like everyday is a tad closer to a everyday like christmas effect on me. Today a lovely parvel arrived for me from the wonderful Sharon. I not only got a Christmas ornament and a great card but a little lindt choc square which has now been consumed. Rule one when contents are edible picture before consumption is a must.

Sharon also sent a little gift for me to enjoy with a bag of choc coins now placed in the secret spot of the knitting bag and 2 ballas of country 8ply natural and a top little card. Thank you so much Sharon .

Now that Christmas is getting busier I am knitting less as there are cards to read emails to write and now a blanket to knit. I am so wrapped that the Soaring Eagles Project flew so high that the last count of beanies was an impressive 676 which is enough to benefit others as well. I use the work time for those in need.

An Emu up a gum tree

It is not a regular sight thank goodness......just for our carols we had an oversized windy Koala wanderins about. THe lovley ornament from Cindy and the Labradors.
The plucka duck lucky seat draw bottle of wine. Southern Highlands Cool Climate goodness.
For me bedtime put knitting away read some of a book and eat just a few Hersheys Kisses. Yes Marti I still have some and keep it to a ration of about 3 or 4 at the most.

Monday, December 18, 2006

An exciting lead up to Christmas

Those who know me fairly well will know that due to the fact my body isnt behaving as good as it probably should for a 29 yrd old I am retireing from active duty on the SAES crew. Last night while Sally mark 3 was out I took one final curtain call photo. From this truck I have cooked many a BBQ from the rear and served a fair few people in the time I served in the crew including the 2001-02 bushfires. I guess the upside is that there wont be the interuptions to my knitting time now. Unless I have the onion chopping duty. 10 yrs service and retired due to health not a bad run I guess.

I got my wonderful hand dyed yarns from Katt today. Top is Stormy Seas in 4 ply and bottom is 8ply Rainy dayz. The are awesome I see alot of ufo knitting to get my needles on to these. My feet will be well looked after now.

My Pen Friend of over 20 years now sent me a parcel of gifts for Christmas and this lovely card I will have to frame it as I love it so much. My gifts and Boss's gift are awaiting Christmas day to be opened. Only the card today.

The wonderful Cindy sent some treats for both Boss and I. A lovely decoration which Ill post a photo of later and Boss got a toy. He was all over it as he knows Harki and Peri sent it for him.

I have found out today well, more so confirmed that I am working Christmas Day and I just hope that those who do have the day off can spend it with those they feel comfortable with or their families. Last night at Carols Santa told everyone that this year on Christmas Day go up to someone you love and give them a Hug or a Kiss or just tell them you love them. Think beyoung the presents, the tree or the wonderful abundant food and think back to the basics this year. Here endeth my lesson for today with the fact and a Proverb "A friend loves at all times" so to all out there stay safe on you time away and be nice to each other.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

While Shepherds felted their purse by night.....

A odd Saturday today it was grey and dismal but actually stayed dry. I had to find something nice to add to the sky so this small offering of a plane flying over is the best I could add.

I was on duty for carolling at one of the local Bunnings and snapped a shot of our Band playing While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by night and let me say I had to retype this a number of times due to my brain saying washed thir socks by night. We will again be there on Saturday from 11 am. I even managed to get to the doctors, felt the coin purse and put a Garden Arch together. I forgot the nice young lady over the back with the largest instrument the bbflat bass is in the choir for Carols in the Domain tonight.

I armed myself with tongs and hot water and attacked felting for the first time.

While it dried outside and I put the arch up ready for more lights to go up tonight to end our display set up for the year.

The humble but not to flashy lights at our house and quite a few cars have been stopping but I can admidt it is not easy when you get more lights to think what to put where. Now it is back to some knitting on the baby cardigan not much more to do just the right front and sleeves and finishings.

Friday, December 15, 2006

The week that was......

I completed my first ever pieces of Fair Isle thanks to the Bully Woollies kit that Marti sent me. I did it quite well and have sewn the pieces just have to felt and sew the zipper in. I was going to felt it this weekend but a drab wet weekend it seems to be so not the best for the drying. See what happens there are other things needing my attention too.

The building I work in gives us a small gift each year for Christmas and this year it was some nice things like soaps or candles or what I got of a plastic star shape filled with bath pearls. Previous years have been awful and not that nice but this year they were not to bad. The men got either a bottle opener keyring or a calculator.

As I said it was a drab day, wet cold wet and sometimes drowning you as you move outside like i got caught twice. I had my mail awaiting for me when I got home and some nice little pieces of cheer arrived. I had a few nice cards to read and a handmade letter and envelope from my PRGE pal Rachael plus I got a sewing needle holder and card from Jae it is awesome in the right shades for me even.

Must get back to the knitting as I have a few things that need minor finishing touches from this weeks work time knitting devoted for charity and then the baby cardigan needs some attention as the left front is completed.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The long awaited arrival of Mad Hatters Tea party

Announcing the long awaited arrival of the tea cosy...............

We present the summer side spoting its beach wear of Bikini, towel and shorts. NOtice I have a nice sun to help the washing dry well.

The winter side sporting the Jumper, pair of socks and pants.

I will not be using it till after the 28th of january so its back to the wraps for now.

My local Bowling club had if you purchased a meal you got a free Santa Photo so my Mother made me have one taken. I actually took a snap off the original print to get this as I dont have a scanner.

I have also finished one sock to fit with my boots and well just for you all to image the size of my foot the 2 litre Drink bottle is there to compare. I did check that they are really good to go inside the boots as well. 2nd sock is coming along nicely so then I can start another pair of socks and get back to the other items I should be doing.

Next once I do the second piece of the coin purse I can felt it and then place it together so back to the knitting.