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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Another weekend already

Yep sunny but humid and warm. Time for Knitters Guild and a maraton of fixing things for afternoon tea before I got there. I did getthe normal large tray of sandwiches with nice heartly sized helpings of salad as I came up with different combinations. Normally this is my Dads job as he likes to make the sandwiches to help and it is best to let him or he gets in the way. I also had a large plate of date and walnut roll and another of fruit slice. Not much was left over from it all.
On the working front the crochet shawl is so close to the edging being started despite the fact it is a bit hot to have it around but it must get done. Baby jacket started and going ok. Socks well I did start some but I found a good one that has had its friend started so I'll cheat and finish him. So that just leaves the Baby bootees to start. At this stage all is good. SO back to the work for me and hope to progress more tomorrow. Please send rain I need it.


  • At 8:57 am, Blogger sunneshine said…

    Beautiful tree! Funny how fast the weeks go... Tea cozy from the last post is wonderful, as is the baby sweater!


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