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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Its raining again please let it keep raining again

Add some nice wet stormy wethere and you get perfect Shawl making weather. That is after a slight bit of retail therapy and a trip to get some cleaner to remove the brown gunk that came on the seatbelt when I got the car and keeps marking my clothes. Gunk removed new book in hand I'm set. Getting a new book well getting The Friday Night Knitting Club to be exact gives a longish lunch idea to sit and read atleast a chapter. So far Im hooked I want to get right into it boots and all.
But the afternoon worked on the Crochet Shawl actually started it to be honest. In the early stages and then about a third of the way through the main section later only a few hours apart. I can crochet the shawl in 2 weeks normally so stay tuned. I must get the blue cardigan sen up and finished as well as knit a baby set of 3 pieces. I hope to have these and Branching out finished by 6th March. Lets see how I go then.

Boss has been good he just gets a bit cuddly when the storms are about. He has done his guard the work job today and at some stages had his body over one foot and head and paws on the other. His paws are one under the foot the other over in a cuddle fashion. I think he likes sunday afternoon worktime where he plays or guards over me depending if we are inside or outside. NO blocking was done due to rain as we block outside on a portable table and Boss plays in his area while I sit and knit or sew up things ect waiting for the blocking to be right. Hopefully this week Ill get things a bitter better advanced for now.


  • At 1:56 pm, Blogger Suzi said…

    It's good to see Boss is keeping things under control! Your shawl looks fantastic! I am going to learn to crochet properly, but two weeks for a shawl? At least I can set a goal.
    I have seen the Friday Night Knitting Club, I look forward to hearing what it is about.

  • At 3:59 pm, Blogger Katt said…

    That shawl is going to look fantastic when its done. After reading the Yarn Harlots second book I am tempted to try shawls..I have never been tempted before...

    I look forward to hearing more about Friday Night Knitting Club.


  • At 2:11 am, Blogger sunneshine said…

    The shawl is beautiful!! Rooting for you to get your level 3 pieces done, it sounds cool - and I always thrive on having a goal....Big pat on the head to Boss!!

  • At 3:11 pm, Blogger Zeeppo said…

    Nice Puppy

  • At 8:51 pm, Blogger Ruby Girl said…

    Lovely shawl, and isn't this wet weather great.

  • At 2:34 am, Blogger Procrastiknitter said…

    Our Lilee (also a JRT) says "Hello" to boss! I wanted to let you know Tianne that I sent your package two weeks ago, but they told me it could possibly take up to 4 weeks to get there.

    As far as the rain goes, it's been raining quite a lot here too!

    The shawl is gorgeous!

  • At 3:06 am, Blogger Karen M said…

    The crocheted shawl is coming along great! Boss is such a cutie.


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