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Saturday, June 02, 2007

This is Saturday is it

Here is the sky after I had been trying to Find Nemo and been on a goose chase and well no luck today with that. Why was I trying to find Nemo? On of the local radio stations had Nemo hidden and gave clues to find him and win a family pass to Disney on Ice. I thought my nieces might like to go so I was trying hard to get to the right places. Maybe tomorrow I can do better but, it was a nice cool day to do so.
Ok I avoided the orders for a goo few hours and only really went to get a glue stick and buttons. I never got the buttons but did have lunch at Sushi Train with my parents. Buttons can wait a day though. I have to finish the cardi and then match them I think. For now it is try to eliminate an order so the shawl is coming along well between fairy bread and home baked biscuits. lmost at the edging and then it will be just to finish the rest of the jacket and the extras to make the set. All going well Alpaca farm should have some stuff again real soon too. Finally I might get on track.
Boss is yet again curled up on his blanket sleeping while I sit here and work away I even have no yet figured what pattern to use the possy wool with and still am not sure what one of the 2 shawls I will use the alpaca cloud with. I have 880 yards of the alpaca cloud and its between the Wool Peddler shawl or the feather and fan shawl from Folk knitting. I have been debating between both as they call for more yardage than I have but bonus I knit from neck down so can possibly save myself there. I can just stop where the yarn stops.

To be honest there is band music Ishould do here too but have to guillotine it to repaste the parts. I will do it before I go to bed and it shall be a smooth job then. For now its Iron Chef and the shawl.


  • At 9:19 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Thee shawl is looking fabulous, it grew so quickly!! Everyone seems to be having a fit of indecision: I am!! Bosslooks very at home. If I don't watch out now, Harki is on the couch and then Peri steals my spot!! No room for me!!


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