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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Relaxing Saturday for Super knitter

A nice and slightly warm winters day. Good day for a get togther and check in with a mum who I am knitting for. As for the stocktake of the alpaca I'll get to it its basically all in one spot wont take too long but the alapca skeins need to become balls too and a few finishing of ufos as well.

I had a good chance to get realigned with some knitting and ideas of shade choices as I have some nice yarn for bub knitting but was not sure about the shade and showed mum even though dad said it was good and she likes it too and match with some nice off white and we are set.

Best thing of the day was assuring if bubby comes a tad early there will be minimal time delay for a beanie and bootee set to protect the little one from getting too cold and would be personalised early. Things knitters can do to ease someones mind.


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