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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Put the boot in to it

A wonderful Saturday. Off to do a few little things and then Stitch n Bitch. I managed to get out and find an outfit for a wedding I will attend next Saturday afternoon. Good trip to the Salvos store and $14 later a good and almost new outfit. I couldnt even shop in the Millers sale for the same money but, there is now a Millers outfit for me to wear. LOve finsing the good quality things people just toss aside often unworn which these all appear to be.

Progress on to looking for some other odds and ends. Got them under control and even had lunch with a friend. Good afternoon of knitting and a few more things to sew up tomorrow maybe. Even witnessed Donni's Bayerische sock 1 completed and on her foot. For me I now have a pair of bootees and matching beanie done and ready to run into the next set tonight and tomorrow. I feel some of the pressure lifting already.

No knitting pics today just Black beauty in the Lovely morning light looking as velvety as it can be. Tomorrow pics maybe if I can stop knitting for long enough.


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