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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Super Saturday

Saturday Sky looked doubtful in the weather. But it did mostly stay dry and well good for an afternoon at Knitters Guild.

This was also going very well too. I got a few more shots and well keep them in reserve for the shows I think.
Crochet Baby set progress very good. I have most of the jacket done and hope to get to the sleeves tonight. Then its just the bootees and beanie to go. Thats one thing down and well either whip another set up or make beanies and bootees to accompany that order. See what happens tomorrow.
Alpaca Scarves will get back to them real soon at work this week. I have one done and well second on its way. I do have a 3rd started and well hope to soon have 2 on the go at once to keep them rolling.
I also need to get to the baby shawls and another baby aviator as well. So far thinking rationally and well not to flustered yet just a bit worried when the end is near. I do have a baby cardigan to finish it just needs a sleeve and the band and finishings. I will get there but for now its on with the show.
I really should spend less time drinking tea and more time working.


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