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Sunday, August 19, 2007

PRGE round 3 questions

1. Why are you punk?
I'm not exactly punk in the real sense I am a metal head with a great passion for the classic metal bands and wish I could stay back there. I dont listen to mainstream music and have basically shut my music world to the bands I grew up on. I guess you could call it punk to hold your own in todays world. I do knit well lots of weird and wonderful teacosys too.

2. What are your five favorite things? (these don't have to be knit related)

I love good leaf tea from here, Good dark chocolate and love hersheys, cookies love them esp shortbread ones, photography, classic metal.

3. What are your three favorite things that you have made with knitting/crochet?

Tea cosys, socks, vests for me

4. What five things would you love to see in a swap box someday?

Hersheys, knit picks, go knits camo pouch, military patches or pins ( any service), sock needles.

5. What are your three favorite yarns? What are your three least favorite yarns?

I love good soft alpaca, soft merino, good sock yarn, I totally cannot stand scratchy yarns, fun fuzz or cotton.

6. What are your five favorite delicacies?

Tea, cookies/biscuits, hersheys, dark chocolate, whisky marmalade.

7. What are your three favorite guilty pleasures?

Tea, scotch, whiskey marmalade

8. What are the five things you look forward to every week?

My nightly chats with my mate Steve, knitting groups, wandering about the area in my car, Good pots of tea, my nightly dark chocolate with a book.

9. What do you collect?

I collect military bears, military patches and pins, tea to enjoy at my leisure, and I guess tea cosy ideas in my sketchbook.

10. When is your birthday?

24th June

11. Do you have any wishlists?

No sorry

12. What would you like your pal to know that is not covered here?

You may also like to read all the other previous questionaires. I am super sensitive in the skin and with strong scents I am very cautious what creams I use ect. Things sent from overseas need to be carefull of the contents with very strict customs and quarrantine here. You will also note from the previous ones I live with MS and it slightly slows me back and makes my life a bit different. The previous swap questions should help you out more.


  • At 9:00 am, Blogger Jejune said…

    Hi from me at facebook (I'm in the knitting bloggers group too)... I love the Tea Centre too - Monk and Amaretto are my favourites!

  • At 11:24 pm, Anonymous PRGE Spoiler said…

    hello! just letting you know i sent you an email! sometimes spam filters don't like my secret address, if you need to add it to your address book it is incognito.knitter (at) yahoo (dot) com.


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