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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A knit for me a knit for those who need.....

I have recently started looking at some UFO's and ther are a few for charity and then there is the yarn assigned for charity knitting as well. I started the beanie long ago with the remains of the Khaki bed socks yarn and finally today at work completed it and will give this to the Guardian Angel program run by World Vision and the Guardian Pharmacies. I was able to set a pair od 4mm needles free getting this one done. When it was sewn up I held it up and said this will keep some kid warm in a cold country where they need it. A co worker beside me said that is so nice not only you made it but it is for charity.
I moved another bag to find half of a pair of Bed socks for the Berrima Womens prison. I will try to finish these so I can get on with the other balls that I have put to oneside to make more. It will be winter before I know it. I sometimes have a ball of pure wool or a bit left over so I put it into a bag and it makes a mini stash for the socks. CHarity items are often the simple mindless knit to keep me going at work.

I know people want to know more about me and entering the shows. Each year I enter Dapto Show, Kiama show, Robertson Show and the Alpaca Craft section held in conjunction but Judged seperately and different to the regular shows. Also in September is the Bulli Show. Shows start in January with Dapto in the mid part of the month and Kiama to follow then I rest and knit more for the Robertson show in March and also get organised with The Royal Easter Show as well where I tend to only enter one or so sections. It is then rest again from shows until Bulli. I show to help keep things looking well entered and make a decent display. Only Bulli and Dapto I show photos as it can be rather expensive to do too many shows.

This weekend we again have our Achievement Certificate in knitting group and I havent touched my sample since the last get together so may have to drag it out of the hiding and get a bit further before the group. I dont have much more to knit before I send it off for the first part of marking so really should get on with it. I also need to finish a few things for Robertson Show and they are so close to being done as well. I just hope I can make enough time for everything this week.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The wrap up and new excitement

Been a busy day here not only have I been to Kiama and picked the entries back up as well as finding out the 3 piece childs set in pink knitted as a composite item from our group actually was 1st and the doll was 2nd. I was able to get the items pack them in a bag neatly and some that will be used for other special things have been wrapped in blue tissue paper and put safe in zip lock bags till the nex guild meeting then they will get locked into seals to keep them clean.
I have also knitted a bit more on an alpaca scarf and also done the bonnet for a little doll known as Dusk that my sister made in her porcelain doll class. I still need to get the ribbon for this yet and it will stay on instead of the need to hold it. It is worked in 2ply pure wool on 2mm needles.

Dusk also has bootees again needing ribbon to complete them. I will get to the dress soon and then later work on the peticoat, jacket, vest and underpants. So I can return the doll to my sister the main items are donw first as a trial due to slight modifications I have made to the materials required.

More bits of the show with some Pony Club events above and more Sire Horses below.

Shows can be great fun but at the same time are very time consuming and exhaust you with all the effort you put in and the excitement of seeing how you go with you items. I am on a slight break and will work a bit towards the Robertson Show in March. I have a few items that need to be finished and they will be great to enter. Not only do I have regular items to complete but an alpaca only section is to be completed as well.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

I thought it was to be a warm day today

A sky for the show and I wore shorts oh dear. I was going to hang at the show alot longer but it was too cold and the weather looked like it could turn nasty quick. I wimped out and bailed for home as the wind got colder and the rain chose to spit down just a little taste of what may come along.

Woodchop today with the tree fellers up there in a rather good cold wind. I would not have liked to be up there swinging an axe in that southerly.

Even the under 17's have a go at this.

I had a funny little incident happen where I got myself ready went out the door and locked it forgetting house key and well forgot to change my shoes. Im locked out with my slippers on. OK we can detour to get a new pair I dont have joggers so maybe the op shop has some half decent ones there. Call into Mission Australia and lo and behold puma joggers in my size for $6 not even worn at all in mint conditon. Got them quick went out to car and changed shoes before contiuing to Kiama.

Well despite the fact it is a break between shows the alpaca scarves have started today as I watched Eight below and Garfield 2. I have to get stuck in now and work on the entries for Robertson show not only in the regular knitting section but also the Alpaca only section. SO engines on full and up we roar.

Friday, January 26, 2007

To lead the way with your bikini at hand

The tea cosy was lucky and was placed top in 1st place over all the others. It now makes me start thinking about next years entry that will be top secret for quite sometime before next years show. A good amount of ideas are being trialled now in my mind and the notebook.

The only other item that placed was the coathanger and it earnt a 2nd place

A combined effort of our Knitters guild ladies gained 2nd in the 3 wool garments or article section I knitted the beanie that makes part of the set the jumper was knitted by Irene and a scarf by Karin and Sue did make the mittens that are not shown. One of the dolls dressed in an outfit came in the first place also from the Guild and 3rd for the ladies pants, cardigan and socks.

I also enjoyed a day of Horses and the Sire or Clydesdales working as they would work the land.

More to follow tomorrow.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I did it all before the midnight hour this time

Dark Fetchings for the any article class at Kiama Show. They were the last item I knitted and all items were completed very neatly as well.

The Baby Jacket done and mattress stitched very carefully. So careful it took over 2 hours to put 2 sleeves in place. after that needed to get out for a bit before I knitted the neck up. Tomorrow I will see my results and as there is a whole lot of competition I will just have to wait and see if my hard work pays off.
Anyone who has seen me on a judging day knows I either sit and get aggitated till I get there or just seem so low it aint funny. Today my focus was shifted and well it made a huge difference for me to have something to take me away from the normal judging day fidget and blues. I know that someone who sometime reads knows exactly what I mean.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Getting there slowly but on time

Slowly but surely Im on track to have things done by Thursday. Baby jacket has been blocking today and will sew it up properly using mattress stitich tomorrow before knitting the neck on it and putting buttons on it ect.

I have knitted a lace coathanger cover and sewn it on incase the one I want to do doesnt turn out in time tomorrow. I have half a pair of fetchings to do as well. so not bad might get to bed at a normal hour tomorrow night if im lucky and all goes well....... can only see it only takes a nanna nap to make a disaster and there was already one tonight.

Must get back to it. Time spent tonight makes a better day tomorrow.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

On patrol

The photos that were entered in the show. Above the animal study.
Macro and landscape classes. Old Wollongong lighthouse below also from the landscape section.

Open class with the Sabre and Tiger moth all from the HARS museum.
Ok not a show item but the Guard dog sat on patrol again while I knitted the jacket today. I am sure he thinks someone is a threat to the items. Either that or I'm still in the watch incase I go see other animals again.

Prize winners

NO real order just as they came out of the bag I used to transport them home in. THe baby jacket worked in 3ply pure wool using the old pattern of patons named Beauty. It is in superfine supersoft machine washable wool. Now I can either rehome it or sell it later on.

The bootees again in 3ply pure wool from an old paragon book. These will also either get rehomed or sold.

Beanie using Aurora 8 yarn and worked using the Boarders beanie pattern from the Stitch n Bitch calender. Again will be rehomed or sold.

Coathanger knitted in 5 ply Bluebell crepe pure wool and will form part of a present for my Great Aunt.

Today despite extreme heat made huge progress on the jacket for Kiama and will more than likely start the sleeves tomorrow and hope to knit the coathanger cover as well. I will also whip up some fetching mitts. The non placing alpaca scarf will soon be sent with other items to the Crookwell shop and the fetching mitts will be rehomed or sold as well.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Dapto Show weekend

Ok the past 2 days told the fate of my items and just a few rather awkward pics as there is mesh infront to keep them safe. The bootees got a 2nd.

The midnight plus hours Beauty Baby jacket got 2nd. I also got 2nd for the coathanger cover and 1st for the Beanie. Tomorrow moring I have to go back and get them so will take better photos then. My photos entered were not sucessful but the section is well entered.

The Saturday sky Dapto dogs style for the show both days were rather warm and showing horses is difficult at the best of times but add heat and it is uncomfortable for the rider and the horse. 2 of the horses I was with were dark coats and they really get hot. then the rider or leader for the led classes are in full turnout. It is the side line people who were lighter dressed but some things are still needed to protect yourself.

Now I need to get my needles clicking away for Kiama Show and have 3 items knitted by Thursday morning to take down and have judged that afternoon. I will be busy despite the extremely warm temps for tomorrow is to be predicted. might seek refuge in a friends coffee shop for some air con and a kniting corner.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dapto show here we come

Yes it has been a busy day here getting organised. I have finally got by butt into gear and attended to the sewing up of the bootees and coathanger cover as well as the ends on the Fetching mitts.

Fetching mitts knitted in Holiday Wool tweed blend in 8ply. These will go into the Best knitted article class as there is no other fitting class for them just an excuse to display a different thing really and they were quick and achieveable.

Coathanger cover knitted in 5ply Patons Bluebell crepe using double moss stitch. My mother kept telling me i had done blackberry stitch. The class is plain coat hanger cover.

2 pairs of bootees from the old Paragon bootee book and worked in superfine 3 ply baby yarn. 2 complementing patterns to make up the class of 2 pairs of bootees one with cuff ( long leg) ine with short leg.

I also am entering a good 11 photos in the enlargements all at 8 x10 " size across the 5 classes there. The Irish Hiking scarf is for the best knitted scarf class and the New years work of the Boarders beanie is for the best knitted beanie class. Now just to complete the baby jacket before wednesday morning. So back to it I go nearly done the back then it is just the sleeves and collar to go.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

SO close but so far away....

It's another wonderful Saturday here. OK it was an ok one but there is heaps of knitting to do plus work on the Achievement Certificate samples as this is long overdue to be sent off. We worked on the major sample for the first submission and it is coming along in baby steps of looking at the parts slowly and getting there form there. Group work for this is benefitting us all and we will try to get things done together learning the technique each time and then getting on to the next stage before the next one.

The newer yarn mobile. It was funy as the White car beside mine is another Corolla wagon. It is staring to get easier for me to get used to but sometimes things still feel weird.

Imagine this in Bottle Green and you have my old car. Too small and a challenge to hide yarn in. No problems now we have hidden a secret stash spot. Must get nice seat covers too but so far nothing I like is there in the budget.

Rachel sent me these cool Sailor Jerry socks and see they go great with my boots.

I have still to work on the baby jacket nearly the first piece of it complete and then I need to finish sewing up the bootees and coathanger cover plus sew the ends in on the fetching mitts. All before Wednesday morning. So back to the grindstone I go and will try to put photos up really soon.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I did it all by myself

I looked at cars on the weekend and well narrowed it to just basically one car. This one was a total dream and went back to test drive but knew it was the right one. NO more small car with noreal boot having to put my gear on the back seat as the boot was full. I was able to go to a very nice car yard and get a very nice deal on a Toyota Corolla Wagon. Good near new car only a few years old and low kilometers on the clock. So for now Ill have to knit more to balace things out. Can't get new knitting supplies till I get through some of the ones I have.

I cannot show you a picture of the old one as I was sort of trying to do things before work and didnt have the time to do a photo of the old one. SO the Old Toyota Starlet Style manual 5 door hatch can make its way to a new owner as I get accustomed to a newer model car with different features. There was nothing majorly wrong with the old one it was just too small and now is a good time to switch to auto as my legs are not what they used to be. The new one is even better for me to get in and out of height wise.

So those who know my old Bottle Green car it is not me in it any more I now have a flashy newer one in silver and can fit my gear in it very nicely. So thats all there is there is nothing more to see so back to the knitting.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

It ain't half hot here but must knit still.....

I have been busy with the shows and grabbed my Uncles 2 dogs Ebony and Dusty for a few photos. So far this may be the shot to go in the Dapto show if I can get it printed in time. I have mounted most but then I ran out of Cardboard so will get more and finish mounting before trimming them. I have still neglected to sew the bootees but did get the ribbon today in between looking at cars for me and getting supplies for the show and work.

Im the sweatlering heat and humidity Alpaca is the last thing to have drapped across you knees as you pain stakingly finish it and work up a sweat attempting it. Again neglected finishings at this stage its too warm to attempt that. FAbric in the background are formore knitting sacks that Mum has to sew for me. Something about Hobbysew too many nice fabrics so I just picked 2 today. As I dont sew with the machine I cut and my Mother sews them.

Cast on a Coathanger cover in 5 ply bluebell crepe and working in double moss stitch. Something mindless and achieveable. Still to do fetching it was a bit warm today for them and a baby jacket and of course finishing the items ready for Wednesday week to be taken to the show. So if you are local Dapto is the 19/20th Jan and will be a good show on the Saturday night as it is the 150th celebration.

Back to the grind for now as it is late and I should go to bed soon maybe.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Stop press today was productive

Despite a nice but very windy day i did not venture ouside for very long just to take a few photos and the first Saturday sky for 2007. I knuckled down and got on with the show knitting.

I have now got a few entries ready despit the lack of sewing up at this stage so the class of 2 pairs of bootees one with short leg one with cuff are done just sew and put ribbon into.

Fetching in the light blue for Dapto and for Kiama in the dark. Scarf almost complete and then a baby jacket to be done and I will be happy. So back to my knuckle down tonight and tomorrow wil try to post more items completed.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Oh dear its show time in 3 weeks

Well we did start by getting things finally completed so they are done and then you sit and talk with a friend only to be reminded it will be time for the Dapto show and their 150th show this year. SO next 2 weeks try to knit more and hope I can find the right items fo the right classes. Have Ideas so will do my best.

I now have my own knitting stuff sacks my mother sewed them for me today as me and the sewing machine mean a week of trying to get these done. I love the Pork Choppers on this fabric and have also used it to line the coin purse and complete it from the knit kit I was gifted.

So a Bit of a plan of attack list

2 pairs of Bootees one with long leg one with cuff

Baby jacket

Complete the Carigan only the sleeves to go

Finish scarf almost there

Fetching mitts

If time finish Sprial Socks

And thats Dapto show done

Next think of Kiama and the list I'll come back to it in a week or so its not as big.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Knit in the New Year

Firstly as people are still tagging me for the 6 weird things here is the link to mine again I have thought about doing a fresh list each time someone has tagged me since but that would take time from my knitting. At this time of year knitting is the priority.

The beanie for Dapto Show worked in Aurora 8 that I was able to get awhile back. I used just over a ball and it is the Boarders Beanie from the Stitch n Bitch 2007 Calender.

I have my scarf entry going well using 8ply Alpaca and the Irish Hiking scarf. See the great Yarn Bra...A friend asked me what do they do and all I could say is like any bra keeps it all in. I am trying to work through a numjber of items that need to become entries in the shows. I have a 2 size 1 cardigans that need to be completed and then there is the 2 pairs of bootees and a baby jacket. Crazy me wants a Baby jacket to enter Kiama plus a coat hanger and spiral socks. Lets just hope that New Years day is quiet at work and I knit plenty and come home nice and early.

Boss is enjoying his Christmas Toys and is settled in for the night with his toys and enjoying Prisoner Cell Block H and trying to keep control with Fireworks and loud ones around. We are actually all trying to sleep due to working tomorrow not only me but my mother and my father is on the Fishing real early. Well new yar has arrived and I saw it in knitting. Soon I may be able to get some quiet to go to sleep but for now I'm knitting.