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Monday, May 28, 2007

It's a yarny day today!!!!!

Lets start at the beginning. One of the ladies at work has just returned from New Zealand and after hearing me say "Get Poss wool!!!" she found some and got me 2 lovely balls of 8ply Merino Possum from Opossum World. It will become a nice beanie or scarf for sure. NIce start to the working day for sure.

Come home still thinking patterns for the Possy wool and get the final PRGE parcel from Robert and wonderful goodies contained. Lovely sock yarn from Denmark. Also Binary stitch markers.
My favorite needles and Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in Midnight. Ohh not just my favorite type of needles but the correct size and all.
Some yummy Dutch treats. Syrup Waffles that taste so divine They are like the speculas with caramel squished between them. Dutch Sprinkles for Fairy Bread as we say here.
See Fairy Bread and they taste divine also.

Such a nice thing to come home to. Thank you Robert and Linda for you wonderful treats.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

You got to Give a little .....knit a little make someone a little ......come on join in alltogether now...

I just saw in a round of linky link of blogs about the 24 Baby Shower and as the time has come for the Guardian Project it is a great idea. How about we all try to make something small and donate to a worthy childrens cause.

I already gave over 3 pairs of my bootees from my stall for Guardian today. What really is a bit of left over yarn that could benefit someone else. I know the odd beanie or oddballs used into a blanket that can warm someone who has no real warmth.

Get to it see what you have stashed and could do just a small item each would be great.

Super Saturday Knitting

Perfect out the door Parking lets go to Stitch n Bitch. Lovely day outside but more fun inside where I was rather good at getting things worked on. Funny how you get a spark from a great weekend away. Good Progress this week I must say target is in sight.

Today I have roared through the back of a little 3- 6 mths cardigan back in Sirdar Fair Isle Dk. Tonight I have started racing up the front and well if it was last weekend I was doing this I think Id be over it in no time at all. Even with all the giggling advice telling people what the mhystery yarn was I was able to do this and then get a good 3 rounds more pink crochet shawl.

Even better news is the Guardian Angel Knitting pattern books have arrived at my local drop off point and this year are a good few Jumper patterns for 2- 10 yr olds. I like what I see and hope to maybe get one or so from this book done when I finish the orders but for now it will be some bootees and beanies. So heres hoping but for now its back to the orders and baby knitting.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Im tagged

The rules:Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those tagged need to write in their blogs the 7 facts, as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag seven others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

1 I like to have my tea from a pot using good quality tea leaves.

2 I am very Military with my meal breaks due to the strict time taking for work. Lunch is 11.30 dinner is 16.15 and supper is had a 21.30.

3 Im just as fussy with my coffee only good coffee and prefer to avoid starbucks.

4 I can drive either Manual or Auto cars even though I now prefer auto.

5 Free time to do nothing is usually spent waiting for a meal to arrive.

6 I dont sleep that much and tend to go to bed rather late after I do other things of a night.

7 I am a strict military on time person. Dont be late better still always be early and allow extra time incase. This includes finishing a row in time for a meal.

Who Do I tag well come on folks who read take it up.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Make mine a Large Pot please

Its the Biggest Morning tea and I find the Clothesline Tea Cosy has safely returned and gained a 2nd place on Monday at Epping. Tomorrow it goes off to the Winter Warmers at Lithgow. I must say this tea cosy has travelled alot this year and the new one is soon to hit the needles after a certain Baby has arrived.

Speaking of the Biggest Morning Tea, Mum won one of the limited Ken Done mugs in the raffle at her work. My work has a great Scone lady and well not only did Debbie make us her yummy scones but there was cakes and slices and biscuits. Very Yummy indeed. Hope we raised some good funds with the collection of $1 per food item and 80 cents from every hot drink. Even the tea cosy sent $5 along for its entry to this worthwile cause.

Have you seen this new chocolate bar??? It has a great name and catchy line. I saw it at the checkout and am yet to indulge in it. Maybe tomorrow in my break at work there were the yummy scones to eat today.

Yes there is knitting progress going I am on the jacket of the baby order and the shawl is going very well too. Despite the fact I am keeping to the military precision of the schedule to knit this I am rather prepared incase another baby wants to try and arrive sooner than expected. I have Daddy assured that Bubby will be equipped with suitable needs very quickly in the knitted variety with me around. I guess I miss the pressure of the Royal Easter show sales knitting where I would have to churn out bootees and beanies at a rate of a speeding plane. For some reason no matter how many dozen I knitted they would sell out within 24 hours of my 1st drop off on the 3rd or 4th day of the show. But, hopefully I can get things rolling soon with plenty of alpaca knitting after the parcel I am about to send. Then again I have to finish the ends on the scarves and write up the invoice. Too much paperwork it interferes with th knitting. Fo this tim some more knitting and another DVD as I am enjoying the 10 free dvd trial from BigPond movies. Have you enjoyed this luxury yet.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Does this take your eye and are you just like this

I was asked by the certain best mate I have to post this

The group needs to have atleast 70 people attend the AGM to keep it going. Fancy a weekend of great pictures or are you like this mad weather nut below ( sorry Steve ) is going and chasing storms or severe weather what you crave. Or do you want to see the silly buggers work.

As we say this is Steve in the office.

Heres the job and yes print of these 2 are available for sale.

Getting the taste for it or does it just leave you wanting more......

Go on you want to go so contact them make some arrangements and well even I am tempted to go too.

Thanks to Steve for being a good sport and letting me go wild with the pics.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Camp knitting whooo hoo done and dusted....

I did achieve alot at camp finally I can post things for money and Branching out is completed as well as the feather and fan scarf. Both are in alpaca and the branching out is in an alpaca silk blend.

Close ups cos It was a nice day and spot to photgraph.

Here is the lovely view over towards Berkeley and across the lake to the southern suburbs of Oak Flats and Albion Park Rail.

It was so nice I even have a large part of the crochet shawl done and will be onto the edge soon and so mission accomplished.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Camp we went and Camp we knit

Off to camp we went.
Ok its not the real accomodation but we had to share the area with Scouts, Cubs and Venturers. But here is Saturday Sky over the Lodge.

We could Knit

Or shop

But most of we had a lovely open fire to dry the Dyed Yarns people made.

It really was just to relaxing so more tomorrow night. I have to be honest I have too much to catch up on and relaxing is rather exhausting. But I did achieve a few things over the weekend but for now I think I'll just reat to get over it all.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Oh dear why does it happen....

Funny how sometimes the decision can make you think in 2 different directions. Just like Ebony looks up I have camp this weekend then Dusty looks down Mum won a double pass to see The Angels this Friday night. Its a what to do situation. I have been basically decieded that if my sister will take the tickets let her and I would be better off Knitting and making money not spending extra that I can use elsewhere. I even wanted to see Alice Cooper in town this week but the budget did not go anywhere near the price of a ticket. Ahh well cant have everything I guess. I do have the chance to have 10 free foils with a hair colour though.

Camp preparations and needed a baby photo. That turned me back to a few photos from some 15 or so years ago. Above is the Guard troop in approximately 1989 or 1990. I dont know where most of them are now but I was one of about 2 or 3 who went on and completed the Generals Guard award which is similar but more work than a Queens Scout.

The Junior Timbrels in 1990 prior to going to Cessnock for a weekend with the Singing Company as well. It was only about 3 years later I too wore a high neck uniform and bonnet. Yes folks I did wear skirts then too, Grey mist stockings in summer and nearly black in winter with nice leather black heels. These days I wear a more nomal open neck uniform with trousers as getting dressed and stocking or heels are a hassle and not allowed for me now.

That is enough of the old times that I cannot return to in a hurry. Going to the scout camp makes me think of camp songs, marshmallows in the fire and the funny and games we got up to. But this weekend will be time to relax and get back on the knitting track. I have another baby who will soon need clothes too. Firstly I need to squish some orders over. Hope that is how it happens though.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I think I know how to get it done......

My mind was wandering over a cup of Rooibos Vanilla today. I shall pack my pink set and shawl for camp and at this stage it will be less of the shawl to do than the knitting. The alpaca work is a must and some stuff to make Gollys with.

I need help with the Golly as the loopy stitch I cannot get going no matter how many times I try. Camp can fix that. I know each time I go to a camp or away I conquer another task I want or need to do. The Gollys are a request for the local Doctors in Kiama as sometimes people need to be pacified into the Flu shot with a toy and well Trauma teddies are not always the best to give after a few times so Gollys we will have. I hope to have one or so done the first part is rather quick its just the hair. Alpaca work makes money so I can actually pay the next camp off sooner. Only another $200 to pay on that one this would be 20 scarves or a combination of scarves, a size 1 cardigan and some other bits and the pink set done. I hope to even have the pink one done and then the alpaca with a parcel to pay me $50 soon.
I went for a little wander to get some food items and even though I really didnt feel up to doing much wandered into the book shop saw this and put over my 5ver. Started it over a Gloria Jeans Chai Latte and pear and raspberry bread but had to go back to the knitting world too soon. Its a Teenage or Young Adult book and so far can relate and love it. Best bit the main charachter Scottie learn to knit at a Funeral wake. I wont reveal any more it will spoil it.

Our Favoritite Blog Dog has his Doona and once its out hes out like a light. Mind you thats Dad's Feet and he was asleep also. If only I could be like that. Ive worked on the scarf and then the shawl as well as Aired the new sleeping bag and found the easy way to use it at the same time it is either a single when zipped and it needs to be cold for that or a double with a great slide into pouch for regular weather. no need to carry an extra sheet just add pillow.

So for now its back to the tele and the crochet shawl which is growing fast.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Busy Saturday

Nice Autum day not too warm but just nice to knit and get organised plus go to the new Shellharbour Knit and Knatter. I must say I got plenty organised but mind boggles over what to use for camp knitting.
The New Carnival 8ply yarn I grabbed the other day in Big W and it has sparked an interesting project for me to play with.

The pink Shawl for the next order has been started. It grows quick so it remained behind from taking with me and I am glad I did leave it at home as the venue is not that large and would have got too large and warm to handle too quick. Thank goodness for the cooler nights we are now having.
Instead I started an alpaca scarf so I can get some done of the ones I have been trying to get to for ages. I made a good start on it for today atleast. So never idle and tomorrow is another day of work knitting for me. Hope this soon gets the money back to me so I spend on the finer treats in life.

Have you heard about the Big Merino is Moving to a spot on the main traffic once again. Again he will get people looking out of his eyes.

Excitement al over work to be done.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

the 3 P's Sunday

What a flop no sales today just the new 3 P's - Pick up, Put down and Piss Off. About the most action the stall had all weekend was our needles clicking and tounges wagging.
Todays main effort was knitting the back of a size 2 cardigan which is my little basic pick up and put down project avoiding the baby sets that I must start this week. I am using 4ply Heirloom baby yarn and its a great easy brainless knit to maybe sell at the next sale we will attempt to clear our bulging bags of stuff not sold this weekend. Oh well back to normal I guess.

THe ISE4 scarf progressing very well in a Merino/silk blend in 4 ply. The pattern is the Dimple Shale Lace from Knit Picks freebies. I hope to finish this soon and pop it into the post to the lucky owner. It is divine I wish I got more of this when I was in Melbourne from Cleggs.

The foreman keepin his eye on the work. Right at my feet after being kicked off the lap for the umpteenth time. He has been just a bit sooky lately wanting to stop my knitting sometimes and then sits and guards it at others. But as it seem the look is there again I must work again.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Camp Fund go to plan B

Saturday sky from where I parked the car for our day at the Craft show hoping to sell out of things.......ok I have sold one pair of fetchings to a great home of a friend and a tea towel today a whole $12.50 for the day and the tea towel was Mum's embroidered one so there was a whole $10 to the camp fund. Last night I sold the 2 lavender bags to Annie and again mums pocket not mine. Tomorrow hope is a bigger sale day. I sold more for Irene in her absence but, overall it is hard to sell there.
So you pack some knitting to do and keep you busy. A dish cloth to the ball band pattern of feather and fan. I will say it was a slightly incorrect pattern to the picture and 56 sts wide. I thought i was getting a placemat instead. So one complete ball created this.

Boss had to sit up on my lap when I came home he was not to happy to hop down and let me knit. So perfect time for a quick piccy of him instead.

So I have given up knitting for the exhibition and will continue finishing the ISE4 scarf for my pal. I am not too far from finishing it and then I'll get some goodies and post it off to its new home. I will try to take a picture tomorrow and it may even be done by tomorrow night. Then it is back to the orders once again. For now Ill just relax read blogs and work on the scarf.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

No need to Panic Mr Mainwaring!!!!!

Well panic station sort of is here all to do with this weekend and the selling at Ribbonwood Centre's 6th Annual Craft Exhibition. Do I have enough stuff to last the 2 days and are there things I should have more of? Kitchen Towels the hanging ones - very popular item and well is 6 enough or do I need a heck of alot more done of them? Are there enough bootee and beanie sets so far we have 2 white, 1 blue and working on both mint and pink at work. Oh dear the things that go around in my head. I know I have plenty of Embroidered Face washers and Handtowels. There are only 2 lavender bags and then there are a few shopping bags. I just hope I can sell nearly all the things over the weekend but at the same time not be wiped out in a few hours on things.

If I have a good run of sales and get plenty of money in it will be Camp fees money. I only need to sell all my things and Ill get closer to a start. Just a good chunk of it will do or even better the whole deposit.

Hopefully while I wait for my doctor to arrive as he is never on time and does not take appointments you turn up and wait your turn. I should get a good amount of knitting done while sitting there. Its only Flu shot time for me so not too bad. I then hope to have lunch with a friend and then it will be time to set up for the Opening at 7.30 pm on the Friday night. Saturday and Sunday it is open 9am - 5.30 pm and cost $5 to get in.

Then come Sunday I'll try to get my ISE4 scarf finished. It really is progressing well even if I forget to take a picture but it wont take long to finish and pop into the post for my lovely pal.

Ok cant post with out a picture so let see what I have....

I am a fan of Dads Army too...

And our Blog Dog Boss cant forget him for the regulars.