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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Daisy Welcomes you inside.

Opps I forgot a saturday sky pic but does Daisy help. It was fine and dry but cool and breezey. It was rather cold sitting inside the fire station and some Ok sales have been made too.

Yesterday we gave Daisy a Blanket to keep her warm in the cool breeze. I did think of Willy warmers on the udder to really keep her warm, not that she really feels it shes only paper mache and chicken wire but rather old and fragile.
My modest stall yesterday slightly changed it today.
Our first Golly for diasplay that we adapted the pattern for, they are distrubuted by the local Doctors in Kiama. Hope to see many more of them.
No not a new doggie but I had dinner at a friends place last night and her lovely red kelpie Wallis was happy to just see who came and posed for a picture even though he really is rather shy.

For now its still knitting but must finish some ufos as well as make the pair of bootees to match a little hat I knitted today that a lady is interested in.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

What a Week it has been

Normally it dont look this clouded in but the weather is extreme and well it is rather wet. I have had on 2 seperate calls spoke with the Farms I knit for Today. I started with Crookwell, they have snow, blocked off roads to most places, Freezing there and its cold wet and slushy but still snowing today when I called no extra orders and no way of gettin in to them if there was. I then no sooner got off that call when farm 2 rings from Moss Vale where they are very wet cold and boggy. I got an order that may travel through a few different channels to get to me this weekend. But just as you finish up one order another knocks it way into line. So basically one month to do some work in for me.

Despite the weird and extreme weather I found this trying to put some brightness into the days. One rose on its own trying to survive in theharsh weather.

I come home after a busy day at work to find not only my new Yarn Magazine has arrived so I must find time to sit and peruse it further but a few patterns have taken my eye. I also got a lovely little parcel from Donna I cant wait to pick some yarn out of the sock leftovers to knit the first one to go on it. But for now I must organise myself for the Kiama Knitters Exhibition and Market stall style sale. I have been trying to have things done intime for it all and now there is still a pile of items to price so I guess that can wait til tomorrow. Want to come and see us 10 - 4 Friday, Saturday, Sunday at the Old Fire Station in Kiama. Make a weekend of it also see the Berry Spinners and Weavers fibre muster on the day its not too much further.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

PRGE mini questions

1. Why are you punk? Well I am not exactly punk Im a a rather sedate classic metalhead and love my 80's metal and some rather good Aussie current lineups that are still the same as they were 20 years ago.

2. What are your five favorite things? (these don't have to be knit related) I love good dark Chocolate, Good tea, Photography, chatting with my mate and plenty of dvd watching knitting time.

3. What are your three favorite things that you have made with knitting/crochet?Socks, baby garments and cardis and vests for me when i get time to knit them.

4. What five things would you love to see in a swap box someday? Hersheys ( cant really get them here), a Go knits camo knit pouch, military patches or badges, sock yarn, things not available in Australia.

5. What are your three favorite yarns? Soft natural ones, merino, sock yarn. What are your three least favorite yarns? funky fur, acrylic, cotton.

6. What are your five favorite delicasies? Chocolate, Tea, Sweets, Hersheys, Biscuits/cookies.

7. What are your three favorite guilty pleasures? Chocolate, biscuits/cookies, Tea

8. What would you like your pal to know that is not covered here? I have very sensitive skin as you notice from my previous Questionaires for the PRGE swaps( links on side bar). I am very military oriented and knit far too much. I drink alot of tea and tea can safely be ordered from my main spot here as it will not reach me due to customs in the normal post. want to know more after all the other answers ask me.

Opps am I 30 really!!!!

Ok another year has ticked over and the 30 is now the truth and well it also means I had shopping to attempt. Shopping or giving gift lists are very akward for me. If I need something I buy it. So off to JB Hi Fi I went and only came out with this CD from a great Aussie Metal band Dungeon the final album The Final Chapter. I also put a few Prisoner DVDs on layby at Target but now have to get volume 5 and 6 to fill the gap between those I have and those I am paying off.

I was also lucky and got these from my older sister,bil,and 4 nephews. Not too bad as it was from teh list I had painstakingly created from the JB hifi brochure.

Yes I have been busy and even sewed the beginning of the sewing pile. I whipped up a Baby Zhivagho beanie for the stall on the weekend. It is a nice easy basic pattern which I can adapt after to make some other sizes. for now it is some minitaure sized creations. I think the way the East Coast Lows (ECLs) are going they maybe good sellers as long as we don't get the 3p's repeat again. So I will make use of the possible sales due to the weather dips and needs for warmer things. So back to the pile I go.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday already please have it groundhog day instead

A clear cool and crisp Saturday. Mind you perfect for stash accumulation. Not only did I need to go to the better LYS but I also found Kmart has a sale on yarn so a touch of damage later I will be knitting beanies for a week I guess. Just some baby ones in BabyZhivago and maybe matching boots too. The part of the Escarpement seen here is Brokers Nose and in the foreground is the LYS CR&K Daisy Design's roof. I only went to get some celery, red and white but also found some yarn for coathangers and beanies and boots at Kmart.

It has been rather icy at night and Boss has found his favorite thing to do curl up in the blanket and also ask for the heater to be turned on. Perfect baby shawl weather so I hope it stays about a bit longer. I have an ever increasing pile of sewing and finishing awaiting me but I will maybe do that tomorrow. For now it is working on the shawl and baby items for the sale. Tomorrow maybe some FO's and pics see what happens.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Mail Time

I arrived home from work tonight to find this extra parcel that had arrived. It was no in the shape of things expected to arrive so I opened it to find this inside 6 balls of Cleckheaton Prints 8ply yarn and a Highly Commended Certificate. The cosy arrived home on Friday just in the nick of time for Saturday. So this is one good cosy. Next I will work on the new attempt for the next years show.

I am even steaming right through a chunky cable beanie using 2 strands of Handspun wool I came across some time ago. One of my friends at work asked for a cable beanie like this which she loves to keep her warm. I will team it up with a pocket scarf to help her stay warm in the cold locations she now frequents. I really am avoiding the sewing up of a baby set. Ill wait for another night for that I guess. For now it is this beanie and scarf, the baby shawl, sewing ups and then a black beanie and fingerless mitts for a friend. This shall keep me out of trouble.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

More Tea Vicar

Oh dear I am a day late due to the fact I went to a tea party and actually came home in the early hours of this morning. It was another awfully wet and wild weather day. Once again we were warned not to go out in the weather but I had a great party to attend so I braved it out.

Boss helped check the weather for Saturday Sky this week it was far too we to even open the screen door. Boss wasnt happy that it was too wet to go outside. PLenty of roads blocked and pot holes appearing.

A Tea Party it was that I was in attendance at yesterday we began with England and some High Tea fair. From there we went to India, Asia, America and Africa. I ate some of each food and even drunk atleast a cup of every tea except the Long Island Iced Tea due to the fact I was driving. It must have been something like 5 teas that I had a cup of and well alot of food I ate even trying some new things for the first time. No knitting was done as it may have been rude but the tea cosy attended as wel for all to admire.

Today I spent pottering in the garden and finishing knitting the baby set so I have to sew it. I also have to replace the zip in a favorite 4 year old zippy cardi I knitted as only the zip has died. I knitted it in 12 ply Bendigo Rustic and it looks as good as when I started it back then. Good Aussie Product.

For now it is time to catch back with other things.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

White Horses Dance the waves

Ok it is not stormy weather related but heck i needed to whip one up for someone at work and well cold weather does mean a heater is needed.
Warilla Beach Today with Sand erosion and well sand pushed up where is normaly high rocks. I chose to go to areas less viewed due to the fact parking in some areas is hard and over populated I have a few quite locations that I use for certain events and this is one spot I like to even just park the car and have a quiet knit while watching the waves.

Down to Shellharbour and the Breakwall beside the Harbour and on the outer side some lovely large waves rode along the wall and often caught people by surprise who sheltered on the other side.
Some think it is great to surf the wild waves. I think they are nuts and would rather enjoy an icecream and the view.

Knitting news well im plodding along but the days events have distracted me. Will just have to go double time to catch back up.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

WWKIP in the wet and windy

Yesterday it was like this when I was in my car ready to drive to work and let me say I did get rather wet and windswept going into work. No I didnt use an umbrella as it would have been a mangled mess with the wind. I have been using a wet coat to keep me dry but, long wet weekend and good knitting time to be had.
Today it is like this in the opposite direction but yes the wet and wind was still with us perfect shawl making weather. It comes and goes in very heavy and windy showers. Advice is if you dont need to go out then dont. Its WWKIP of course you need to go out and it is Shellharbour Knit and Knatter so off I went and well got a good chunk of the baby jacket back done so maybe I can get some things from the ufo to the done list tomorrow.
I did say it is wet. No bird was actually drowned it is a figure and well just to show how much is in the feeder.
Roses so far have survived will reasses them when it is a little better weather. I would rather be knitting anyhow it is the perfect weather for dvd watching and knitting. maybe tomorrow Ill have better stuff to show.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Random Rainy thoughts

This was Sunday Nights sunset from my front door looking across the Lake and towards the Steelworks (Bluescope) but that was before the rain started chucking it down today. It is great that it is chucking it down and as per usual it is the Queens Birthday Long weekend and again the World Wide Knit in Public day on Saturday and we may experience severe conditions but I hope to use the weather wisely for the orders I have.

More random stuff. I will finally get to view The Queen on DVD and 2 others to watch and I am sure the time can be used to finish some items off to hand to the receipients. The random was that this is the Queens Signature on an award from the Mt Keira Scout camp. There was a display of different things from different people involved over the years to challenge items that some had to make.
Yes my roses are lovng the wet. I will certainly have to prune them well this year. But back to reality and I have to get on with the real world and the knitting.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

This is Saturday is it

Here is the sky after I had been trying to Find Nemo and been on a goose chase and well no luck today with that. Why was I trying to find Nemo? On of the local radio stations had Nemo hidden and gave clues to find him and win a family pass to Disney on Ice. I thought my nieces might like to go so I was trying hard to get to the right places. Maybe tomorrow I can do better but, it was a nice cool day to do so.
Ok I avoided the orders for a goo few hours and only really went to get a glue stick and buttons. I never got the buttons but did have lunch at Sushi Train with my parents. Buttons can wait a day though. I have to finish the cardi and then match them I think. For now it is try to eliminate an order so the shawl is coming along well between fairy bread and home baked biscuits. lmost at the edging and then it will be just to finish the rest of the jacket and the extras to make the set. All going well Alpaca farm should have some stuff again real soon too. Finally I might get on track.
Boss is yet again curled up on his blanket sleeping while I sit here and work away I even have no yet figured what pattern to use the possy wool with and still am not sure what one of the 2 shawls I will use the alpaca cloud with. I have 880 yards of the alpaca cloud and its between the Wool Peddler shawl or the feather and fan shawl from Folk knitting. I have been debating between both as they call for more yardage than I have but bonus I knit from neck down so can possibly save myself there. I can just stop where the yarn stops.

To be honest there is band music Ishould do here too but have to guillotine it to repaste the parts. I will do it before I go to bed and it shall be a smooth job then. For now its Iron Chef and the shawl.