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Sunday, July 29, 2007

As the jonquils bloom

Aren't they lovely my first bulbs that have bloomed. Lovely little jonquils. I was rather calm after seeing them despite a hassle to get sugar sticks for work. At our workplace the tea, coffee, sugar and milk you need to supply as we have a rather pricey onsite cafe only open during certain hours of the day. I work much later than they do and need to have all the supplies to make a cuppa. I have been to a number of supermarkets only to find them out of stock.

More bootees in 2ply alpaca.and below the matching beanie. Im getting there though. try to make a few more this week. I hope that is.

After this order its the scarves and I am awaiting the Bendigo baby wool for the shawl and have the wool for the second beanie. I see the light getting brighter.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Put the boot in to it

A wonderful Saturday. Off to do a few little things and then Stitch n Bitch. I managed to get out and find an outfit for a wedding I will attend next Saturday afternoon. Good trip to the Salvos store and $14 later a good and almost new outfit. I couldnt even shop in the Millers sale for the same money but, there is now a Millers outfit for me to wear. LOve finsing the good quality things people just toss aside often unworn which these all appear to be.

Progress on to looking for some other odds and ends. Got them under control and even had lunch with a friend. Good afternoon of knitting and a few more things to sew up tomorrow maybe. Even witnessed Donni's Bayerische sock 1 completed and on her foot. For me I now have a pair of bootees and matching beanie done and ready to run into the next set tonight and tomorrow. I feel some of the pressure lifting already.

No knitting pics today just Black beauty in the Lovely morning light looking as velvety as it can be. Tomorrow pics maybe if I can stop knitting for long enough.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Some FO's

No time to be idle here I finished a few little things. Firstly the fingerless mitts from the recent Simply Knitting issue and well they are not even mine they are a friends to go with his beanie. I knitted this friend a beanie and fingerless gloves about 7 years ago and well ages go to them and they wore out. As they are a Security Manager now based at Port Kembla I figured I should make a new set. He will use them maybe for another 5 years before a new set is needed.

Crochet Baby jacket in 2 ply alpaca is done now just the Beanie and Bootees to finish the set and so far going well for Wednesday deadline. Scarves are also growing slowly but priority is the baby wear for a 4th of August finish date. They are needed for a Breeders day display and stall the following weekend. For now its back to work.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Crazy Day

Yesterdays Knitters Guild meeting comprised of a workshop on the Hungarian Reversable Rug ( also know as Catherine wheel stitch or Butterfly stitch) I haveslightly started and it may grow rather slowly for a bit. We also saw a Wonderful Blanket/shawl that one of our members knitted from another members homespun. Truely wonderful after just a month of work.
I guess the way orders and other errands are going at the moment I am not even noticing if I am tired. I have the crochet baby jacket well under control so then to whip up the beanie and bootees for the set. Hope to finish this by wednesday and that will allow to start the second set before delivery. I hope to get the 2nd scarf finished too.

I guess to keep up it will be like this knitting at the desk in my breaks. It will work out I'm sure once the slightly more urgent order is over it will smooth out before making another crochet shawl and another aviator beanie. So for now its more of the sleeves and hope to post pics real soon.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Super Saturday

Saturday Sky looked doubtful in the weather. But it did mostly stay dry and well good for an afternoon at Knitters Guild.

This was also going very well too. I got a few more shots and well keep them in reserve for the shows I think.
Crochet Baby set progress very good. I have most of the jacket done and hope to get to the sleeves tonight. Then its just the bootees and beanie to go. Thats one thing down and well either whip another set up or make beanies and bootees to accompany that order. See what happens tomorrow.
Alpaca Scarves will get back to them real soon at work this week. I have one done and well second on its way. I do have a 3rd started and well hope to soon have 2 on the go at once to keep them rolling.
I also need to get to the baby shawls and another baby aviator as well. So far thinking rationally and well not to flustered yet just a bit worried when the end is near. I do have a baby cardigan to finish it just needs a sleeve and the band and finishings. I will get there but for now its on with the show.
I really should spend less time drinking tea and more time working.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Honey its cold outside.

A few nice parcels today. The 1st from my penfriend in England who sent me a belated birthday present of a small bag and a sock satchet and a cute Farmer Jack Card with a little jack russell on a tractor. I certainly brightened from this parcel.
I also got my PRGE mini parcel from Chrissie in Singapore. There is a clear knitting bag and a ball of yarn but the block of Hersheys dark chocolate that is already half consumed.
Boss and I have just spent 2 days where I have needed to rest a bit with a nasty throat and hardly any voice. So I worked a bit on alpaca scarves and now since the weather seriously dipped last night to -0.6C here it has taken to my nose as a huge honker. A trip to get some anti histamines and well hope it subsides and behaves soon. So Boss has slept as it is too cold for much else and he has tried to look after me but continual sitting on me doesn't help. So a scarf down and another progressing well.
Tomorrow back to normal work and all just hope that I dont get a horrible scratchy throat from the continual stream of calls we are currently getting each night. I just wish i could go back to the great weekend we had where I enjoyed knitting and even a good time with sport and laughter.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lazy Sunday

How much work got done well to be honest not much I was too busy talking knitting and watching the Swans Win!!!!! I couldnt even think to concentrate on the knitting while your yelling at the box because your not happy with the game.

Knitting done a tiny bit, crochet done zippo. Order received again to continue on from the beanie and well it was a shock again. Will have to buckle down and get stuck into it.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Flying by

Nice day but cool crisp weather great for the work I have to do and Shellharbour Knit and Knatter. I got plenty done as things have stepped up alot in the last week. I now have orders for 3 different places and well today knocked one over and tomorrow will try to get the other 2 further along.

Crookwell shop Country Indulgence Naturally Alpaca needs scarves asap so the feather and fan variants are out again and this scarf grew last night while watching tv hope to maybe finish it tonight. Then there are other feather and fan variations and purse stitch ones to work on great porta knitting.
Baby beanie that wil go to a little boy in England. Nice little quick aviator beanie that literally flew in and out like a mustang. Already tonight after basically knitting it at knitting group from cast on to just before finish of beanie then the quick whip up of the ear flaps and hey presto perfect little beanie for a baby in a denim outfit.

Nor for tonight I will try to work on the scarves more and tomorrow on the crochet set. I neglected to photograph yet but back is going very well and should get it done soon and start a second one before the end of the month. I just need to keep the strength up so have plenty of chocolate on hand only 2.5 kg to be true that came back from the Cadbury factory in Tasmania with a friend who recently visited there. So I must not dally but get back to it and knit and read.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Freezing Sunday

Today the temp stayed very low and around the 10C mark so I stayed inside and work hard. I finished the Shawl off and did all the ends. That is ready for its new home in Victoria and the baby set to go with it finally got sewed up.
All done another ufo out of the way and more time for the next line of things. I even wound one skein of 2ply alpaca ready to do a baby set that I have started tonight. One way to keep warm is to keep busy with a fair few pots of tea. I even had a fairy bread sandwich, Speculaas and stroopwafels to keep the strength up. I have to write up some quanties of yarn for the alpaca shop. I always thought I had a heap it is acutally only an overnight bag full. I realise my larger lot of wool is big Bendigo Ailens for my garments when I get time to do them.

What does Boss think of the da and having me here well must be ehausting he didnt even wake to the flashthe 3 times I used the camera. So tonight he sleeps I sit and crochet a baby set in 2ply alpaca and we have a nice storm coming in to greet us. Not bad at all actually I am happy with that. Might get a few shots of the storm if I am lucky. But must go into self imposed bootee camp and remember to carry my emergency knitting with me for a few weeks incase I get the message of an early arrival.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Relaxing Saturday for Super knitter

A nice and slightly warm winters day. Good day for a get togther and check in with a mum who I am knitting for. As for the stocktake of the alpaca I'll get to it its basically all in one spot wont take too long but the alapca skeins need to become balls too and a few finishing of ufos as well.

I had a good chance to get realigned with some knitting and ideas of shade choices as I have some nice yarn for bub knitting but was not sure about the shade and showed mum even though dad said it was good and she likes it too and match with some nice off white and we are set.

Best thing of the day was assuring if bubby comes a tad early there will be minimal time delay for a beanie and bootee set to protect the little one from getting too cold and would be personalised early. Things knitters can do to ease someones mind.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Winds of Change

Some goodies arrived to warm me up just before I get hit with a cold snap that could produce snow not to far from home in Robertson to be exact. thats only like 30 mins drive from the coast here in Primbee in Australia. It is wild and windy outside so if it stays that way it will be well used.

Not the worlds best pic but here it is in lovely full on me after a rather long hard shift tonight at work. In my parcel there was not only the rest of the Malabrigo yarn but a zippy pouch, little handmade pouch with a pair of handmade earings and some stitchmarkers, a pudding for me to try as well. Thank you Aimee.

As usual I cannot resist the chance to take a pic of a nice rose in flower just incase the weather ruins it. But then again alot of changes can happen too. I was informed today that the alpaca farm that for the last 7 years I have knitted for and for the past about 4 years the shop in Crookwell she moved to has been sold and the farm will also be sold as they enter a new phase in their lives due to health issues. The benefit is that the new owners will more than likely keep me as a knitter for them.

But yet again the 2 ply alpaca needs putting into balls so I can knit and crochet the baby sets by August. It will bw a big weekend here with work to do. Oh well catch up on some prisoner while i work then.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Dont purcahse one of these Lemons

Well It all starts back last year my mate Steve purchased a Laptop to make his weather watching, Flightsim time and general chating easier. Thats all gone sour as the laptop should have been replaced a good while ago and he is getting no where fast. So want the whole story go look at his blog that follows it here.

I was able to chat with my weather guru tonight and he kindly has this to share with us priceless gold try explaining that one.

On the regular front I am bogged have the alpaca to do and a baby set to finalise and stop procrastinating over. I will come back to that one later. Might be some snow to diastract me on the weekend though.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday, sunday

Lazy Sunday morning knitting at the Blowhole and trying to get my self finished on a pair of bootees for the sale.
Our madness for some part of the day.....Once this was a campfire it got hightly commended in Kiama show as a tea cosy.......Then it is Wombat stew as a tea cosy.......stitch the sides and your get a beanie...... It sold too. What a laugh Sue our convenor modeled her multi purpose item after she mattress stitched the seams.

I got my little red and white set done and ready but no one came and brought it. Now it is packed away til someone buys it or next years sale.

Started today finished tonight a simple black beanie in double 8ply (DK) yarn to my own rough pattern so it should soon go to itsnew owner. As for my 2ply alpaca yarn it didnt get to me this weekend so I hope it does real soon as I only have a month to make the items in. For now its finish the pink shawl.