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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hip Hip Horay for Holidays

Well it is time for a little Annual leave break from work and well I admidt the fact I did feel a bit bored before my day got going at a full steam pace. Boss snoozed and I cast on for social knitting at camp. Casting on with cable cast on and getting it right was a challenge but it is now all going well and hope that I get my vest on the other side of it. I even managed to get the first aid kit up to date and other little errands done.

Im going ok with the next shawl a white circular one again. As to date still no arrival of our other little well knitted for baby. Hope it is soon so I can go see the little one.

More me knitting using the alpaca cloud that Robert sent in the PRGE 2 exchange I am making a simple triangluar shawl as something to do that is rather mindless. It certainly draws attention while I am at work.

Well Friday morning it is off to camp and Ill drive up there and enjoy 4 days of knitting. I have my knitting packed ok just the clothes to throw into a bag and Im set.

So I'll be back Monday with news and pictures from my great getaway.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Busy Saturday

From the side window of the lounge room today we have Saturday Sky looking east. Not to bad considering it was windy and rather cool. I went along to the local school fete and well had a bit of a wander about and check out the cake stall and other things they had on offer.

Finally I finished the Baby blanket for a little baby that will more than likely arrive this next week and hopefully before I leave for Camp on Friday morning. The blanket is fromthe Vickie Moodie book Baby's Crochet Rugs and Shawls using the Michelle pattern in Bendigo 4 ply Baby wool.
A close up of the detail.

Now it is on to the white circular shawl. I am hoping for now it is the last one for a bit I am just a little bored with them. I still need to sort some little details for camp but now it will be just my own social knitting. I might even be lucky to get a garment for me done I do have a good few days atleast.

Back to it all and let my mind firgure some other stuff out.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

3 guys and a girl just add bikes and a car!!!

You have 3 guys on bikes and a girl in a car and all go enjoy a day out. Start and meet at the northern point of Bald Hill and see the view to Sea Cliff Bridge enjoy the view and then meander along to Belmore Basin enjoy more time there and then go enjoy the whole view from Mt Keira Lookout. Did I knit during this well no but had some in the car the whole time. It was a nice day to relax take photos and enjoy good company.

Boss has taken to sleeping in little poses on the lounge how can you not resist to take a picture when he is happy like that.

Well I must get back to the real knitting got to finish it up soon.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A knitting Saturday

Such a nice day today
To meet the people behind Yatya with the knitting kits. How good is it that 17 yr olds were in the shopping centre knitting and selling knitting kits to get people started making a garter stitch scarf. I even go into it and taught a guy to knit.
You can see me next to Paige who comes to Knitters Guild and Stitch n Bitch and to the otherside is my newest knitting convert going well with his knitting. I hope they sold well today and that tomorrow at the Kiama Seaside Craft Markets they also sell well. A great kit of a ball of yarn, needles, very clear instructions and all in nice packaging for just $15.

I even have a little finished item to show a pair of bootees to match the baby beanie. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow the blanket and mittens are finished.

I will say today was not the easiest day now I have the lonely teapot back. I was asked if there will be a replacement for it maybe oneday but I have to find the time first.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Retail Experiment

I received further information for the required materials for the upcoming Knitters Guild camp yesterday which then required careful checking and some checking of supplies.

First I needed to pick from the 10 colours for my bead knitting kit. I narrowed it down to 2 and still was stuck. So it was do I go black or do I go Garnet. Debated with myself which to select for a while then thought well Ill ask a friend who was online and chatting with me. Final decision done I am getting a Garnet kit. So thought one dealt with and ordered.

Ok so bead knitting I didnt have the needles to use. Wait until today to ring around for them. Start with a bead shop in the local area, they told me to try spotlight or a local discount shop as you cannot knit with beads. Get off the phone laughing. No product knowledge in that shop.

Try a different bead shop they again tell me spotlight or a shop which closed several months ago. They were helpful atleast.

Rang a place I know stocks them and they told me that they dont stock knitting needles in the 1.25mm size, only to 2mm. Question the abrupt rude girl on the phone again as to doll needles that are used for bead knitting. She tells me they have double pointed doll rods. Yes that is DPN knitting needles ask price and well consider.

Rang another place that stocked them they only had pairs and well they were very efficient and helpfull got the price.

Check out ebay can get needles and postage for less than the price of the pair and its a pack of dpns. Ordered them so next get organised for social knitting.

Concentrate on getting orders done and well maybe knit for me again. I was looking at how long ago I last did that. The tea cosy will hide for a touch longer before the next addition is out.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday, Sunday, lazy sunday

Today was a lazy day I didnt really want to do anything really. I just lazed about with the blanket to finish and played with my new toy while polishing a whole box of biscuits off. I guess since the camp is looming the whole 400 grm 4 ply skein I brought at the last one made me feel guilty it was still the way I brought it. What I do with it next I dont know but it can be used now.
As I am getting a few questions about the whole tea cosy I will tell you that it was at the Kiama Community Cafe as a part of the Guilds display and well all the cafe will say about it being sold for a whole cost of $6 is "Sorry". This does not cut the bill it might as well be classified as stolen at that price. I have basically lost an item that cost me $70 in materials, atleast $20 in petrol rounding the pure wool up, not to mention time and thought. It has been in 4 competitions and prized well in each. I guess it explains why the selling price would be $200 as a minimum. I dont like to talk about it as it still upsets me too much to do so. Yesterday at knit and knatter was hard enough when it kept being put into conversation by others.

I am nearly finished the green baby blanket only a few repeats to go so I am on the home stretch there with a few weeks to spare I hope. Maybe soon I can try to get ahead instead of behind. Time will tell.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Ohh you crochet fast

I couldn't just give you sky but I added a bit of surf today. whilst sitting and watching the surf for a quiet crochet 2 dolphins went and had a quick surf along the waves. By the time I found the black camera bag in a black handbag I had missed them. They were a real shock to me and well I guess I'll be back to the old spot to sit and watch again.

Boss nicely posed for all his fans today and thanks Sunne for the ear scratches and all the happy wags from the labradors. He tells you all he has been a good boy and wishes he could really meet you in person but that is a bit hard when he is required on duty for the secret tea cosy that will soon become a complete object when she who buys treats gets back into it.

This week has not been easy and today was just as hard. I dont like to think that the tea cosy has left my sights and to talk about it is really hard not to crack and start sobbing. I have just been trying to get the baby stuff done and get them ready. The blanket was worked on at KNit and knatter today and well how many people sat there like stunned mullets when I was first crocheting it. All they would say is your going so fast I cant follow you with my eyes. I got the little beanie done this week and hope to get the bootees done as well tomorrow. I am trying to work on these to finish them so I can complete the other order soon and then I can make the 2ply alpaca set ready for next years World Conference in March.

My worst note of the day is the Swans are now out due to their loss to Collingwood tonight. Enough said on that Ill just sit and work on the blanket to comfort myself all alone.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

OOhh its a tad cold outside

Perfect weather to finish one shawl and start the next. Things are going ok I stil struggle to think my tea cosy is not coming home. So for now the next one is awaiting my attention. I do need to get the shawls done and the 2nd beanie before I can do that though.

Time is not moving fast enough to get to camp I can't wait for the 4 days of pure knitting and crochet time. As we say they feed you and when you think you have had enough they feed you even more. I love the fact you can do a workshop or some shopping at the retailers who come to us. There is plenty to talk about as we sit and socialise with a common interest. Please make the weeks go a touch faster I want to go to camp.

There will be games and well I took my mindless moments at work to do the trivia. Lots of fun with those. Plus I will be in the Hunter region where I havent been since 1990. Last time I was there the weekend was a quick over night trip with the Singing Company and Timbrels doing a proper Old time Army weekend. We used alot of old songs from different musicals and very old singing company songs. Some of those songs I remember very well still today. I had the bible reading and testimony which was not uncomon for me to get. I think I even had a solo for a verse of a song. This was so long ago now it seems and the lovely family I stayed with I havent seen for a good 10 years or so.

Oh the memories and mates you make over the years.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

I got a HRH

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Royal Highness Tianne the Simple of Waldenshire under Throcket
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Is it really Sunday?

It was a long and painful struggle to get this little jacket finished it was hard to actually sit and knit to be honest. Reality is baby could be here in 4 weeks so I do have to pull my finger out and get cracking. My next tea cosy is ready to start coming alive but I will wait for bub to be born before it gets treatment.

I lay theseones flat so you get the image best that the little details were mostly miniature clothes. I can say that 13 balls of pure australian wool are in this and the garments are all one off originals made as I went along.

The tiny socks were on 4 needles and had 12 stitches, somehow I turned the heel on them too. This was a priceless item and should have gone along to the 2008 Royal Easter Show to compete in the creatice knitting class.

It is more than likely I will never see it again as the tea pot it once sat on remains and the cosy is gone. This took 6 mths planning and 3 months knitting, 2 weeks of construction once all the pieces were ready. My price if I ever sold it was $200 as it was a rare and multiple prized item. I am not sure if another could ever be made.

I will be seeking insurance for the tea cosys from here on in. Dont know if I can get them insured but will try my best they are rare collectables.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

No news is good news!!!!!!!

Saturday sky but I felt worse than this.

Even Boss was upset at the news we got this morning.

It all has to do with this. For 2 months it was on a display and this week it went AWOL and I found out this morning. It was either sold despite the NFS tags on it all over the thing or worse still STOLEN!!!! I dont know how to even go on about it it hurts too much I doubt if itwas sold that its real costs were covered. It was in pure wool and quite a number of balls at that. I feel to numb to even go on with the knitting I need to do.

Ill be back when it feels better.