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Not your average knitter a Metalhead and a Ag show entrant

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oh dear where do saturdays go

Today I have managed to fit 2 fetes in and lunch with a friend then to SnB and on to a bridal shower/kitchen tea. Oh what a day and no scones were had at the fetes but a good box was found while shopping this week. I did get a Two Fat Ladies book at one of the fetes andwell a few consumable goodies were had too.

As busy as I am I had to do Saturday Full Moon sky as I forgot.

Boss has been awaiting his picture again sitting in our temporary shared chair. New Knitting chair will arrive soon I hope.

Sqwark wanted to know what the fuss of the camera was. I think he is over it now.

Well finally last order of the year is done and gone. I now will focus on show knitting and the final assesment for the stage 1 acheivement certificate. It really wont take long once I get into it.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fly on your Wings like an Eagle......

Last night after pulling back quite a few rounds on the crochet shawl and having to re do them after a bungled increase and it threw the figures out about 4 larger rounds back I escaped for a small break to capture the Old Wollongong Lighthouse which this month is pink for Breast Cancer awareness. I enjoyed about an hour with a good friend taking pictures. I know it didnt make the shawl grow either.

Today was far too hot to bother with but I was on Driver duty with my Trusty Navagator and collected the passenger before a touch of Plane Spotting. I had never done this before and well I must say I will try to go back again. We only stayed a short time as it was rather warm and we were getting hungry. So 3 of us trudge off to get Krispy Kremes and food. We did take the scenic western route to Campbelltown as Mascot was a pain to go to and Miranda was in the shops and it would have been a nightmare to find but well we love the M5 and took a trip along and then a lunch stop as the driver needed a cuppa. Bit of a break for food later we wander back home and had a good day out and a good few pics were taken although I only have the one on digital and for the life of me I forget the rest of the details I keep confusing it with some others we saw I do beleive this may be a Boeing 747-400 but I may not be right either will double check later. I have confirmed I have the right one. But did see the rare Qantas Yananyi Dreaming.

For now while it is cool enough back to the shawl.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Giving is best

Saturday Sky and a whale off Kiama.

The second little Aviator I have knitted and I still rarely use patterns for beanies I go as I feel.

Boss poses for you all today.

Today was Guild, most of the executive were away and I had the instructions but nomatter what we showed or discussed it all came back to giving in some way. Most had things they were knitting or crocheting that were as gifts. We thought about the Mayors Giving tree and what we can do to give to those in their less given age group of 12 - 14 yr olds and even heard about how a gift is something of you so it is what you make.

I felt almost like it was a semon I was doing not a guild meeting it was just that the thought was returning there all the time so now is the time to think what can you give to those with no one to make for them. Sobering thoughts hey.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Fly on your wing like an Eagle........

Time to rise up to the challenge again and help make some kids have a great Christmas.

Soaring Eagles Project is back for roound 2 and a slightly different bit of stuff in mind too.

I am sure you can help in some way make a pair of mittens or some bedsock/slippers.

I am going to get in a have a go too.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Right on the doorstep...

Avoided knitting and the dreaded white shawl and escaped with a mate and his convertable to take some views on to camera. Straight down to Black Head and look over Seven Mile Beach and as far as you can see and here we have Coolangatta Mountain where some rather nice wines and port come from.
The actual rock end and a trawler. There were whales out too.

From Gerringong to Werri Beach and Mt Pleasant.

Who could not forget the seagull at Werri Beach as I sat in the car admiring the view.

Pity I have to go to work tomorrow and everything is back to reality.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sunny days

Nice fine cool day and great for knitting. Getting about Shellharbour to grab a few things before knitting and then making great progress on a vest for me. I hope to make a few things for the shows that I have in mind and well the brain just keeps going on.

Time for the white shawl to grow.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Rain, hail shine and storm.......

My students 1st sock using patontyle from the Op shop for 50 cents and well new sock crazy convert with my basic sock pattern. I have got to my second sock but they really are plain and boring so we can revel in student sock.

Palindrome in a lovely soft merino. I love it I want to just keep going on it and never stop. I hope my ISE 5 pal loves it as much as me.

The white shawl is getting there and the storms, rain, hail and cooler temps are aiding it greatly. hope to make great progress over the weekend on it and see the edge starting.

Tomorrow I may relax and feel a bit less frazzeled we will see what is next.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

update time

Well start at the beginning

Reilly and Mum went home today and Daddy was glad to go and get them. Daddy has some time to spend with them for a bit. So I have to wait for my next update there.

One of my knitting friends at work was to frightened to knit socks and has almost finished her 1st one and well I have been madly knitting to catch up and knit along as I step thru it all with her. I was also shown a new magazine that I must get for its patterns too many good ones in it.

White shawl is growing and well there is a new addiction it is known as Palindrome. I do have update pics but too lazy to upload them as this week I work until 2200 so things dont get to the computer before 2230 or so after I drive home.

I will try to catch up soon with the pictures and maybe be on the second sock along at work.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Its a boy and hes is safe and well

As you will have noticed over the past few months I have been knitting and crocheting for a little one to arrive well I can say he has arrived.

Little Reilly James Thomson arrived at 12.04 am and weighed in at 7 lb 9 oz and a good 18 inch long. He is cute and just like his Daddy. I know he will be spoilt for sure too.

We will resume normal blogging for now.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Another weekend and starting with a small bang!

A Saturday Sky with the beginings of the unstable weather arriving just before it stormed a wee bit. The lake was dark and rough the air had a certain feel about it and that will always means bad weather ahead. The wind came up and I headed to the shops for supplies so I can settle back in if it gets too bad and well keep my shawl going with the aid of needed supplies.

Boss has been having a bit of a play on his blanket and show you how well behaved he can be while I work away on the shawl.

The shawl came to a slight halt due to the rising temps so as they have come a fair bit back down I will do my best to get a good amount closer to the end than I was before. My ISE 5 scarf is coming along well and I am loving palindrone. I even have a sock that will need to have the heel turned soon. The alpaca shawl for me is stagnant and so are the 2 vests for me. PLease send me back to camp for a week or so then FO's might appear. So for now I shall plod along and hope to get further towards the end.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I did it

Today I finshed Hand of Grace and it did take me a few hours to complete as the beading takes some time. Now I have about half of the hank of beads left and dont yet know what to do with them. So I will think and look about to find something suitable to use them on. It is a nice bag finished but yet again it is in the wont be used pile and the just have a go for the sake of it.

So I have some other things to finish and a shawl is in that to be done but the heat is starting to go against me. Ill try to do my best to get it out of the way quicker. It wasnt suitable to go to camp with me where it was a fair bit cooler. So I will try to get stuck into my stuff and get a few things done.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Camp Part 2

Saturday nights fashion show with the twist including Sue's Red Hat.

Today we had an extra workshop added for 2 socks on 2 circs and Thanks to Kris the web-goddess for boldly leading a group of ladies to learn this. I did get to enjoy alot of good company and alot of knitting discussion with quite a few both older and some younger about books, patterns and even my achievement certificate finishing.

The social side enjoying the last of camp before lunch and depart.

I got home to find my PRGE parcel from Christine had arrived and contained Dark Hersheys, sock yarn, cotton, a skull, Chippies and military buttons from Russian coats. HOw much fun from 4 days was there.

Camp Part 1

In our comfy lounge area good for socialising watching TV and even for me to watch Top Gun on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Plenty of knitting and giggling was had as well as hashing thru one anothers problems and sorting out pattern ideas as well.

After all the huge meals they fed us and the excellent wine they have there on site from the vineyard and cellar opposite the building I was in it made for a terrific weekend.

Some Saturday Morning retail therapy, Tofutsies sock yarn and knit picks double points.
Lovely soft merino for my ISE5 scarf.

Saturdays workshop all day was Bead Knitting and I was working on Anlaby's Hand of Grace bag which now needs sewing and finishing.

The finished knitted piece and waiting to be sewn and finished. I hope to do that tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more and my PRGE box.