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Friday, November 30, 2007

Movember Want to help out -sticky

I have gone and joined the Guys at work as Mo Sista to help the Guys along. This will help to donate money for Male depression and Prostate cancer. You can help by either getting together a group to help sponsor or sponsor me in the Stellar Team raise money for these charities.

Sorry you have to look at this for a whole month but it is worthwhile to have it here.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Busy day before returning to work again

Well my week has come to its end and apart from work on the green crochet shawl and some more on the back of the size 2 jumper I only have near on one repeat done of the 2ply baby jacket. I am not liking the 319 stitches in each row but, it does look like it is suited for the alpaca and will be less sewing up in the end.

Today was a buy but waiting game for Chrisco to arrive. I set myself up with my teapot and Royal Doulton to enjoy a good cuppa from my Swan Brand "The Carlton" teapot and have a knit. I sat back and got a few rows worked and kept checking I hadn't missed them arriving. I was just emptying the teapot on to my rhubarb and they arrived. All 17 boxes were a bit chaotic and to take a picture of the new shopping centre that opened on the coffee table was awkward I was penned in with boxes to unload. A few hours later all was done. I must say it is hard work too.

I even pulled out a teacup to grab a picture of. Apparently this is a rare set no one can answer me about it and its value. As you can see it has a nice waratah on the front of the cup and then inside is a surprise.

A kookaburra. It is simply stamped in gold Made In China and even the plates and bowls ect have the waratah and kookaburra on each too. I have asked several antique specialists but not one knows of this and are trying to tell me there is nothing like it. So I put it here have you got a set or seen one like it too. It was my grandmothers and has been used for many a Christmas and big dinner gathering for years.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lovely Saturday!!!!!!

Today not only was a Federal Election that has changed History but also the pre- Christmas Stitch n Bitch. Each year we have a gift exchange and this year I was lucky to get a great gift from the Blogless Zena who makes these cute little ornament jumpers. How cute is this and a nice lindt assortment of coffee, orange and strawberry. We enjoyed a great day of knitting and some food shared as well.

I even had the chance to get my copy of Pretty as a Peacock from Donni and well I am not sure when I will organise myself to knit it but I will try one day. I love The fact that not only have I followed the original via the blog but, that Ailsa has been the test knitter and it is hers in the photograph. I just have to figure the yarn for it.

Today was English type weather cool misty rain and nice at that too. I got more done on the jumper for the certificate and will go on further with the green shawl that has grown as well.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Rest Week!

I am on Holidays for a week from the regular work and dont go back til Wednesday. So far I have pottered and knitted and enjoyed car time even with my crochet while enjoying some photography time. I know I have punishment to face for this picture but revenge is great. Yes Steve your butt got blogged.

Car crochet which I spent mor time trying to figure what happens in the pattern. Its the triangluar shawl from Yarn worked in lace weight I got from my PRGE pal. It will slowly grow further as we go take more pictures.

I have even been knitting part of a doll dress for my sister. We got the job as there is Fair Isle on it and well so far this is the 1st part one of the sleeves. Now I have the daunting task of casting on 319 sts for the baby jacket in alpaca 2 ply. Not an easy job as it really does you in after a bit.

So go and have a great weekend I know Ill be knitting most of it.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We break the normal work transmission for this !!!!

Time for the annual weird creation week. I have been thinking this one since the end of the last tea cosy.
Armed with some basic tools and my ideas Off I went.

Later in the day we get to this but still I wont revel what it will be yet. All I will say is it is coming to life and this is the relax and knit week. Next task after playing a bit more with this one will be the 2ply set and the crochet shawl. The assesment jumper is going well also. Heres to a few more quiet days playing with my toys.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


A record number of Bikes and Trucks turned out to raise Funds for Camp Quality a charity for kids with cancer. Around 520 trucks were in this year and it took a good 1 hour or more from the start of the bikes to the last truck.

There were big trucks and even small trucks.

Trucks that could show off at the traffic lights where I was.

Even the Ambulance chopper made a visit to the final destination where a big family day was held on the villiage green.

Last report I had was that over $92,000 was raised and there was still more to be tallied. A great effort and the kids had fun and kept to Camp Quality's motto "where laughter is the best medicine".

Saturday, November 17, 2007

OK this morning it was steamy and warm, tonight we prepare for a storm that never came.

Tonight its a winding night (excuse the lounge lizard known as father in the background) there is a bag of skeins waiting for me and right now there has been one wound so far. I am about to start 2 and then Ill make my way throught them. I am right at the end of the ISE 5 scarf and then Ill package it with some goodies to send. All going to plan so far and tomorrow will bring the tea cosy to life a bit more.

I met a new little friend who was happy to let me near this morning but not too near about 10 inch away was fine and he posed for his picture too. Tomorrow is Convoy for Kids with over 400 trucks and motorbikes in convoy for Camp Quality a charity for children with cancer. They will go right by near my place and again I will go and take pictures of them as they go past. But, tonight, I wind balls infront of the tele and get them ready for their intended projects.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lucky Mail

I was lucky when I got home tonight I had a great parcel from Sunne who Hosts the PRGE exchange and I had won a little comp we had going. I got a transfer with 3 skulls on it and some Punk badges.
Some Skull and crossbones stitch markers.
Also a very new thing to me is Pop Rocks. I havent had these before and well I wil try and see what they are like. If it is like PEZ I liked them tooo.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Slip sliding along

I have got a tad busy and watched a movie and worked on some slippers for the Soaring Eagles Project 2. Quick and easy I even went along and made another pair at work ont he phones in a few hours

So just a few things to get done and must work on the certificate knitting. There are the skeins to be wound as well. THank goodness life is returning to semi normal.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Come fly with me and fly away to wed.

A short post tonight. Todays star is Felix a Catalina from HARS and he was part of the festival of flight fly over. But after this it came out clear skys for part 2 of today.

My Friends wedding it was fun and alot of laughter. So I leave you with Mr and Mrs Mark and Nichole Mazzini. May they have as much fun in life as they brought to us today.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Race that should stop a Nation

The finished Hat!!!! I used the cotton I got from Christine in the PRGE exchange and then teamed it with some cheap but soft ostrich and chenelle lend thing for a whole $1 a ball top it off with a hair clip for $4.50 and it came together alright.

Mind you it spent its day there on the desk. It becomes a nightmare with a headset to wear most hats. I enjoyed creating it for a change and well who knows may change the decorations for next year.

For most on shift at our centre yesterday it didnt allow them to stop and see the race we work through unless your on a break or had taken unpaid time you didn't see it. I was lucky to see it for the 1st time in 7 years and well it was a nail biter.

As for the knitting well the scarf is going well and the next tea cosy is starting to come to life in my knitting bag it lives in. No clues yet still a good month before I do that. I must start some other things and wind some skeins into balls. Oh the Fun.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Spring Carnival Fashions in the hook!

Nice quiet and lonely afternoon spent recovering from eating Ice cream at Cold Rock and watching the Red Bull Air Race in Perth. Relaxing well that must be replaced with working hard.

Boss Was on patrol in case anyone wanted to copy my work it seemed.

Using the cotton that Christine gave me in the PRGE parcel I started and went very well on a crochet hat for Tuesdays Melbourne Cup day at work. I will try to decorate it before then as well but the brim is still growing and I used the basics from a previous Yarn issue and went along to figure what I am doing. So far it is ok and well we will see come Tuesday what it is like.

I have been working well on my ISE5 scarf and hope to have it finished and in the post really soon and work on my own in Possum wool. It is such an easy pattern and so addictive. I can tick a show item category off at Dapto for that one.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saturday of all days it was Hens day!

Ok the weather was perfect to curl up with the knitting and the Red Bull Air race and watch while getting on with a few knitting tasks. But it was Nicholes Hens day. So we spent lunch and a good few hours of Pool at Shellharbour Pub and a good few drinks then on to Wests for a while before I got too tired and needed to bail for the night.

So here we Have Bride to Be Nichole and Tash with the shoulder of our other friend Nicole. We had a good day and next week we have the wedding so more grog to be done for. Oh dear I hope I dont get too tired next week.

Friday, November 02, 2007

PRGE Package

I got my parcel yesterday from Christine for my second PRGE 3 parcel. It has a heap of goodies in it from nice dark Lindt balls and Pez, also some yarn that might be laceweight or sock, pirate tissues and a patch and a iron on transfer. I have taken a liking to the pez as it is something I havent had before and well orange is really nice and they really are an art to load as I learnt today at work a loading in under a minute not like last nights 45 mins figuring it out.

Boss has been taking over the chair of a morning and well didnt want me to go to work today. I am not sure if he thinks my new joggers were not right to wear either. So off i went and wanted to escape to work more on palindrome which has me totally addicted. I think I will have to make one for the Dapto Show. Now the brain is going into next mode show, christmas and forward planning. I even need to think about the Royal Easter show and thats a naughty word round some. Well I cant keep myself from this scarf so back I go.