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Not your average knitter a Metalhead and a Ag show entrant

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Meet the new Top Gun guys

Our little friends now have names meet Maverick above and Goose below. They really do reflect the characters from Top Gun in their little personallities.
Saturday Sky was clear warm and rather sticky. I managed to find a nice cool spot after a tad of shopping and trying to spend money to enjoy more knitting.

I did get my Beanie finished for the Dapto Show and only have to finish the ends it was fun to knit down and then come back to finish the points and it now looks like something Jughead wears. A lovely friend who I met at camp put me onto the pattern. So next in line is the scarf and the bootees. I wont enter much in Dapto its my Photo spot and I will try to get some extras done for Kiama maybe I can find 3 for the state wool garment class.
I will spend time on trying to finish the tea cosy too I am on the lining and the finishings once I knit the pieces and then you can see it in the finish and figure what it really is. My mind is already buzzing with ideas for the next one. I have to have something to focus on between calls when I get the chance and get back out my sketch book to draft parts again.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

No the shops are not open on Christmas Day!!!!

Here we have Boss in his new Christmas bandanna which now lives on the polar bear instead. Boss is not a fan of clothing or anything on to wear.

Today we got a parcel from England and my penfriend of over 20 years Lucy and her son and husband sent him a GI Dog frisbee toy that as you can see he loves.

I also got awesome things with a RAF replica pack from WWII and a copy of The Friday Night Knitting Club. I am happy and will enjoy both of these.

I have had what I guess you could call the worst Christmas in years. As call centres dont close for the day and people still expect Directory Assistance and Call Connect to be there some of us had to work. I work Monday to Friday only after 7 years and as the days fell in that frame I was working. Normally it is slow and in a few hours you may opt to go home. Not this year we were flat chat running fast and people asked for the silliest things. How does Dominos Pizza go on Christmas I must say 80% of my calls were for them or another fast food chain. Others well around 15% for stores and probably only 5% for residential listings. What is with the ones who call back to abuse the place is not open and they should be. Give us all a break and have one or even better 2 family days. Cook the nice meal and get over the fact of the shops you can go without a retail fix for 2 days.

Boxing day was again abuse for the shops not being open. I wish the real values of time off and with family and friends could return. I only ask that places be closed on a minimum of 2 days Christmas and Good Friday not for just the religious value but for the fact some people coould use a good day off and have family or friends time. Next year I seriously may not even opt to work and put in for leave.

On the knittign front things are not really moving as I was too worn out for anything major. Heres to the weekend to finish the beanie and the tea cosy. I amworking a tad on the scarf but have to get a wriggle on on a few things. Lucky I got 6 new DVDs for Christmas to view and that I have a good stock of tea this year. So this year Ill be knitting in 2008 again with tea biscuits and dvds.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Lazy Sunday got my mind working hard though

This is the best way to spend Sunday, feet up relaxed maybe but knitting for the shows. A few nice ginger beers and teapots of tea later we have some little results.

Anothere part of the tea cosy done wont belong before it is finished for the whole reveal.

A tad more of the detail. Just more knitting for it to be done.
Boss relaxed as well and enjoyed the day and I worked on the show items getting closer to the complete beanie and the scarf will see more work this week. I have to get myself a tad of time to knit 2 pair of bootees as well. I want to then get a wriggle on the grey vest for Kiama and see what else I can get done and also get further on the 2 ply babyset and some other bits and bobs if I can. Opps there is the baby dress to start for the Royal Easter Show as well.

So for now I will go back to the knitting and hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas. Yes I will be at work again for the day and if people think it is funny asking how to cook the turkey or how to stuff the chook, dont ring call connect we cant give you the answer it is not in the phone book.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

So it nearly Christmas

A few views of our lights this year that I managed to finally get since it was dry enough to.
Saturday has started and loomed like it was goign to bee horrid. we had some heavy spats of rain and sticky humid otherwise. Great fun when you have a headcold and are needing to get stuff knitted.
So as you can guess no knitting has moved today just a little bit of shopping and a bit of snoozing maybe tomorrow we will see but for now the wonderful tablets are keeping me ok.

So I leave you with our feathered friends and they really are growing and can sit on the finger un supported now even if they still are very messy eaters.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Never leave parents unsupervised in a christmas shop

Oh deer!! my parents have been let loose and unsupervised in a christmas shop and came home with "Animals". Our annual christmas light display has been increased with the addition of the new reindeer for the front lawn and the singing polar bear for when it is suitable weather to have him out crooning and surprising the neighbours.

For those who know how to find Primbee you can easily find our lights. and so far I havent take a full picture of this years display as the weather keeps going against me.
Knitting is going on but I will show more of the tea cosy soon it is coming to life and today more research has been done for it.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas break time

Lets start it was a nice day and then the afternoon came over grey. Still rather warm too.

Time for the Knitters Guild Christmas party as out traditional BBQ in Sue and Micks garden. I too this nicely decorated pav. It didnt look like this for long when it came to sweets time. Nich layer of cream and a good helping of fresh strawberries ( not the supermarket ones proper berry farm produce market ones) and a bashed up flake.

Yes knitting has been done on a simple triangluar shawl in Knit picks alpaca cloud.

Also a Dapto show entry of a palindrome in possum merino wool. More to follow tomorrow as I am too tired tonight to go on.

Sunday, December 09, 2007


OK this is not the normal thing I would do but this would make a slight change to reality TV. A friend who I worked with over the past few years has Auditioned for Big Brother in 2008. To get on to the show you need to get voted by the public.

Have a look would Kale not make the house more interesting along with his extra of Amber going in as well. I know I would probably drop more stitches while trying to watch it as non disturbing TV for knitting.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Oh dear its that time of year

We got a iffy day today and I was not sure if the storms that are now frequenting us would stop me from going to Knit and Knatter at Shellharbour. This week there has been flash flooding in places you forget even flood and alot of water on the ground. I do have to be careful as there are no back roads to get to my place and if the roads get cut due to flooding I get no choice of gettting in or out of the suburb. I guess I could become an Island with out warning. I even had a back up plan and a warnign system put in place if needed.

Our little friends are still both with us and as you can see they grow quick.
Slowly the feathers are getting more like their older counterparts.

In the spirit of the silly season we always put out a display in lights and now both houses either side of us have as well. One side have the classic stop point A Jaguar with interior dcoration and lights. Tonight so far cars have come stopped and laughed very loudly. I know there are some other light displays I will try to visit soon and the favorite one in Mt Warrigal on Porter Ave is back again this year and I hope to visit it soon as they have so many fun toys in their display.

Want to trade for this life! Spending all the time you like sleeping on the lounge.

I must say that there is knitting here going on but not interesting enough to blog its the finishing of some UFO's for the shows next year. Atleast tomorrows weather is playing fairly for DVD time and knitting.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Babysitting duty

I came home last night to find we are babysitting some small parrots that have just began spoon feeding from my uncle.
2 small Alexandrine parrots that need spoonfeeding every 5 or so hours and well one will stay on after the sitting duties are over.
This is the slightly older of the 2 and loves a messy feed. Gotta to love them with their baby food and bird cereal mix.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Comfortable Saturday

WHat a day these dark clouds threatened us all day but never dumped a drop. It does make perfect knitting when it is like this.
Add the arrival of new recliner to knit in. Perfect!!!
Boss likes the new suite too.
Ok the progress reports. The Certificate knitting jumper am up to the short row shaping on it but as I was at work and had no reference book with me. Ok check next door at the Library not one decent reference book for knitting. To be honest it was a very poor grouping of craft books. Thank goodness I am not doing my HSC.

The crochet triangluar shawl is growing too. It was the back up item for when I didnt want to knit. Now I just have to settle in and do the back of the jumper to get going on the front and try to finish it soon.

The 2ply baby jacket has made it to the 1st pattern and about to start the 2nd. It will move quicker when I stop falling asleep in the chair. Too comfortable to sit in can easily stay put if i am allowed to.

The good news is that our work team Collected $1210 in the Movember and we had a bit of fun with it all too and I am sure the guys are happy to fully shave again. Well done and see what extra we collected at work which is still to be added in.