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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

BUsy as a bee

A snippet of the grey vest that was finished with very little time to spare for Kiama show. It didnt place or anything but then again the judge was not the most wonderful one to be on the show. It was by chance that another judge I know asked to go and be an associate judge with the on asked to judge the items. But the whole story is a totally different matter.
I have been trying my best to get myself ahead a bit and at the sametime I have a fair bit to complete. I have the 2ply babyset that I am still working on and feel like it is getting no where as 319 stitches is a heap to plug away on. I have the beanie and bootees of the set also to do. At the same time I am working on alpaca beanie and bootee sets but they feel more achievable with one beanie and a start on the bootees. Then add Easter show entries one done and well the baby dress hasnt even seen the cast on yet. Opps I think I will have to get cracking these are all needing to be done by the end of Feb as it is an early easter this year.
Oh well looks like my weekend will now be planned diferently.


  • At 9:44 am, Blogger Ruby Girl said…

    Just keep on knitting girl! You will get there. I have a plan for next years Kiama Show, just hope I remember or have the time to make it a reality.


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