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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Everytime a bell rings an Angel earns its Wings

As I sat down to write this post I got a call from a work friend to inform me of what is not the best news. On of our Dinner Ladies as we dub the group has passed away and we are all shocked despite the fact we knew she was not in the best of health for sometime now. I guess we all thought she would recover and some treatments would be found to releive her of her ill health. Tonight I know there will be quite a few of our staff all saying a little prayer for Toni and her family as they come to terms with what has happened.

It seems that I was wrestling with making the beaded angel last night when I had not one clue that this had happened. I am still to add the wings and it comes with a little bell that says "when a bell rings an angel earns their wings" I havent made the wings as I dont have the strength to wrestle the wire and will need further assistance.

I have been working in this humid heat on the 2 ply baby jacket and was found by friends in my car waiting for them to arrive knitting. I hadnt finished my row and was holding it up to say wait cant get out just yet. Thank goodness they are knitting tolerant. When we parted company I said well atleast I got to finish the row first. Heres hoping I can get more done now the cooler change and rain has arrived tonight.

Well this is how Boss has been sitting right under my feet trying to keep out of the way and keep watch at the same time. He knows its a bit too warm to sit on laps and cuddle up today. Hopefully he will just sit back and watch while I knit some more.

For now it is time to knit as my intended goal of to the under arm didnt get even close instead just got the 2nd pattern repeat done and 5 to go. See what happens I will sit and send my thoughts towards Toni's family at this time.


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