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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Can I play with Madness

Opps nearly forgot Saturday sky so here is not long before its was fading into night.

Endpapers one down one to go. Maybe tomorrow Ill work on them its too hard to take them to a knitting group. Other UFOS that linger came out though.

Completed bar the sewing up another pair of bedsocks for Berrima Womens Prision. The other pair that needs finishing will be on tomorrows list, technically today but still after a sleep everything is tomorrow.

For the Shellharbour Knit n Knatters project for the Festival in the Forest I have been working on a crochet tea cosy and well it will be done really soon as it is so quick. I also have a scarf to start for them as well. Not my yarn selection the Council is supplying the yarn so it is cheap acrylic. I have a wish list now of baby yarn and yarn for liquorice alsorts as well to make next.

Peacock maybe after a few little tasks are done.


  • At 10:15 am, Blogger Kelly said…

    Your mitt is beautiful.

  • At 10:48 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    woooowwwww, T.
    u mitten looks so cool, well done and round of applause to you.

  • At 2:39 pm, Blogger Mitchypoo said…

    The sky is beautiful!

  • At 1:21 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Blogger wouldn't let me comment yesterday!! I wanted to compliment you on the mitt- it looks fantastic. Very clever knitting- all the colour changing completely fazes me!!!

  • At 11:31 am, Blogger kasiaiscarly said…

    Yay! I'm so glad your Endpaper turned out so well. I tell you, it's the BEST color-work project to start with. Now I want to see some awesome Estonian mittens come out!


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