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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

3 down .....147 to go

I am cruising very nicely with the task of knitting stock for Country Treasures. I have one premmie jacket done and completed, A size 2 cardigan that is in the now to be finished with bands and trims in the pile, a size 1 jumper almost to the mustsit in quiet stage and about to start a size 4 jumper to carry to the same stage in the same pattern.

So far I have chomped through 1 ball of baby and 2 balls of 8 ply and have a few in starting action on their journey from ball to stall. I have to atleast get one in each size of the range to start with and I hope to get many more weeks of good lead up knitting with weekend finishing production.

This Saturday I will be slightly strayed for a few hours while I do the Basic Design workshop with the Knitters Guild and then I will go into complete mode for whatever is in the pile. Heres to a good run down to the weekend.

Pictures to come when it is not so grey and dull.


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