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Thursday, February 28, 2008

From the desk of .............

We had a huge and quick storm and then only an hour later I turned to look out of the window from my desk to see this. Not a bad view is it.

I even got my 2ply lace sock to make my Pretty as a Peacock shawl with when I get over the baby dress for the Easter show.

It has grown since this and I am still on the front as I spent Sunday visiting a friend and chose not to take my knitting on the visit. I am now doing double time of a night after work to get it further and hopefully done by the deadline. I think it shall be a weekend of staying in then not sure if I will get to the AGM in Sydney yet as I work until 2200 and it can take a while to get home but getting up for a before 0700 train could be a disaster in the making. See what happens.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

To the rescue

I think Boss is trying to shoo me out today sitting on my chair looking at the door.
Saturday sky where some of my friends got burnt. I was in the Novotel going in the long way around due to renovations. I had fun getting parking and tried to find a place for lunch that didnt have a waiting line then to go home it was a hassle with traffic about. All the fun I have when I thought I should go instead of staying home.
This is the new bronze statue for the 100 years of Surf Life Saving just outside of the Novotel and beside the cafes I tried to get a quick lunch from.

The dress is growing well and hopefully tomorrow I can get to the back and be going well on it too I have a 25gram ball a day knitting on it during weekends and well this week may have to do mid week work on it too. For now it is finish the front today if possible.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dressing for royalty

The finished jacket withits buttons and I put ribbon in the bootees before bed last night/ this morning.
With true date and time this is the baby dress finally off the ground for the Royal Easter show. What ever posessed me last year with only days to spare before entries closed to put a baby dress that was not even on the cards in as a entrant.

Worked most of the day on it and well still going with forever hand washing for the vivid white yarn. Back I go more to come later.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Another Saturday and we have to cast on

Ok the first thing to do before sewing up is make a nice fresh pot of tea. So I made a nice pot of Falls House blend and got out the nice lady carlyle mug from Royal Albert and prepared myself to finish the 2ply set.
Quick weather check still ok no rain yet.
Inspect bling whilst tea brews. These Brooches are from the Kiama Vinnies store where my mother loves me picking up ones for her presents. These are for her birthday this Tuesday along with some more Ashedene mugs.

Ok lets get stuck into it first the beanie not bad as I had to formulate it all from my basic pattern in my head.

Then the bootees which I still need to add the ribbon to and they are done. I then finished the jacket and put the crab stitch around the neck as suggested bu a lovely friend at guild today. It looks great and now needs the buttons and it can wait til tomorrow for that as well.

Right now settle in butt into gear and casting on the dress. I am not gagging it is really happening tonight and all 141 sts are being worked on whilst I watch the ravelry radar. I promise there will be pics up tomorrow of its progress in the ever vivid white and my immaculately clean hands all the time to work on it.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The light is begining to show at the other end

I have been toiling away with a very poorly copied pattern it came from ebay and the lady has supposedly retyped it and modernised the needles, yarn and measurements to the metric system. In doing this it seems the instructions were also left out in places and very sketchy abbreviations in others. Thank goodness I have survived the baby jacket and can figure things from the very dim copy of the pattern picture. I have found things missing and parts are wrong or left out in areas. Badly retyped is all I can say. Pattern knits lovely in 2ply alpaca and now its the bootees and beanie to create and work out a pattern for them. I think I can cope with that on my own.

Royal Easter show baby dress is still to even start. Must do maybe cast on tonight.

I made it to ravelry and it is a place that will take me a while to get around and figure. They should issue a navman for guidance. I willl get there slowly and as I get the hang of it it will be better. I am easy to find metalandknit is me to keep it all consistant.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

I am finally on track I think!!!!!!

This was on Thursday night and I had got to the underarm of the jacket.

Then add an afternoon of Knit and Knatter at Shellharbour and you get a main body done on the jacket here come the sleeves to start tonight. I got the pattern on ebay and is a retyped copy of a very old 2ply pattern. The worst bit is the pattern has so much info you have to guess and so much written wrongly I have not only been modernising the pattern by taking the ribbon holes around the waist and neck and adding button holes instead but the errors have me thinking on the ball and quickly as to what should be happening next. I dare not use the actual bootee pattern as it is very wrong it may be a figure as I go there and same on the beanie a modified bonnet pattern. I hope to finish it really soon as I need to make a few beanie and bootee sets as well.
A whole Glimpse of Sun this afternoon and I knew I should have taken the photo earlier when it was chucking it down once again. I even thought of turning back home and not going to knitting as I live in a suburb that may get get trapped if the water comes in too much at once and the lake cannot drain it quick enough. On Tuesday it was the case that the road to Shellharbour and back was near on closing. There is still water taking a lane most of the day and I plan on a knit day tomorrow as the weather wants to chuck more our way. Good thing is the nice cool temps and knitting time.
Temps are rather cool as Boss has his new blanket to keep him warm and yes he loves being tucked in of a cold night and stays that way. But I will take advantage of the cooler temps and hope to start the 3ply baby dress after having to get the yarn sent from Ozeyarn as all local stocks were out. I dont have long for the march 7 deadline now.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Any one got the Instructions to build an ark?

This week the rains have come and so have Flash flooding and Road closures to the extreme that whole suburbs were flooded in. The monthly rainfall average happened in a day and is well over it already. It still keeps falling and we all look at the sky wondering how to go home or if we can even get back home. I was lucky I could get to Work each day so far but the surrounding areas are very wet and one end was close to closing off due to the amount of water over the road. It aint over yet either and the weather is set to drop a tad lower than normal. Best bit is great for knitting and getting stuff done.

The baby jacket hardly got worked on last weekend with the high humidity and heat that made it rather awkward to get settled into it so I tried to get a pattern repeat a day done at work where the air con assists. Now the underarm is in sight and hopefully things move well from there on. I have got the 3ply white yarn coming for the babys dress for the Easter show so here is hoping I can complete it too. If we get a nasty wet weekend Iwill lock myself in with the Girls of Prisoner and get working on them.

I hope I get a Flood Day too would be even better as well.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Everytime a bell rings an Angel earns its Wings

As I sat down to write this post I got a call from a work friend to inform me of what is not the best news. On of our Dinner Ladies as we dub the group has passed away and we are all shocked despite the fact we knew she was not in the best of health for sometime now. I guess we all thought she would recover and some treatments would be found to releive her of her ill health. Tonight I know there will be quite a few of our staff all saying a little prayer for Toni and her family as they come to terms with what has happened.

It seems that I was wrestling with making the beaded angel last night when I had not one clue that this had happened. I am still to add the wings and it comes with a little bell that says "when a bell rings an angel earns their wings" I havent made the wings as I dont have the strength to wrestle the wire and will need further assistance.

I have been working in this humid heat on the 2 ply baby jacket and was found by friends in my car waiting for them to arrive knitting. I hadnt finished my row and was holding it up to say wait cant get out just yet. Thank goodness they are knitting tolerant. When we parted company I said well atleast I got to finish the row first. Heres hoping I can get more done now the cooler change and rain has arrived tonight.

Well this is how Boss has been sitting right under my feet trying to keep out of the way and keep watch at the same time. He knows its a bit too warm to sit on laps and cuddle up today. Hopefully he will just sit back and watch while I knit some more.

For now it is time to knit as my intended goal of to the under arm didnt get even close instead just got the 2nd pattern repeat done and 5 to go. See what happens I will sit and send my thoughts towards Toni's family at this time.