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Monday, May 26, 2008

Another one bite the dust.......

Lovely weather and drive to sit in the car with this view and knit. Perfect Saturday to get on with the work when it is too nice to stay inside. I drove down to Shellharbour to sit and enjoy the view as I knit after stopping to stock up on some buttons to keep me going a few more weeks yet.

I got to finish knitting the front of the Size 1 jumper and tonight got it all together and finished off. I had a good knitting day between things like viewing the property a friend has just purchased and let me say I was able to give some insight into the needs before moving begins. I should have cooked dinner but instead opted for drive to get take away and spent the evening sitting knitting and enjoying their company and the extras who called in as well.

Today was a trip to Nowra and back with my friends and I got to sit in the back of the car and knit so I can get more of the Size 4 jumper in the same pattern done but this week as the sleeves are larger I got thru most of 1 sleeve and last weeks trip to Nowra yeilded almost both sleeves for the size 1 with only a small portion that I knitted whilst watching tv after the drive.

Next in line is to finish the 3mth cardigan and the size 4 jumper while I work on the Heather layette as well. I am not sure if I will be getting much done while my friends move house unles I can knit and drive. I can drive car loads about but cannot lift much or help in otherways. I might get to do some of the initial cleaning to get it right for moving but other than that unfortuantely I will be relegated to the tea lady and food runner.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

12 gone .... 138 to go .......

Ok how does this add up now

4 balls of Cobalt Blue 8 ply

3 balls Sky Blue 8 ply

1 ball Jacaranda 8 ply

2 balls Baby Blue 4 ply

1 ball Baby Mint 3 ply

1 ball Baby Lemon 3 ply

Thats 12 balls all together so far and some are in use being made into things as I type.

So we have some things ready to show.

A size 2 cardigan and hat set in Cobalt from Superfine Wool Australia.

Yes I took the photos at work where the light is reasonably good and the pale desks are great backing.

A newborn Classic Cardigan again in Superfine Wool made in just a few days as well.

Now I work in the finishing bag and get the size 1 Jumper finished and the size 4 jumper moving again. Prepped another classic cardigan to start the main body part and then the Heather Baby set is ready to get going again as well and started. I see a busy needles weekend here.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Its a dogs life......

This was what the day started like until the weather turned. At 9.30 am you had no idea the weather would turn after lunch and become cold wet and windy.

I had to share this we have a resident origami creator at work and last night he left us with this pack of dogs to enjoy. I had to take a photo such a dogs life it is.

Best of all my 2nd PRGE package arrived from Carly and it is full of goodies. I have a Book on Virginia where she is from and a Notebook, Some KitPicks Shadow in a lovely red shade and a bag of hersheys dark. I even have a custom made Tea ball which has a longer chain with beads longer than normal perfect balance in my pots. Thank you Carly.

I will have to get back to the big stock knitting after spending the day learning the mathematics behind basic design and started a jumper which I have to go back to one day after I get back on my feet. I have a finishing weekend planned at this stage. Heres hoping some pics soon.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

3 down .....147 to go

I am cruising very nicely with the task of knitting stock for Country Treasures. I have one premmie jacket done and completed, A size 2 cardigan that is in the now to be finished with bands and trims in the pile, a size 1 jumper almost to the mustsit in quiet stage and about to start a size 4 jumper to carry to the same stage in the same pattern.

So far I have chomped through 1 ball of baby and 2 balls of 8 ply and have a few in starting action on their journey from ball to stall. I have to atleast get one in each size of the range to start with and I hope to get many more weeks of good lead up knitting with weekend finishing production.

This Saturday I will be slightly strayed for a few hours while I do the Basic Design workshop with the Knitters Guild and then I will go into complete mode for whatever is in the pile. Heres to a good run down to the weekend.

Pictures to come when it is not so grey and dull.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I think I can keep knitting now......

A nice day and a good knitting one at that. I set off for Shellharbour and kept busy with the yarn that actually got into my possession on Thursday after a little chasing and found that it was at the Post Office since Monday but no notice was left for me to know that had happened. So we are in full swing for making the stock for Country Treasures in Crookwell. 150 balls of yarn and so far I have knitted thru a whole one 25gram ball on a premmie jacket.

I managed to knit this in just 2 days and still did go to work and work on it between calls. The above picture shows the correct lemon shade it is. Only 25 grams of Superfine supersoft baby yarn to make it.

Now to use more and make some Toddler wear and some more baby items to get the shop stocked. I am going to enjoy heaps of DVD time till then. Lovely soft Australian wool and even better are the prices and its machine washable. I must add that the shop really gets the higher end of the shopping market visit and they love the quality and that it is handmade so as long as it sells we are all happy.

Back to my needles I go. Also Mr Bear and his special friend had a lovely reunion and loving the fact they are together again.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mr Bear Goes to the Teddy Day Spa Clinic

On Monday a very special bear came into my care to have a radical make over as his special friend loves him so much he was threadbare and a little bit worse for wear. It was agreed between the Mummy and the special friend that Mr Bear would go to the special Teddy clinic and come back all clean and looking good again.

Special clinic actually meant a new bear knitted to replace him and a disposal of the previous body so to say. By tuesday night we had a bear and a face on him ready to sew and stuff again. He has gone back to his home after 2 nights away and will greet his friend again in the morning as the new healthy and clean looking Mr Bear after what will be described to him as a spa bath and new clothes.

The much healthier and happier looking Mr Bear.

But still I am awaiting on my wool to arrive frome Superfine Wool. Must be that the size of the order has stumped them to start with. Maybe tomorrow. I cant wait to much more to get my hands into it.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

I am still getting ready to swim.....

Another nice Saturday after a week that took a few dips to low for most of us. I ams thinking of going into hibernation if it gets too cold. I was hoping to have a big pile of yarn to dive into this weekend but that got slightly delayed till early net week the about 9 kg of wool to stock the shop at Crookwell with so as soon as it gets here it is straight in to start stocking asap.

Last weekend was a big one with ANZAC Day and then the Stitch n Bitch Exhibition at the OLd Court House in Wollongong and a 20 years dinner and reunion for the Salvation Army Corps I have been attending for many years. I am a tad worn out and will try to catch up a little on some odds and ends that need completing this weekend after my trip to Robertson tomorrow to drop off an order.
I guess with 2 kg of baby yarn arriving and 7 kg of 8ply I will be making spending alot of time with Frank mug drinking tea and watching Dvds for a few weeks till I get ahead a little. For now its time to finish a baby jacket to post off to someone on Monday.