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Monday, June 30, 2008

Once upon a time there was Knit camp

Come with me and youll see in a world of pure imagination. NO imagination needed It is the view from the Lodge at the Scout camp Straight over to the Nan Tien Temple and Lake Illawarra. Even better at night with the lights all twinkling.

Inside was more action busy chatting knitting and enjoying a Christmas in July opps June. Alot of fun was happening and there was Dying yarn or squares to reknit into hats or socks. SOme learnt other fancy techniques and some felted. We had trivia and well may I say table 2 really have the brains and signals to keep the others from winning. Prize was to Pick 2 items from the shop which was our friendly yarn store who hosts our weekend - CR & K Daisy Designs. They transport most of the shop for us to enjoy extened shopping.

There we plenty of people to chat with and time to meet Ravellers as well. Did I get much knitted well not really I had to battle with the fire for a fair bit and well then I seem to become keeper of the flame after that. I have 2 premmie cardis to now sew and finish off from the weekend.

Mind you on my way home was a stop to my Nephews Rugby League Match and they won even though the captain is out with his shoulder. I got home and unpacked my gear and settled down for a moment to check on some friends who normally have me sort of live in of a weekend just I dont sleep there. I get invited for dinner and well find out they didnt eat dinner the night before. It seems I leave the guys for one weekend and they forget the basic things. All was rescued with a nice roast chook dinner.

But my time off is over and I have to go back to work and get to finishing orders and sewing up stuff. I will try to remember to take some photos of the work I have finished when I get it sewn.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to Camp I go....

Its time for me to go and bunk down at the Scout Camp and knit away be fed more than I really need and enjoy the view.

Gear is packed and ready to go Just have to put it in the car and then its off I go tomorrow and will be back on Sunday with pics and what I got done.

In the meantime I have just finished a Matinee Jacket for Handmade in the Highlands as they sold out and need some more stock. I have Crookwell to stock as well and its the main focus for camp. I even have a 5 ply jumper to knit for my Great Uncle as his wife was not able to work out the pattern.

Cya on the otherside of camp.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Under Pressure....

I have finished the 1st of the 4 layettes and packaged it already to post off tomorrow. I did think about keeping it aside for show and tell on Saturday at Guild but as it is a 3 day post I think it is best to get it moving along.

I have plently to work on now. More for Country Treasures and now an added quick order for Handmade in the Highlands as her market stall is starting to pick up very well and items are needed again. I will be crocheteing a jacket and making more beanie and bootee sets to help this out.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another sides off the needles at pace.....

Busy yet again and finishing more work. I have the Heather Jacket done and sewn up as well as made a start on a int set. I can say the yarn tally is lowering as well. Before I knew it I was goign so well on the beanie and well forgot to take the ball of wool for the bootees so they are being worked on tonight.

The beanie took no time at all and well even got sewn as I took calls. Work is great for that horrible task. Time passes as I sew between calls.

I actually had woken Boss taking the jackets photo and had the chance to get this lovely action shot for you all.

Must get back to the needles and a tally later this week.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I will survive......

What a busy week and then the weekend was even worse. In the past week I have barely had time to knit much and then on top of that on the weekend friends moved into a new home.

The yarn tally really didnt move that much and I have been far to busy to get it too much further along. Here is hoping this week is better and the weekend give me much needed knitting time. (If the guys read this I want a lazy day Sunday movie and afternoon tea. I might cook the evening meal though.)

4 balls of Cobalt Blue 8 ply
3 balls Sky Blue 8 ply
3 balls Jacaranda 8 ply
2 balls Rose 8 ply
6 balls Baby Blue 4 ply
4 ball Baby Mint 3 ply
1 ball Baby Lemon 3 ply

Not to bad really 127 balls to go and 23 used I hope to finish a few more balls this week and hopefully a few more garments. I know I will get a better qunaitiy done when I dont have to help driving gear from one house to another.

Saturday was WWKIP and we had public knitting in Kiama in the morning where I didnt get to knit a stitch as I had to get things organised for lunch and so I could go to Shellharbour after getting the guys who were laying the floating floor at the new house lunch. I then went on to Shellharbour but needed to get back to the guys as they needed a few things for coffee. I did get some knitting done then atleast but will look forward to knitting more this week.

I now have the knitting mapped out a little better and will focus more on the Retreat weekend to get as much as I can done. I am getting closer to having one layette completed and hope to be sewing up this week and starting the next one. I also have a 6 month Cable and Pattern Cardigan and beanie set going in sky blue to use some of the yarn up as well.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My needles click on again..........

I finished the Size 4 jumper last night and got it all seamed up and ready for the holding bag. I am now tinkering thru the layette and a 6mth cardi and beanie set.

A closer view of the pattern it has. I still have size 2 and 3 to knit to complete this range for the moment.

The tally really hasnt changed and I will try to make a dent into it more this week. I have 3 more sizes in the cardigan and beanie set to make as the base stock and well need to help build the baby wear range as well. Thank goodness there is a knitting weekend at the end of the month. I will keep knitting and might even come towards the end of some shades soon.

Ill save the tally for the end of the week as it is only one extra baby blue ball worked.

Monday, June 09, 2008

21 down and I am getting there....

Yes I am still knitting but had one of those finishing weeks that was even mucked up with extra training and some very busy times at work. to add to that yes I have just had 3 days off but I was busy over them as well and very little knitting time was found around winding skeins into balls. I have been working on some of the slower balls of yarn doing a baby set and well they take longer to knit through.

I am just seaming the size 4 jumper after getting enough time to knit the neck. I have to knit some bootees for some other orders as well so this week will be a knit at any free moment week.

The jumper should be done tomorrow and Ill put the photos up as well. I will keep seaming and then making bootees to get my night going.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Another one for Stock

Yet again a work time photo. I finished the Motif Jacket tonight and it is a nice quick and easy join the square as you go. Nice little jacket and is perfect over a wondersuit ( baby growsuit) to dress it up and keep a little one warm.

So I am just trying to get the front of the Size 4 Jumper done and then the blue layette. Not too bad and there are 120 balls still to play with. 3 packets of yarn have not even been touched. 1 pack each of sky blue, Cobalt and Lavender contain 10 balls each and not opened, plus the 20 balls of baby pink have not been opened. Heres to a good long weekend of working along the balls.

Monday, June 02, 2008

20 down and 130 to go.....

I have been able to get the matching hat for the 3mth set in rose done and will now try to get the Heather set done and the Size 4 jumper front done as well as finishing the Crochet jacket. Not too bad when I look at what I have used and what it has made so far.

4 balls of Cobalt Blue 8 ply
2 balls Rose 8 ply
3 balls Sky Blue 8 ply
3 balls Jacaranda 8 ply
4 balls Baby Blue 4 ply
3 ball Baby Mint 3 ply
1 ball Baby Lemon 3 ply

Sunday, June 01, 2008

An Update for the week

Ok Tally update

4 balls of Cobalt Blue 8 ply
3 balls Sky Blue 8 ply
3 balls Jacaranda 8 ply
4 balls Baby Blue 4 ply
3 ball Baby Mint 3 ply
1 ball Baby Lemon 3 ply

I count that up as 18 gone now and that leaves 132 to go.

This week so far I have finished this little 3mth jacket and am plugging along well on 3 other projects. I am going well on the size 4 jumper and the baby layette as well as a little crochet jacket. Things take time and this week I will domy best to finish more and look forward to a 3 day Queens Birthday weekend.

Back to the needles I go.