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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tea for 2 and 2 for Tea ......

I get home from another long day at work and find this lovely tea bag cosy parcel awaiting me. I have 2 cosys to put some tea bags into and a bookmark as well as a magazine on Tea Time. Now all I need is some time and a pot of tea to enjoy the magazine with.

I am still trying to get thru the knitting and well it seems still alot to use up yet and plenty to do hopefully I get there soon.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ride the wind never coming back until I touch the midnight sun.....

I certainly have started running with the knitting and getting stuff worked on at a rate I forgot I could do. I managed to finish the 6mth set with its beanie and get it sent off to Crookwell. Then it was tackle the next thing to be dont the mint layette.

Jacket completed and ready for the next parcel to go. Beanie done in no time at all and ready to meet the booteees that need to wait for the weekend when I can get onto them with a good run. At this stage another set is closely following it in pink. Looks like I will be finished the basic round of stock soon and then gap fill a little more and get onto the shawls soon as well.

I started a pink set and so far have the fronts done today and will be on the back of it tomorrow at work. I guess by next week I could be packing another box off to Crookwell again. Alot of this has to do with the fact I can hardly sleep and I am just spending my time knitting instead of reading or anything else. I can knit and watch a dvd atleast. Spending the wee small hours knitting really is not advised it is just my legs wont let me settle into a decent nights sleep so might as well make use of the time.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

see Its busy here

I have been trying to catch myself up but it isnt easy when you loose the way from time to time. I spent most of today sewing this up as I was tinkering on other things and even cooked dinner and a Banana cake at my so dubbed weekend house. I spend most of my weekend except for the sleeping hours at a friends or with them. I thought the Austar returning would help but it seems as were still on the go to get things it is not quite ready for that to happen.

Igot this little jacket finished during the week and now only have 2 more shades of it to fill in and then go to the 3 month size and they are done.
I have finally started on the Lavender shade with a size 2 jumper started. I needed to have some not too much thinking knitting for in the car yesterday. Lucky it was mindless as the friend we were taking is also a work collegue and alot of funny things were talked about plus some serious stuff that would have distracted me too much.
Ploding along I have stuff to complete and stuff to start still feels like Im not getting anywhere. Maybe next weekend will bear more fruit so to speak or as I always say to a friend of mine with my mixed up jumble do you know what I mean.
I guess i should even think about what to wear to an upcoming mini school reunion I am hoping to go to allgoing well. Even though it will be wasted knitting time.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Plodding along

Well I have been rather busier than normal. There has been knitting and plenty of it. I have some finishing to do and then some photos tomorrow. I didnt need to do any more heavy duty work instead I just played cook on the BBQ.

This past week has been plenty of regular work and knitting as well as making sure the Knitters Guild got the sale and exhibition going alright. We also had one of our members pass away this week this will be a big loss for the Kiama Show where she entered a large range of sections from craft to cooking and plants.

I have been so busy keeping up that I forgot to do the Knitters Guild notices and only remembered at 1am and well no paper to do them on so I verbally gave them in lieu of my printing. Today was a tad busy, time to go do my tax and then drop down to Kiama as well as get yarn to make a Tea cosy and even an airport drop off. But knitting did get to the sewing bag so I must get back to that so I can take photos.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

NO I havent gone mad just cosy.

I havent gone completely mad I have actually made 2 tea bag cosys to keep your tea bags in when your out. In the cuppa tea group on Ravelry we are swaping these little cosys and I have knitted 2 for my crocheting pal. These are both knitted as Bias squares and the top one is in Baby Zhivago and the fluffy one is in Sean Sheep yarn. I had a problem finding a button that I really wanted but thought the smileys were like a smile with every cup.

I am even madly sitting here trying to knit up a storm on some projects that are awaiting to be completed. I am getting there on them and hope to be finished and out in the post this week if possible. Hopefully tonight and tomorrow yeilds well.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Knit on ...... knit on .....

I am still wading through the yarn pile I have made more of the premmie Classic cardis and now am getting back to the other ones that got a little neglected while I went to camp. I am hoping for a more productive weekend now one order is over and back to knit the next 120 balls. I have a mint layette to complete and a sky blue Cable and patt set to complete. I even have started filling the gaps in the newborn to 3 month classic cardis.

As you can see the pink one has the optional lace panel in it. If I get back to them Ill fill the gaps with more lacy ones as well.

Last weekend was a tad more productive in other areas than I expected. After a quick trip to Berry to the Fibre Muster to do a drop off and pick up. I was lucky to find a nice suitable driver but later paid back the cost of it. Lunch at the bakery and then it was all action once we got to Bunnings. My nice driver got a Pergola quite cheap and started getting the retaining wall as well. Sunday was a little pricing some more yard detail and then get the wall in and cook roast pork. This was all before a trip back to Bunnings to get more retaining wall to finish it off and then get the pergola up.

All done and I should have taken photos of the 2 guys as muddy as anything from digging the trench and getting the backfill. No dinner was served till they had cleaned up in the shower.

This weekend I have requested a lighter one with less strenous labour from me.

Finally the finishing bag catches up a bit.

I've been working away on orders and shop stock and as I finish I put them into the finishings bag. Tonight at work I started getting them sewn up. So for Handmade in the Highlands we have bootees and the beanie below. I do need to try and get one more Beanie and Bootee set done by the weekend.
I got one of the 2 premmie jackets sewn up and buttons on while I worked away. I still have the pink one to complete and then I will knit up the mint one and once section of the range is completed. I will then work on getting the 3 other shades in the newborn and 3 month sizes. Also for Handmade in the Highlands is a Crochet Jacket and I have actually had this complete since Thursday last week But kept forgetting to take a photo of it.

So the tally now stands as this since the weekends efforts that were nothing to what it should have been.

4 balls of Cobalt Blue 8 ply

3 balls Sky Blue 8 ply

3 balls Jacaranda 8 ply
2 balls Rose 8 ply

8 balls Baby Blue 4 ply

5 ball Baby Mint 3 ply

1 ball Baby Lemon 3 ply

2 balls Baby Pink 4 ply

So now its 28 done and well still alot to go. I do hope that this weekend produces more if I can.