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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Goodies for me ....Goodies for Me!!!!

I had a long day at work that honestly felt like a week instead of 9 hours but goodies were waiting for me when I got home. My PRGE pal sent me a skein of sock yarn hand dyed by One Fat Slug. I think this is known as Sea. Next i will have to think what socks it might be nice in.

Just as an added extra Boss tries his Dobbie look on for us.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Its a trifle hot dear

It is another warm Saturday and Boss is trying his Dracula impression or is he the daytime Dracule.
Some Corellas at Primbee School who had their fete today. Not much of a fete but I did get a couple of feeding goodies.

Knitting wise I am knitting a pair of knickers in 2ply alpaca. I an alright start at Guild today and well will wait for it to cool a bit more before I continue. I have plenty to do but need a little rest with humidity tonight and will get back as soon as it cools to a nice level to pick back up again. I have almost finished a Cardigan and going well on other stock items as well.

While I sit and knit my mind has been playing back to when I was at school. We have our year reunion in Novemeber. I have been thru the old pics and well here is a taste of me 15 years ago at the Yr 10 Formal. I might share a few of the old ones again here or you can go here to see the collection.

I think I will rest and read till it cools down Twilight and Edward Cullen are calling for me to move to the next book soon.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Is the weekend really over I still havent had a sleep in

Yesterday was a warm heatwave type of day. Top temp recorded at Albion Park weather station was 30.3 C. Today cool and windy with showers and storms. Hard to figure one day to the next.

Besides Knitting for the shops I have been doing some Fete craft work as well. I was sewing circles around milk bottle lids last night and tonight making them turn to the real thing.

2 Christmas trees later and still more to sew and more to make yet.

2 Bon Bons which are more of a table centrepiece as they are really tin cans and can be filled with Sweets or other trinkets. It is keeping me busy but I am tired and worn out from trying to get thru all the things that need to be done.

I have had anything Blue sell too well at Crookwell that I need to have them on the needles pretty much most of the time and then I need to knit alpaca bootees for Moss Vale. I think I will get there but a bit of a rough slog along the way.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Another Busy week...we gotta go on.....

Awful very wet and cold Saturday morning but aI had to set off to Robertson to deliver 6 beanies for Handmade inthe Highlands. I collected more yarn and more orders to knit and well thoughts towards the future months. It was a case of will the drive be alright with the weather? How will the pass be when its wet, misty and hard to see? The worst weather I dealt with was actually in Albion Park when visablity was reduced a fair bit.

Back home trying to keep warm and dry and well time to do some fete knitting. I made Mrs Snowman.
Mr snowman
A plum pudding that needs to have holly and ivy added. These add to the 4 kitchen Towels, 3 christmas stockings and baby beanie I have made to help Mt Warrigal Care Groups fete. My older sister has the job that her site hads the craft stall and well she had nothing to start with so plenty is trying to get done here.

Add this to the orders that need to be done, a reunion to think about, normal 40 hours of work a week and still try to do normal things as well. I can even add the new book I am reading Twilight the new Stephanie Meyer book that gets you caught in it is hard to get back out to the real world. I see a hard working weekend ahead again.