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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

OOhhhh yummy yarn

I won a little prize over in the PRGE exchange and well got some very yummy Sock yarn, a wash cloth and a little pouch. I still love the hand made Halloween Cards that are made where Sunne works.

Isnt this so lovely Kettle dyed Rio de la Plata yarn that I now need to ask it what socks it wants to live its life as for my feet.

I am still swamped with crochet and knitting to do. The sewing up is the worst of it and well I still have so much to do and well what seems like not enough time. Maybe the nice knitting wish fairy will grant my wish to help me catch up.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Well I havent done a Saturday sky in ages but this is from my front door tonight as Bluescope Steel or as I have always called it the Steelworks had a little gas blast tonight. Ok little is actually pretty big but I took the Big baby out and got some shots on film of it all. I spent about an hour getting shots around and about with different angles in the paparazzi camry that pulls up and a lens went out the window.
On the knitting front we are now about to venture on to Chart E on the Pretty as a Peacock shawl. I have a pile of sewing up that needs to be attended to and things that are getting closer and closer to completion yet again. I think a few more hours tonight will solve some of it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Money for nothing and your milk for free.....

Well fete round 1 went very well 10 christmas stockings, 10 christmas trees, 5 bon bons and various other craft items all were sold and made them a nice bit of money. I have had to go back to making more things and well we now have a bigger list of recycling to make these from. Milk bottle tops make the christmas trees, the ring that sits below it as a seal is the crochet decorations. Tin cans that dont have a lip make the bon bons so I eat tinned fruit to aid this as well as making my yummy nachos dip to eat. There is a craft stall cabinet to be set up and residents, staff and visitors will be able to purchase things to help benefit the residents.

Although I have a back log of work to complete I try to do a few rows on Pretty as a Peacock each day and it has grown since this picture with the first row of eyes just completed. On top of that I have the knickers almost ready to finish off and a pair of bootees to sew. I need to finish off that order with a matching vest and more bootees. Crookwell needs some attention as well and I have garments that are nearing completion as well.

So we have the foreman who resides on the lounge and dozes while I work away on the other side of the room which is really about 3 meters away at the most. But for now it is back to work and get time to read more of New Moon the second in the Twilight series, I amgetting closer to finishing and mocing onto Eclipse.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Still cant find the light in the tunnel

For a little while I have been a bit muddled and lost the way. swamped under with fete knitting and crafting for over a month and neglecting the work that should be done. Now that things have settled back with the fete being held this Saturday I am slowly getting stuff reorganised but also picked up a side project that has been lingering for far too long. I went back to my Pretty as Peacock and have completed Chart B and commenced Chart C. I have a silly idea that I want it complete for November 15th. Silly as I have plenty other things to get done and caught up on. At the same time my work collegues are all looking as I do each row like a journey we are all taking.

How I would love to be able to take some time out with a nice view and be able to work for a block of time on things and alternate between projects till I was caught up. Instead I like to sort the projects to the brain power level that is required and when it can best be worked on. I even manage a bit of reading on New Moon the second in the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. Hopefully there will be some finished objects soon as some are getting there and now they get more time it might happen.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Halloween goodies for me

When you have a terrible day have had to frog back a pile of rows on something that is not easy to frog nothing works better than a Gift Parcel.
My PRGE spoiler and hostess Sunne sent me a Halloween parcel. I love the cute knitting witch on the bag and I have stitch markers, a handmade card. To top it off I have a big bag of Hersheys. How awesome.
In the knitting front it feels like I am getting no where. I still havent finished the knickers, the sky blue knits are still awaiting me and the lemon baby set is getting slowed down. I barely get time at work now between getting things done for the fete and work being so busy it is frustrating me. I do have 3 days of he long weekend off so heres hoping somethings will catch up a bit.