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Not your average knitter a Metalhead and a Ag show entrant

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Show Mode part 1

One Kiama Show item ready to go a 6 cup teacosy crochet in Vintage Hues. Just my own go with the flow pattern of shells and well worked out alright. I have to sit back down and work a bit more on the Knitted one but it is getting there slowly as well.

I have been working on some D'oyles and one is ready to block and this is the No 30 cotton one going well and about half way. Hoping to get some more time on it soon as well.
Keeping me busy so far is a half done Coat hanger cover and nearly done the 2 pairs of bootees for Dapto show. The Palindrone scarf is done just needs to have the ends in and a beanie needs to be made. I hope to also make a baby set and finish a matinee jacket as well. Thank goodness it is another 2 on 5 off week.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas is Here

A parcel from afar for Boss and I from Lucy and Toby and Boss got a nice new toy penguin to play with that he loves. Thank you Toby. I have a lovely gift as well of a book on Spitfire Women of World War II and London Cuppa tea and some awesome Gardening things.

We have had some party animals here with the new lights editons of a polar bear who is the new Bundy bear and Party penguin.

The house by night.
On the knitting front a scarf is finished for Dapto show and a doyle and matinee jacket are nearing done. The tea cosy needs to be sewn so far and start coming to life. Bootees to do and some other things to finish for the shows and some to think about starting maybe Friday I will sort myself out a bit more.
Have a safe and joyous Christmas to you all.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Quite busy can't stop for long...

Well its all work work and more work here. I had 35 200 gram Bendigo balls arrive last monday and well its time to get cot blankets knitted and still try to find time to get show entries done. So far coping ok till I had to go backwards a few to many times. I cant wait to have a 2 days of work and 5 days off maybe I will get to find a bit more progress.

I am working through the Hemlock ring doilie in No 20 cotton and so far going well. I have to block out a pineapple table mat and get back on the tea cosy as well. Still jackets to do and Miss Mcleod to complete as well.So many ufos and well I hope to get most done for the shows.

Just for some Christmas meet the 1234 Sock puppet mascot as a tree star who should really think about his new habit. I thought he was cute and funny on the otherhand.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

It's Amazing that a blink of an eye.......

I am amazed on how one phone call can change things dramatically. There have been times when just one call has changed the direction things were going in and changed what the current situation involves.

On Wednesday I got a call from one of the shops about ordering some yarn to go on with more stock lines. That call made me shocked as it was the large figures of balls that were getting sent to me. I was in shock enough to need nice chocolate to recover. Friday I get teh call to say the yarn is being dispatched from Bendigo and all of it was in stock all over 5 kgs of it. I also got some breif instructions on a starting line to do first.

So my friends found this stressed looking rather blank person at lunchtime. Who knows why something like this puts Aerosmiths song Amazing in my head. Atleast I wont have time to be bored for a while with a pile of lines to make as well as show entries, another order, things to complete and a jumper to knit for an uncle who will be 80 next month. Such is life I guess.

So besides this I was taken aback today when I heard a concert band at the local primary school playing tunes that I played with my school concert band 13 years ago. I still love to hear some of the arrangements and wish I had an excuse to be part of one somewhere on a school level. Maybe I should try and get a job in a school so I can be part of one again.

For now it is a busy weekend with things to get and things to do all ahead of the yarn arrival so I can be ready to get going all engines firing when it hits the doorstep.