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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Never Mind! Go On! *

When things get tough as they often do then as the War Department said in England,When in doubt Brew Up! Nothing is ever right without a good strong cup o'tea and a slice of cake. Yes Wortzel is welcome too. But this is a great idea as the saucer takes the infuser well.

The Delphinum shawl is growing well and not far off the edge now.

A newborn beanie off to Country Treasures in Crookwell

3 - 6 mth beanie also off to Crookwell.

The alpaca pram cover before the edge is corchet around it which is just 5 rows of double crochet.
Yes it has been a busy week here and well yes its only tuesday and the last parcel was sent on Friday so at this rate there will be a parcel moving off again either this week or next. I have 2 ongoing orders to do and 1 that is a one off and progressing well also.
Today was an Annual Leave day from regular work but a morning spent knitting before going and getting a new NSW Blues Jersey ready for State of Origin. Found great knitting time getting my Fluvax done as the Doctor I see never arrives on time, no appointment or secretary just wait in order and remember who was ther before you arrived. I always take the knitting and most today had waited over an hour and a half for the arrival and brought nothing to pass time with. From my arrival to getting in was only 2 hours and it was great knitting time. But despite being so busy with everything I have had a song stuck in my head lateley and I guess some of it is a great theory.
For now Ill keep brewing up and going on!


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