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Sunday, December 27, 2009

The latest Update brought to you by Kevin!

Kevin to start with is my Youngest Nephews Christmas Present a Siamese Fighting Fish. Who knows why the name but I joke and call him Primeminister.

Progress is actually starting to happen!!!! Today I took the chance after getting the essential Battery for the portable DVD player that I was gifted for Christmas and would not go until I got one for the little itty bitty remote. I can confess to having more DVDs than I think I can get thru in a hurry. So sitting peacefully outside with portable DVD player and The Harp of the South playing I worked away and completed the back of a size 4 cardigan that might make it to Dapto Show if I'm lucky. I even finished off a crochet matinee jacket that should have been finished weeks ago and sorted my self a bit better for the up coming shows. Not too much is being planned but a day and night of knitting and crochet will help greatly. So my new year will be knitted in and hopefully I get photos soon.

So back to it all I go!


  • At 3:21 pm, Blogger Ruby Girl said…

    I love Harp of the South and its sequel something with an orange in the title, I could get up and walk a into the other room and check, but I won't. While typing I remembered, Poors Mans Orange. Watched both of them a few months back.


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