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Not your average knitter a Metalhead and a Ag show entrant

Friday, January 30, 2009

Chopping thru the list.......

Well shows over until the Royal Sydney Show aka Easter Show and thankfully only one entry to work on.

So Orders as stands and in a real to get done list

1. 8 lace coathangers for a work collegue

2. Alpaca order for Moss Vale - seriously behind

3. Cot blanket for Crookwell

4. Easter show entry maybe allocate time each Sunday

5 Uncle's Jumper

6 finish other Crookwell things that are going.

So now lined up lets see what gets done over the weekend now I have lined them up ready to keep going but can see the coathangers and the Cot blanket as the stitch n bitch companions. Need to have less brain drain to take.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Kiama Show Day 1

Kiama Show time with its giant pumpkins that are always a hit.

1st with the crochet Tea cosy nothing on the telephone.

2nd on the baby set. Some decent competition down at Kiama. Lovely to see that the Mayflower Village which is a local retirement complex won alot of prizes.

A memorial to remember a lovely show entrant Joan Hardman who knitted, crochet, cooked and entered plants very sucessfully.

Also the cows with loving Dulcie who did very well and was able to gain Junior Under 14 handler champion. She was loving and cuddles as much as she can. How could you not love this face.
Well one show to knit for now being the Sydney Royal and well then its put stuff aside towards next year.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dapto Show roll up

Some Dapto Show Entertainment Luminere a band who won the Youth Band comp. Don't have a clue what they were singing.

Some woodchop as well. I missed most of the events as I had Kiama Knitters Guild on as well today and no leave yesterday so not much show this year.

Bead knitting Brooch 2nd in the Pavillion.

Baby Set 1st

Baby Matinee Jacket 1st. Also 1st for the Purple double pleat coathanger. 2nd for the Christmas Tree. Overall entries were up a little but next year either will improve or go worse. Next to finish stuff for Kiama Show.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The wheel keeps on running

I am still alive just snowed under with Dapto show judging happening as I type and getting prepared for Kiama show. All will resume again soon.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Its almost show round 1

More Dapto show entries done and ready to be dropped off byt Tuesday 1pm. In total there are 15 things being entered this year. Thats a very good year really. So we have the 2 pairs of bootees that are the required one long leg one short leg with cuff.

Palindrone scarf in Possum/ Merino yarn.

Chunky Cable Beanie in Merino/ Silk blend.

Even a Christmas Tree to match with a Bon Bon and one of the crochet rings are going into the crochet section. I have the matinee jacket and the jacket and bootee set to sew yet as well as the plain coathanger. Back to it I go even Kiama show entries need some help.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Your Call could not be connected please check the number and dial again......

A different view with the handset and cord attached now we have a telephone after a few stabbed fingers and other false starts.

A better view of it ready for a cup or 3 of London Cuppa.

One double pleat coathanger ready for Dapto show.

Another for Kiama Show. Ok yes seperate stuff in separate shows as in the same region the judge may be at both shows and fresh stuff is needed.

Some retail therapy. Now lets see how the playing paparazzi out D'oyles your next in the shutters eyes.

A Sneak Peak at the tea cosy

A sneak peak at the almost done tea cosy...... needs a handset and cord to go now....will be done very soon stay tuned....

As for the Coffee Table mat its crochet in no 10 cotton and was in a book stating it was a d'oyle. Quite a bit larger than expected and about 85gm of cotton in it. I have a fine no 30 to finish and then another no 10 to do.

Must get back to it all.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

A new Year Begins

A very quiet new year with some cheese and crackers and knitting. That meant that it has been productive and well the finishing bag and sewing up is growing with coathangers, garments and accessories. All the things destined for the Dapto and Kiama shows.

But despite being busy and the heat some other things needed to be tended to being the Herb and Rhubarb Garden needed weeding and some new herbs added as well.

A new patch was added with Rainbow Silverbeet ( spinach) and both brown and green lettuce. the next few weeks will be a time of extra planning ahead for newer crops as they are consumed.
Thiongs are moving along and things are getting done. I have 6 out of 7 knitting entries for Dapto done that need finishing off. I have been going on the Kiama entries as well and even mounted one ready.

I had fun blocking this as its size was too large to put anywhere in the house so after a number of hours outside and still wet it spent its night in the back of my car where it still needed assistance today a bit of driving and the car heater. Then the fun started sewing to the cardboard which is acutally 2 sheets due to the size of a coffee table mat. Next is to go on the tea cosy and the 2 d'oyles as well as other entries. All go go go here.