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Not your average knitter a Metalhead and a Ag show entrant

Friday, March 27, 2009

FDlying by not taking time to stop and smell the roses

Like a gun I have been shot into action wit the cooling weather and orders coming in thick and fast. I guess I will enjoy alot of the football season on pay tv and may even try watching soccer as well.
No time to stop and smell the roses its just knit pram covers, bootees and beanies, crochet a set and a shawl and this is th emild list not the rest of it. I can see tea being my constant companion and alot of tv time. Thank you to the 3 groups I got to a month and an up coming retreat will help it all along very well.

So like the Aerial Patrol I will carry on and oversee that things are all in check. So back on duty I go and get organised for tomorrow.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Still here......

Well I havent fallen off the planet but finally getting somewhere and well had a few distractions along the way lately.

The frog that has taken residence and keeping me away nicely came close to the house and well 2 visits inside so far. I was glad that this time was outside only.

Autumn has arrived and I do hope for nice weekends of cooler weather to work away in as well as enjoy some of the dvd pile that I need to catch up on.
Atleast I had a good feed of fresh caught Blue Swimmer Crabs that my father grabbed and well not long after cooking and cooling were on the entree list.
I have finally got to a decent point in the knitting. Finished a cot blanket and cast on the next to get going one as well as the cardigan in size 1 above. I have caught up and now will get stuck into the stock up to beat the winter rushes or the Unkie Kevs pocket money spends. But, for now its back to the needles and keep working away.