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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Working hard to get to knit camp

Maddness has hit with a order due over the long weekend and Crookwell selling out of stuff as well. Last week I had a failed attempt of 2 knitting days only to have the OZ Travelling Tea box arrive and need attention as well as other spanners in the works. The tea box contained plenty of goodies and well left with some goodies added as well as some goodies for me.

So this time of year means plenty of work and normally it is still stocking with slow sales beginning to get a little quicker. This year the early cold snap and onset of the cooler temps has lead to a mad rush. Alpaca is selling quick and Crookwell is selling through newborn beanies as quick as I can seem to knit them. On the side I also have a baby set to complete and a scarf to knit.

Throw all the knitting in around a 40 hour working week and the need to still get regular supplies. I think I need a trip away where no one is going to disturb me and a slave will feed and water me at regular intervals.

Mind you while waiting to have some work done on the car in a basic maintainance way I was shooting photos around Port Kembla Harbour. I feel like the little pilot boat (tug) bringing the big ship in the port. But, on the otherside I am like the works as the lights come on at night on sunset I keep working along the way.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

You used to give me Roses.......

Ok after a busy week it was Knitters Guild day in Kiama and well that means the temptation of the Ice Creamery. So 1 waffle cone with English Toffee and Stairway to Heaven was something to sustain with the workload ahead.

Got the blue mix alpaca Pram Cover finished and well next to be completed is the crochet shawl.

Another 3 - 6mth beanie to send off to Crookwell.

Moss Vale is also selling stock at a rapid rate and well the little vests are going so quick I have been madly knitting today to replace them. Today was one of them made and tomorrow Ill get cracking on beanies and bootees. Thank goodness for 2 extra days of leave this week.
I think I need a strong cuppa at this rate.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Never Mind! Go On! *

When things get tough as they often do then as the War Department said in England,When in doubt Brew Up! Nothing is ever right without a good strong cup o'tea and a slice of cake. Yes Wortzel is welcome too. But this is a great idea as the saucer takes the infuser well.

The Delphinum shawl is growing well and not far off the edge now.

A newborn beanie off to Country Treasures in Crookwell

3 - 6 mth beanie also off to Crookwell.

The alpaca pram cover before the edge is corchet around it which is just 5 rows of double crochet.
Yes it has been a busy week here and well yes its only tuesday and the last parcel was sent on Friday so at this rate there will be a parcel moving off again either this week or next. I have 2 ongoing orders to do and 1 that is a one off and progressing well also.
Today was an Annual Leave day from regular work but a morning spent knitting before going and getting a new NSW Blues Jersey ready for State of Origin. Found great knitting time getting my Fluvax done as the Doctor I see never arrives on time, no appointment or secretary just wait in order and remember who was ther before you arrived. I always take the knitting and most today had waited over an hour and a half for the arrival and brought nothing to pass time with. From my arrival to getting in was only 2 hours and it was great knitting time. But despite being so busy with everything I have had a song stuck in my head lateley and I guess some of it is a great theory.
For now Ill keep brewing up and going on!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Tell me the Old, Old Story .......

Ok we have a Beanie camp starting to move on into the box at a good rate. 3 beanies knitted since Saturday night as well as getting other things moving along to complete orders that have me booked with constant work till August so far.

Pram Cover on Sunday before it got steaming along to get completed. Right now Its nearing the end of the knitting before the crochet edge. Doubled the amount done since this pic.

The Blue Pram cover which will move along next.

A memory of things from the past the simpler things in life. I will try and make Rosella Jam as well as educate my friends that a pram cover is basically a bunny rug/ blanket. I am not sure what is boosting sales Year of Fibre, Alpaca Week or the sudden cold snap. I guess its going to be a good sales year atleast.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Can I Play with Madness..........*

What a mad week I have had trying to get so much done in so little time. I have needed to complete an order and all that got done was a Vest and 3 beanies. I now have beanies and baby wear to complete and well yep more alpaca beanies, vests and whatever else I can get as they are all selling quick.

I have been selecting yarn to add to the stocks and trying to get stocks made as well. I guess the early cold snap may work to my advantage but I was no where near ready for it. Alot of quiet time and slow cooker cooking will help to balance it out. Lucky its football season to keep me company and not distract too much of the time. I may even get to watching some of the many DVDS that are not removed from their shrinkwrap as well.
So far tonight I have done one newborn beanie and started another maybe I can have 4 done this weekend which is much more than I got done at camp. Funny how we plan so much and then go to these things and well get send on a awkward course by something like a open fire that required regular attention and only get very little done.
So a quiet Sunday is in order and I will try to remember to take pics of the beanies as they are done.