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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sightseeing the 'Gong

Sir Earl and Junior are ending their time here and we went to see the sights around Wollongong most places were just a drive by as the weather was iffy and Hobbysew had 30% off buttons. Sir Earl agreed the savings on the sale were much better anyhow. So a look over Belmore Basin towards Flagstaff Hill.

Some history walk time with Smiths Hill Battery being a great spot.

A closer look at the restored cannons there.

And the infamous "Table of Knowledge" which he chose not to sit at so he does not get associated with the trouble that brewed there not so long ago.
Then it was on to Stitch n Bitch where plenty of knitting on my part happened. Tonight is the catch up and finishings for me to get orders out. I know tomorrow will be similar and a few other things need to be attended to as well.

The week that was ......busy to say the least

Well this week Sir Earl arrived and really came on a very muddled week. Delights were enjoyed from the cafe at work with the Chocolate Ganache tarts going down very well and even my work mug has started springing a leak in the seal.

The view from the breakout room overlooking the grain terminal, port for cars and the Steelworks (BHP/Bluescope)

Sir Earl taking a look out to the view the building that looks like a high rise is a retirement facility with self care units.

Sir Earl has been helping on Morning tea in my large pot....

To feed the workers on the verandah with roof

The day after he arrived it was looking like this ready for the roof.
Knitting done for me well basically very little has been done amid the muddle and hopefully this weekend can do a bit of catching up and getting back on track again.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sir Earl Grey arrives with Junior and the Travelling tea box

Ok to my surprise there were 2 large parcels for me today before I went to work. One was a box of Crookwells needs and then this other box that is Sir Earl Grey Esq and Junior with the Ravelry Travelling Tea box for Aussies on Cuppa tea group. So out to stretch legs just as I had made a morning tea brew and serving piklets to the workers ( aka father and uncle). Then a little quick rummage and then off to work with these 2 in tow.

Well we got to work and despite Junior being told he had to behave he ran amok til he saw the big TV in our lunch room.

So we settled Junior down and showed him his little treats for the day, An Orchy ( orange and passionfruit juice), mandarin, bag of chips and a small chocolate bar. He was most happy.

Sir Earl opted to sit back and relaxe with a cup of Earl Grey and a youghurt.

Then while I worked and Sir Earl knittted Junior was treated to some colouring in and showing his books to anyone who would listen.

Sorry the pictures wont behave and are out of order

Sunday, June 14, 2009

This Old House

Well grey drab sunday morning but Boss wanted to play a bit so he played while I finished things and got on with other projects.

I have completed an order of newborn pants, jacket and beanie. I spent 2 hours tonight puting the 7 rows of elastic in the waist rib. I wont be rushing to do this again as it is very difficult to see the rows to thread thru.

But I have a side non fibre related project to play with. A dolls house that had been discarded and suffering minor damage will be repaired and refurbished for a new addition who arrives soon but I guess this will take me a little bit longer to repair then paint nicely for her. I will need to get a wriggle on with the pram cover instead.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Still carrying on thru the night

Well despite being busy with plenty of things to knit and get off to the 2 different places I took some time out to catch up with a friend and do some photography. So an afternoon around Kiama and a few photos were challenged between us.

Saturday nights challenge was the fireworks after a family funday on Lake Illawarra. I got plenty of them and well the last was the best.

I cant resist the window displays at Gallery Serpentine so as I went past on my usual monthly order drop off I stopped to take the picture in the crisp cold winters morning.

Even after churning out beanies as they seem to sell so quick I can hardly keep up and now pink has been the seller as well and depleted the stock of baby wear and under 3's so its all needles flying for Crookwell and trying to keep up for Moss Vale and I am almost completed another side order with just a scarf to complete after that. I shall be chained to the needles for a bit longer yet.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Never,never doubt what nobody is sure about......

With cooler weather and cold snaps it has lead to the busy hands in a wild fashion unlike wild seas that have been about. I dont think I have ever had a year like this where I can barely keep the stock up and well I am happy all the same.

I do have some photos on the cameras to load up yet of some of the recent work but will carry on at all angles to keep things going along smoothly. So like the Roulettes I will break formation to work on the needs at present.