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Monday, July 13, 2009

Daisy , Daisy

Busy as normal here but on assorted Projects. Warrigal Care group have their fete in September and yet again Christmas craft is flowing again. So far I have 60 of these Rudolphs complete and they can be used in plants or flower arrangements or the like to dress up for gifts or just display. Next is more trees then some other ornaments en masse.

But Crookwell has been selling too well for me to cope with and I have now completed a Size 1 (above) and a Size 2 ( below ) basic cardigan and to dress them up added some Lazy Daisy's to them. I have 4 other cardigans on the go for them as well.

So I will keep finsihing a shawl and knitting away on the rest of the stuff. I guess it is the best way to cope despite the background stuff that is happening for me. Sometimes the land of craft is pleasant so we want to hide from reality there instead.

Monday, July 06, 2009

You got me on the line

Well things have been busy yet again trying to get things done quickly but it was amidt some chaos as well. Finally things were rounded up and dropped at Berry where I also took time to see their museum which houses an older version of the system I work on to do my job these days. Seeing the old Call Connect switch is a bit of excitement for me.

But the chaos that has been has resulted in this rather useable outdoor area which has power and shelter on nice days as well as not so pleasant days.

Nearly there and yes those bodys are relatives of mine.

Before the roof with just the frame up. My task before this was completed was tea duty before I went to work each day do the morning tea and still try to get organised for work so alot of knitting time was lost on weekends to it as well. Even my garden needs some time as it got a bit neglected as well.
Now back on track again its full steam ahead in finishing garments and making things for the Warrigal Care Group Fete again. So far I have Rudolphs and Christmas Trees going well and thing there are elves and bon bons to do. More on them as they get finished each time after lazy Sunday afternoons doing craft en masse.