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Not your average knitter a Metalhead and a Ag show entrant

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Marching on with the flag unfurled.....

Just like the NSW Police Band things are marching along. Things have calmed and releif has been felt with confirmation of a further 3 years of work ahead and new things to learn as well at work. Knitting wise things are moving along as well. I think things will get there and be all done ok and caught up soon.

A little Size 1 cardigan has been completed and another cardigan and jumper are getting closer to coming off the needles as well. The jumper has been hanging around for far too long and the next cardigan has been as well. I have some how managed to find a better balance and feel as if things are getting there as well. Just speed up and give me the bit of leave that is coming up in a few weeks time. Hopefully the weather is much nicer and I get to enjoy outside time watching the world go by and knit away.
For now its back to the needles and keep going still alpaca stuff to do.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

350 and counting .......

350 bottle tops that have been sewn and used to complete 10 Christmas Trees so far. Now its restock them as well as get bon bons ready to be made as well. All the fun of craft for Christmas and fetes and stalls.

Aside from that I was able to complete a hooded scarf for a friend and her 2 beanies. Now the fun starts and there has been skeins wound into balls today and now a few baby singlets and baby wear to knit. I had a large list of things to make and then Thursday had a decent sized order phoned through to me. So I'm sewing and knitting and well trying to keep up with things normally as well.

So nights of sewing or knitting and weekends of cooking and crafting. I think I need to get more tea to cope with all the work that needs to be done. The better news is that the prm cover has gone to its new owner being my Great Neice who arrived last week.

Time to return to the needles so there are blog worthy photos soon.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Getting there before the fete as well......

Ok we are still busy here fete items still going with a further 3 trees done so over 280 milk bottle tops have been sewn and I know it over as I sewed about 30 over the weekend. I think this weekend will yeild a pile more as well.

I have been on the knitting path with a Noro beanie complete and a cable beanie has also fallen off the needles lately just one thing to complete and all done.

A nice pram cover for the great neice when she arrives.
Still tonnes to do but atleast I feel like its getting somewhere. I need to settle in and get the last bits of things done and get started on others. Some how I am a little bit better organised finally and will get better in time. I just have to sort the wool order and then sit back brew tea and knit and crochet like the wind.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Steaming along .....

Well I am still as busy as ever and honestly more so than a pair of Euphonium players doing triplets in a band march run. I did cheat and take time out to go to Kiama for their 150th Celebrations. NSW Fire Brigade and the NSW Police bands both took my eye.

So I need to get on my horse and prepare to ambush the what seems like an ever increasing knitting list. This week I have received a rather long list of things to make and well sure I had a fair list but now Im a bit too deep for my present likings. I will get there and go forth like the Light Horse Brigade.

So like the 3265 steaming past Bombo ( and well they move pretty quick too) my hands will be going full steam ahead making cardigans, bootees and beanies. Just less time for the photography and more sitting with the knitting. Should be in a better spot in a week or 3.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Still working as fast as the wind

A nice afternoon and a good chance to catch up on some items that needed finishing. So Fete items for the Warrigal Care Group Fete to be held next month. A nice little pile of hanging decorations that were crochet around milk bottle rings to finish.

Another 6 angels to match up with the 12 that have already left to join the 60 rudolphs and another 3 Christmas Trees were completed. So far this year I have a count of 5 trees which each take 35 milk bottle tops covered in fabric. There is certainly some maths to be had with 175 bottle tops that were covered and now put into use.

So in between fete craft I was knitting and well watching out to see what birds caught my eye. I had the Hawk hang around for a long time and later a Kookaburra.

But on the knitting side of things I have been knitting beanies that were ordered and a blanket for a little one who arrives soon into our family. There is so much that needs to be done and I hope tomorrow I get some finished to photograph and move to the next items. I just hope I get a nice day to sit back relax and knit. Hopefully more fete craft can be made with my supervision as well.