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Monday, September 28, 2009

What a week that went by.....

Well things have been busy and odd over the past week. Even Boss will tell you today was one of the few times suitable for outside.

An orchid has flowered but still bears alot of the red dust from the Dust storm last Wednesday. Even the wild winds on the weekend didnt shake the icky mud that it left behind.

Poor Birdsnest fern is dtill bearing red rusty dust.

I have been finishing off a few things and getting things done before the Long weekend that means trip away to Kurri Kurri for Knitters Guild camp and relaxing knitting time. So I have been getting things ready to go to the places they belong. Last night I finished the size 1 slip stitch cardigan that must have been hanging about for 10 months. Tulips Time in Bowral has required some attention as well with Handmade in the Highlands doing a 5 day market from Thursday 1st October until Monday 5th. Bootees and beanies full steam ahead here and need to maximise before Wednesday only the 4th set being made now. Must get back to all of it as the garden is being watered from the rain and the wind has stopped blowing eveything away.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Working away very well

Well madness did arrive in trying to get orders finished and get back to clearing up the needles a little bit. So far so good and hopefully with a 5 day weekend from work more gets completed. So a Size 3 Cable top Jumper that was hanging about for far too long was finished. I am now trying to get a cardigan completed that also has hung about for far too long.

Amongst it all I have to restock for the Tulip time festival and well there was a fair sized order as well. This is just the Size 1 vest and Beanie along with them was a 6mth vest and 2 beanies and 2 pairs of bootees. Stocking for a 5 day event is a little daunting but great all the same. I for see a quiet few days outside enjoying the time to get caught up and infront for a little while.
Christmas craft wise well 3 bon bons and 13 christmas trees have been made. I can see a few more being made this week as well and maybe some other items to join them. Fete is on the 26th of this month so will have to get working away as best I can.
For now I think I need to keep cutting circles of fabric to get ready to sew between items this week.