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Not your average knitter a Metalhead and a Ag show entrant

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The latest Update brought to you by Kevin!

Kevin to start with is my Youngest Nephews Christmas Present a Siamese Fighting Fish. Who knows why the name but I joke and call him Primeminister.

Progress is actually starting to happen!!!! Today I took the chance after getting the essential Battery for the portable DVD player that I was gifted for Christmas and would not go until I got one for the little itty bitty remote. I can confess to having more DVDs than I think I can get thru in a hurry. So sitting peacefully outside with portable DVD player and The Harp of the South playing I worked away and completed the back of a size 4 cardigan that might make it to Dapto Show if I'm lucky. I even finished off a crochet matinee jacket that should have been finished weeks ago and sorted my self a bit better for the up coming shows. Not too much is being planned but a day and night of knitting and crochet will help greatly. So my new year will be knitted in and hopefully I get photos soon.

So back to it all I go!

Friday, December 25, 2009

ok when does normal return

Well Christmas has come and well now its gone. Carolling is over and soon my haphazrd roster might return to some form of normal. I spent time with the little 4 mth olf Great neice and have been busy with work and trying to do some of the normal things.

I turned the car into a Reindeer and well its coming off tomorrow and hopefully it drys from the rain fairly quickly. Crocheting and knitting has almost gone to a halt before I have finally started to get back on track in the past few days. Heres hoping that new years give plenty of hours of DVDS and knitting to finish things off.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Just take a number ill get back to you in turn

The Agents Of T.R.U.T.H who recently did a visit to my Corps and well Eve, Logan and Bally kept the kids and some not so small kids Moving about like mad.

Life here has been a little busy and out of whack. There has been training at work, plenty of new staff, 10 plus hour days at work and trying to sqeeze in normal life. The knitting has suffered and well I am trying to catch up just when my work roster goes very off track and weird. As its drawing to the Christmas Season a bit to fast I try to put lights mostly solar but a few large additions this year. If your in the Illawarra and dont know how to find me its Jones Ave Primbee.

So lights going on each night and now I try to get stuff done for the shows as well as restock for Crookwell and Moss Vale. Busy times ahead so Ill try to get things ready to photograph soon.