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Friday, February 19, 2010

I haven't disappeared

Well I have not actually been neglecting the blog its just some stuff has still been a tad on the hectic side. I have started to settle into a better routine with my 6 hour shifts and hopefully I go back to late shifts from now on and regain my weekends back. I have still one split day off thi week then a 6 day straight to get a full weekend off again.

Things have been going like mad with extreme humidity and odd weather that has slowed what could be done. The Christening Shawl is finished and will be dropped off on Monday with the crochet jacket,vest and a beanie. I still need to get bootees made for Crookwell as well as complete s couple of garments started before October last year. To even try and figure why it has taken so long is not a question in my mind. Its all forward from here and hopefully it works out better.

My garden is going really well with Dwarf peas and beans all popping up from seed and other plants and herbs taking right off with the right weather conditions. Finally I seem to even feel alot less stressed than I was 2 months ago. I am hoping that my forward thinking and some little planning along the way will balance out stock for both places and get my vest complete and the second one going. I knit the rib and my mother works most of the rest with my intervetion on parts where she cant figure it out. I only won the 20 balls of Jet back in about 2003 so not to bad its finally going to keep me warm in what could be a cold winter.

Back to getting my stuff done.


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