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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lots happening

There has been plenty going on despite the extreme humidity, heat and other things that got into the way. I got a vest in 2ply done.

crocheted a matinee jacket.

Crocheted a 2 ply shawl for a christening.

Found some Red Bull and surfers on the way to Stitch n Bitch. Ok they are not knitting related unless you count the fact I was knitting while waiting to see the race. It's known as Helisurf and they run out paddle from one bouy to another and 1st to the 2nd bouy gets the rash vest to be the winner.

Then the winner gets winched out and taken for a private secluded surf somewhere with some top surfer guy. Different but alright if only I took my DSLR for better pics.
Stitch n Bitch was productive but tomorrow is Wings Over the Illawarra so mostly planes and possibly a little sock knitting if I can put the camera down for long enough.


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