metal and knit

Not your average knitter a Metalhead and a Ag show entrant

Friday, March 19, 2010

Surfing thru the work

Just like any good Surf boat crew Skip I have been at the helm gettign everything in the right places. I have to take photos when I have sewn things up but 2 beanies and nearly a 3rd has been completed this week while I had the peace and quiet of no parents.

So it has been me Boss and my knitting but, Roxie says it all Im worn out. I have worked like mad and needed to do alot of extra things as well as normal stuff. 2 beanies done for Moss Vale and one nearly done for Crookwell which balances out the number of days each has at the present. Back to the work and will try to get photos on Sunday or so as I am still on split days off of Friday and Sunday so very little presence at groups until I get a break of my weekends again.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Things are flying off the needles

Just like Connie I have been flying about the knitting work. I have been able to get the right balance of the 2 places and getting stuff ready to post off to Crookwell ahead of the winter onslaught. I do know that in the past 2 weeks with the cooler weather things have started to go yet again. I have steamed my way thru a size 2 jumper and geoing great guns on more pairs of MDA bootees ( million dollar alpaca). Moss Vale isnt missing out as they have a shawl, beanie and a vest on the needles and get their allocated days as well.

I have begun slightly planning my days and what is needed better and making use of my free time from the call centre to get plenty done. I will have to get beanies to fall off the needles like parachutes in the next week or so as they have become a very hot and popular item.

So back I go before I drop in again with photos organised.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

I went to the Danger Zone.......

Ok yes It was Wings over the Illawarra time again and this year was a real treat with a FA-18 Hornet buzzing over just like in Top Gun . I think that its sonic boom and the feeling I get being only 100 m away from it renewed my vigour and got my routine moving.

Quite a sleek looking thing in the real but thats not knitting. I know once of a knitter loosing a good part of a knitter sock as one flew over in an air show. My sock was safe in my camera bag instead.
On the knitting front this week has seen a huge lot of progress on the long term UFOS. A jumper started at Guild camp is onto its sleeves and going well. A little cardigan started way back when last year is finally seeing some movement. I have started the next crochet shawl and going well. I can even forsee an outstanding beanie getting completed very soon and some form of routine happening between the 2 places and maybe a little extra on the side of socks. I hope it all keeps up on a good balance so I actually find less of the lingering yarn and more new stock coming in.