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Monday, April 26, 2010

ANZAC the legend and well the day.....

Well some went to camp and I stayed behind as I was on serious duties for ANZAC Day. This meant a 3 day weekend of Saturday getting prepared after spending what seems like endless hours but really about 8 hours getting music ready. Some of the music had changed so that means alot of work getting new lamiated march and Hymns cards ready. Getting uniform prepared and organised. I even still had to keep the knitting up as I knew I was about to loose alot of time for the days events.

Anzac Day itself was a long one with a 7.15am service then a 10.15am service and then a 2pm service. as there was a Breakfast between 1st and 2nd services I have partially clogged my cornet from that. By the time I had a lunch stop and then a 2pm service my instrument was not really happy with me. I will spend this week cleaning the instrument as there really was not enough allowance to allow food to settle between and thats not a great mix.

So despite alot of hard work for one day I have manged to get a few beanies worked on and a baby vest. I just have to catch up on photos and sewing up things soon as well.

Just to give an idea of the day in my area the local paper did a collection of pictures. So a very sore and aching me has had a quiet Monday knitting to catch back up again.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Now its all in a days work

Just for fun to start us off with, my lovely scottish Michael and I at work. Yes Beanie to sew up infront of me and the fun of getting someone to behave at work after too much sugar and caffine made one hypo. Not me I was the good one.

A plain beanie needed to be dressed up and for this one a safe unisex teddy does the job.

Some Bendigo Aqua that is now discontinued and will be churned into 0 - 6mth beanies as its hard to get bigger size patterns for 4 ply yarn.

The 2 ply alpaca shawl is complete after consuming the best part of my Easter weekend and is ready for Mondays delivery. This along with 5 beanies and a vest is just one load and so far 5 beanies for Crookwell have been completed. So it is back to filling the Crookwell box up so it can get posted this next week as well.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Long weekend round up

Ok it has been a little busy and I am sure some of my needles think they will pass out with the amount of work they do. I have 3 beanies for Crookwell.
Almost a shawl for Handmade in the Highlands.

3 beanies completed for Handmade in the Highlands.

A vest for Handmade in the Highlands as well and all of this is only a few weeks worth of work to be honest. So as I toil away doing things I notice there were some crazy wild Chocolate things about to invade me.

O no I think I need to catch them, kill them and eat them so they dont reproduce a District 9 scene in my house.