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Monday, June 14, 2010

Down the Street comes the band of The Salvation Army

I spend a wonderful 2 days out in Mudgee bringing music and much love to Lt Dean and Lt Rhonda Clutterbuck. We had our Brass band and 2 worship bands converge on them and show Mudgee and Gulgong we were there. Dean and Rhonda loved having us and the treat of real music as well as the time to be with family from back home.

We were in a cold place in about -1C and the Youth Jam started with Wipeout complete with some lost Surfers. Thankfully the guys got changed quickly after the song.

The band went down the main street in Gulgong for the Henry Lawson Festival Parade. Mudgee Timbrels played behind whish is good for a group who are only a few weeks old.

I had the chance to follow the band in the march as I had a lovely baby in a pram to watch while her mum was playing in the Timbrels. I have Major Christine Longbottom here with me and she was my Prayer Pal when I was a Junior Soldier so 20 years later this would be since our last photos together.
How much knitting did I get done ....none while away as I was Driver and playing so I was very busy the only stuff I got to do was see some yarns in some shops that Dean was steering me towards.
So now its back on track with a list to get done that is far too long.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Eureka! Abundant!

Well sadly I didn't take photos of the work that has been churned out so far. I have made 12 beanies for Handmade in the Highlands but that has had me busy and then we had a great one come in.

10 am Thursday 3rd June: Email from Country Treasure in Crookwell arrives. Requested items is 6 month old mittens in either Cobalt or Jacaranda. I reply and get the needles cranked into over drive.

9 am Friday 4th June: No sleep in here went to bed at 2am with 2.5 pairs of mittens made. Not sure if a thumb was needed or not so in each shade there is a pair with thumb and with out one. Request this time is get one pair in the post as soon as possible and follow up with another pair. So a response of there will be 4 leaving in the post today.

1pm Friday 4 pairs complete and packaged, invoice written and ready to drive to the post office and send for a weekend trip to Crookwell. Postage is just a 3 day from me to there and weekend movements help to get it there. I even considered the drive there and back to drop them off but chose to post so I could knit more beanies.

So a quick turn around at 32 minutes for each 8 ply mitten. A request filled in a day and well a happy shop owner on the other end at the work I have done for it.

The maddness wont end there as I know things are becoming popular and keeping me busy and I have a few more things to finish off before August as well. A couple of family items to knit for babies who are due and hpefully in whatever spare moments I can snatch I will knit at Mudgee. The Shellharbour Citadel Band, This Way and Feedback are travelling to Mudgee to show Mudgee the Salvation Army is back in force in Town. So I have a full on 2 days and I think I will be glad when its over with all the extra practice and time doing things for it have consumed my time. Our theme for the Weekend is Eureka! Abundant Life! and it should be good even with a Youth Jam to go and let loose at. I will try to get as much as I can made.