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Friday, October 29, 2010

Working ...workng... working...

Well I haven't negleted everything I have been out in the garden breifly each day when its not wet making sure all is rigt and the lizards dont eat all my strawerries. I have been going like mad on the knitting and the crocheting. I have a cardigan, jumper and a crochet shawl that has been getting worked on and going very well. Photos of them as they get finished. I have christmas craft going as well with the next market day on 27th Novemember.

So just a breif wrap up before finishing things and well Boss will just finish his bones while I work away.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Its back again.....

With a market day coming up on November 27th and plenty of Christmas Crafts ready to be worked on it was time to get the boxes out and start geting back to it all again. So Bon Bons, Christmas Trees and Ornaments are being worked on again. This year they are for sale. Bon
Bons and Christmas Trees are $10 each and the Ornaments are $2.50 each or 3 for $5.
I still have a shawl and other things to make from the orders as well. More photos to come real soon.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Is all happening here

Well each week I take ome photos of the progress my garden makes and put them on Facebook for my friends to see. My pen friend in England likes seeing them as well. Truth is that it only takes about 10 mins a day of hecking and making sure they are ok. Somedays when things want to add excitement you check more often as the Beans spring up as quick as you turn your back. S my Heirloom Tomato plants and the others I have are all going very well also.

I have even been growing large strawberries and they taste much better than remember hom growns taste. As things were a bit tight often what I can grow to add to what I have in thefridge and panty have been what we eat. Thankfully my Father started working again last week and things will ease a bit here but my garden is getting so good that I will just be happy to keepup the growing and enjoy what I can make meals out of from it.

Yes there is still alot of knitting goin on with another jumper for Crookwell made this week and I learnt to do the knitting stitch to get the cream panel on and then cross stitch around it. Now I have a Tunic to knit, a shawl to crochet and a jacket to knit. I will get there this week on them all.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Catching up

This weekend the Parramatta Songsters have travelled down to share with us and I was great that even something like 7 years later than the last time that a friend and I have seen each other he was still able to pot me straight off and recognise me. I met the soloist facing the camera 15 years ago and it was in the band as he came to play after a week long Music Camp. That friendship still keeps a bit of a band theme being that he is the Bandmaster at Parramatta and I still play in the Shellharbour band.

So as I make new friends and enjoy some good laughs about things and try and figure out other things from before it should be great but probably tiring at the end of tomorrow. I didnt get to knit as today has been very full on.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Sweet Strawberries

Alot is happening here, we have a garden that is growing and producing what seems to be a great crop. I actually picked quite a few strawberries and had enough to take to work for later on in a break. I have harvested silverbeet and made a pork ball stirfry as well. Before I know it my cooking will not just what I find in the normal areas but what needs to be harvested and used next from the patches I have dotted about the yard.
I just need more roses to come into bloom and it will look even better in the yard.

The Crookwell Merino was knitted into a size 1 funnel neck jumper and a beanie. With only 300g and no matter what method you tried it striped the same. Just by chance each time I started it was pink. Now I am playing with a lovely alpaca/merino blend from House of Alpaca.
So I head into a busy weekend with Parramatta Songsters to visit my Corps and I do hope to see a few friends who now attend there.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

A great Dragon Day

One day a year that happens after many weeks of nail bitting games and nights in knitting while games are on. I use Grand Final Day to get plenty of knitting done as I will sit and listen to the games. This year there were 2 games I was more interested. The Toyota Cup with Under 20's players was a big match and the bigger team won NZ Warriors. Then the big game with the Dragons in.

Knitting did get stalled a fair bit and a few times backwards was needed but by the end I was able to start sewing up the Crookwell Merino jumper and start knitting the neck up. So we will have actual FO'S really soon.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

How green does a cabbage look.

Well lots of stuff has been happening and I seem to find a little bit of time to spend getting the veges going strong this year. My plants are getting bigger everyday and after a bit of a scratch about keeping bugs and weeds under control I am looking forward to the harvesting results I will get. I even made my own white oil mix that I spray on the aphids.

I can hardly wait for the Heirloom Tomatos to fruit so I get to find out what plants are what from the mixed seeds that make up 10 different ones.

Yes there is knitting too! Actually alot of knitting didnt get to photos. I had 2 weeks to make bootees and vests to help stock for Tulip time and the 5 days of market that goes with it each year. To really help things out a big load of wool arrived to get Crookwell back to a decent stock level. Some new Crookwell Merino to mix it all in and as the ball knits I have been getting the stripes. Thankfully I'm now on the sleeves and then I can make more beanies with the left overs and have fun playing with all the other ideas we have for their range.